A Very Special Zeitgeist Award Nomination

As I shared in the past, every three months we present our Zeitgeist Award to an employee who embodies the tenants of our Zeitgeist: exclusivity, loyalty, experience and legacy.  This time, we had an extraordinary nomination from one of our apprentices, Helge Unterweg, who wanted to thank the entire kitchen team here at Breidenbacher Hof, A Capella Hotel.  Everybody was so overwhelmed by this nomination that I simply had to share this with you:

Helge Unterweg In The Kitchen“The clock strikes 4:45 in the morning, this is the time the early shift reports to start breakfast service.  Time flies: the buffet is set up and then joyfully serving, serving, serving: Eggs Benedict, scrambled eggs, a battalion of fried eggs, gluten-free pancakes – with enthusiasm the kitchen makes everything our guests desire.  Handling everything with perfect execution.  It is now 9:30am and the next shift arrives.  They support the breakfast service, while starting to arrange the kitchen for lunch, prepping the dish of the day…and then get again joyfully serving, serving, serving – steadily in great mood, because they love what they do.

After lunch (as we all know after service is before service): cleaning the kitchen, and again arranging- now for dinnertime. And all are looking forward to serving, serving, serving!  The night shift arrives punctually to complete the 24 hours cycle.

Along the way and throughout the services much more is happening.  From encouraging the staff with food, signing reports, mentoring an apprentice, writing the service schedule for the next week, making the order for the next day, tasting new dishes, preparing a food show, preparing events, taking part in many meetings…the team completes everything with an impressive passion and affectionate addiction.

Herewith, I nominate the whole kitchen team: the apprentices, the Demi Chefs, the Chefs de Partie, the Junior Sous Chef and the Executive Chef.

Whether we will win the award or not: It is an honor for me to work with you! Thank you.”

Isn’t this beautiful?!  It really paints a beautiful picture of the behind-the-scenes of our kitchen team.