The Framing of The Cologne Dome

As you have read in previous blog stories, at Breidenbacher Hof, as well all Capella Hotels, we have a very special and truly unique service – our personal assistants.  Before guests arrive, the personal assistants call them in advance to discuss any special requirements or wishes to be taken care of during their stay.

One our personal assistants, Malte, was having a pre-call with a guest who was just preparing for his first stay at Breidenbacher Hof and in fact his first visit to Düsseldorf and the greater Area.  As he was very interested in cultural sights, especially churches, he asked if he could see the Cologne Dome from his room. Malte explained that unfortunately Düsseldorf and Cologne are about 40 kilometers away from one another.

Malte then offered to arrange for a specially guided tour during the guest’s stay.  The guest thankfully agreed.  After the call Malte was still touched by the disappointment and thought about a way to surprise the guest.

Finding a beautiful photo of the dome, Malte printed the image and framed it nicely.  On the day of the guest’s arrival he placed the picture frame on the nightstand with a little note saying “Now you can see the dome any time you wish.”

Upon finding the photo, the guest immediately rushed to see Malte.  Filled with gratitude, the guest thanked him exclaiming, “Thank you for turning a stay at a luxury hotel into an exceptional experience!”

The Story Of The Guanabana

“Thank you for the exceptional service!” is a phrase I often hear from our guests. I believe the service, among others, is what sets aside Capella Hotels. We don’t have a script on how to ‘act’ and achieve that ‘beyond’. It is how we are and how we care about our guests.

Capella Ixtapa is full of wonderful stories from our team.  Recently I heard a story involving Ciro, a server in the restaurant that I had to share with you.

We had a couple from Europe staying with us and dining for the first time at the Seafood Restaurant. The evening was beautiful, it was a starry night, the waves were crashing on the rocks beneath us and the guests were enjoying a perfect dinner.  They engaged in a conversation with Ciro, who explained how our chefs include fresh and local produce into the menu, while adding a twist to the what could be a completely classic dish.


One example from the dessert menu is the cheesecake.  It is covered with a mousse from guanabana, a fruit we grow locally in Guerrero, Mexico.  Our guests loved the mousse so much, and were excited to get to know such a quintessential Mexican fruit. They promised to come to the restaurant for the same dessert the next night as well.

The next day came, and the couple again visited the restaurant.  Ciro had a special surprise: two freshly picked guanabana!  Ciro and his family have guanabana trees at their ranch close to his home.  So, after seeing the couples’ excitement the night before, he decided to specially harvest the fruit!  Needless to say, the couple was overjoyed to have their own whole guanabana fruit and thanked Ciro for making that extra effort.

It is exactly this sort of thoughtfulness that makes working at and visiting Capella Ixtapa so special.

La Historia de la Guanabana

“Gracias por el excepcional servicio!” es una frase que a menudo escucho de nuestros clientes. Creo que el servicio, entre otras cosas, es lo que caracteriza a los Hoteles Capella. No tenemos un guión en cómo actuar para lograr ese “plus”. Es el cómo somos y el cómo nos preocupamos de nuestros huéspedes.

Capella Ixtapa está lleno de maravillosas historias de nuestro equipo. Recientemente escuche esta historia que involucra a Ciro, un mesero en el restaurante y que tengo que compartir con ustedes.

Teníamos a una pareja europea hospedándose con nosotros y cenaban por primera vez en el Restaurante de Mariscos. La noche era maravillosa, una noche estrellada, las olas rompían en las rocas debajo de nosotros y los huéspedes disfrutaban de una cena perfecta. Se pusieron a platicar con Ciro, el cual les explicaba que nuestros chefs incluyen productos frescos y locales en el menú, añadiéndole un toque especial a lo que de otra forma podría ser un platillo clásico.

Un ejemplo de esto dentro del menú de postres es el pay de queso. Está cubierto con un mousse de guanábana, una fruta que crece en Guerrero, México. A nuestros huéspedes les encantó el postre, y estaban emocionados de conocer ese nuevo fruto tan mexicano. Así que prometieron volver al restaurante a probar de nuevo el mismo postre la noche siguiente.

El día llegó, y la pareja visitó nuevamente el restaurante. Ciro tenía una sorpresa para ellos: ¡dos guanábanas recién cortadas! Ciro y su familia tienen árboles de guanábana en su rancho cerca de casa. Así que, después de ver la emoción de la pareja la noche anterior, ¡decidió cortar de manera especial la fruta para ellos! Sin necesidad de remarcarlo, la pareja estaba muy contenta con su propia y entera fruta de guanábana y agradecieron a Ciro por este detalle.

Es exactamente esta clase de detalles los que hacen tan especial tener la oportunidad de trabajar y visitar Capella Ixtapa.