The Capella Diaries: Diary Of A Housekeeper

One of the most magical things about working in a hotel is witnessing how the whole team works together to meet the personalized needs of all our guests.  This is especially true at Capella Singapore, where we take all our guest preferences to heart.

Diary of A Housekeeper

This episode of the Capella Diaries, I follow Maidin Rhazzamir Nicolas, affectionately known as Rhazz, as he goes about his daily duties as Housekeeping Assistant Manager.  What I discovered during my day with him was remarkable.  Rhazz’ passion, enthusiasm and love for his job was clearly evident, and so was the teamwork and camaraderie that he shared with his colleagues from other departments.  It made me proud to work here at Capella Singapore!

Diary Of A Housekeeper:

The Invisible Service

Often I have trouble putting into words what makes Breidenbacher Hof so special.

There are the obvious points: the great location, the design and the amenities.  But, I truly believe it goes beyond that.  It is the service that addresses your every wish and desire, without being obtrusive.

It is this Invisible Service that takes a wonderful stay and makes it extraordinary: