Capella Ixtapa’s Tuna Ceviche Recipe

Warm summer nights in Ixtapa, Mexico, call for light refreshing meals.  A new item on the Terrace Bar menu this summer is a Local Tuna Ceviche and it captures that summer flavor perfectly.  Already it’s our guests’ favorite dish and I love it just as much.  Of course I asked the Chef Gonzalo Rivera to share the recipe, so you (and I!) can also prepare it at home.

Local Tuna Ceviche, Compressed Watermelon, Red Onion, Salsa Bruja, Cubana Vinaigrette:

Serves 6 to 8 people

– 1 pound of tuna, sashimi grade cut into quarter inch cubes
– 1 cup lime juice
– ¼ cup orange juice
– 2 tablespoon salsa bruja (found in local Mexican stores)
– ¼ cup soy sauce
– ¼ Worcestershire sauce
– ¾ pound of seedless watermelon, cut into quarter inch cubes
– ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil
– 25 each cilantro springs
– 3 each Serrano chilies, thinly sliced
– 1 each red onion, cut into julienne
– 2 hass avocados (ripe), small dice
– 2 each hearts of palm, cut into crescents
– Sea salt
– Tortilla chips cut thinly and deep fried
– 3 cups of ice

1. Add everything except the tuna, cilantro, olive oil and watermelon to a mixing bowl.  Using a whisk mix all the liquids and season to taste.  Place the bowl over ice to keep the liquid cold.
2. Add your tuna and combine, once again add salt to taste.  Place your tuna ceviche in a chilled bowl or platter.  Garnish with watermelon, avocado, cilantro and olive oil and season to taste if needed.  Serve with tortilla chips on the side.

Serving Tip:
Executive Chef Gonzalo Rivera recommends pairing it with nice dark ale or stout beer.

Buen provecho!

Let me know how your tuna ceviche turned out or if you would like to have any other recipe from Capella Ixtapa’s menu.  You can leave your comment on the blog below, or tell me about it on Facebook or Twitter (@CapellaIxtapa).

Breidenbacher Hof’s Yellowfin Tuna With Coriander-Cucumber Salad

Summer is just around the bend!  I don’t know about you, but this is my favorite time of the year. And this is due to several reasons. On the one hand, you can spend a lot of time outside and enjoy nature and on the other hand a lot of summery treats are waiting to be tested!

One of my favorite dishes is Breidenbacher Hof’s Chef Michael Reinhardt’s marinated yellowfin tuna with coriander-cucumber salad.  I absolutely had to share with you!


Marinated yellowfin tuna with coriander-cucumber salad & Watercress

320g Center piece of tuna filet
1 Cucumber
1 Bunch of cilantro
8 Quail eggs
1 Small bowl of watercress
1 Small bowl of edible blossoms
1 Small bowl with yellow lettuce frisee
Sea salt, sugar, ground pepper
Olive oil


  • Boil the Quail eggs for 2 minutes, quickly chill them (so not to overcook) and remove shell
  • First peel the cucumber and then use the peeler to create tagliatelle-like strips of cucumber
  • Lightly salt and leave them marinating for 20 minutes
  • Discard of any water and season the cucumbers with sugar and pepper, then add the chopped cilantro
  • Season Tuna with salt and pepper.  Then quickly sauté [FOR HOW LONG?] on each side, creating a sear along the outside.  Allow tuna to cool.
  • Carefully dress the serving dish with the cucumber pasta. (Tip: Try using kitchen tweezers!)
  • Slice the tuna and pour a small amount of olive oil on the slices, seasoning each with a pinch of sea salt.  Place the tuna on the cucumber.
  • Finally, top with quail eggs, watercress, blossoms and frisee.

Hope you enjoy this warm weather salad as much as I do!