Surfing Ixtapa Zihuatanejo

Las Escolleras

La Saladita beach, Ixtapa Zihuatanejo

I’m looking forward to the upcoming spring holidays, for some relaxing days off work and for spending time with a group of university friends from Mexico city, who are coming for a visit.  When I asked if they had any activities they would love to do while visiting Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, they replied they would love to go surfing!  I am not surprised that surfing is on top of their wish list, as Ixtapa Zihuatanejo area has been known for surfing since the 60-ies!  And while some of my friends are avid surfers, for the others learning to surf is a long-yearned wish.  I rolled up my sleeves, did some exploring, and created a selection of surf spots that I think would be great to visit.

If you are planning your sunny getaway to Ixtapa Zihuatanejo soon, and are looking for some surf spots, perhaps you would find this list useful as well.


Las Escolleras surf spot, Ixtapa Zihuatanejo

Surfing Ixtapa Zihuatanejo:

  • Playa Linda is located just North of Ixtapa, at the mouth of Ixtapa River.  This beach is more than 1 km (0.65 miles) long and it is the host to Ixtapa Zihuatanejo’s annual surfing tournament.  This beach is very close to Capella Ixtapa, so my colleagues love heading here for a surf session before or after work.  It has a river-mouth, which creates waves that break in both left and right directions with a long, smooth wall and in some parts a bit stronger.  It breaks year round.
  • Playa Las Escolleras is one of the most popular surfing spots in the area, you can access it at Playa El Palmar, by the rocks dividing the marina from the beach.  This beach is particularly popular with locals.  It has a strong right beach break at a breakwater of rocks with a sandy bottom. It breaks 3/4 of the year.
  • Playa Troncones is located about 15 miles north of Zihuatanejo.  It has strong waves with occasional tubes.  The north point is a left break on reef, sometimes with tubes followed by a smooth wall.  It breaks all year round.  In addition to be a great surf spot, I love visiting Troncones village for it’s laid back atmosphere and colorful streets, sea caves and waterfall (read more about it here).
  • La Barrita, a rocky beach 10 minutes southeast of Barra de Potosí.  Not many tourists stop at this village, but this and Loma Bonita beach are some of the best local spots for surfing.  It has a strong wave with tube in season.  It breaks 3/4 of the year.  I suggest making this a day trip and visiting Barra de Potosí and Petatlan town and its gold market as well.
  • La Saladita beach has a long and smooth left point-break that breaks all year, albeit very small in the winter but still perfect for a long board.  It is located about 20 miles north of Zihuatanejo, entering through a village of Los Llanos.  My colleagues have recommended this beach, and I’m looking forward to visiting soon.
  • Petatalco surf spot is probably the largest break in the region.  It is a very powerful beach break with perfect gigantic tubes.  This was one of the most famous waves during the 70’s, and it still has many very good days.  I am intrigued by the reputation and history of this beach, and can’t wait to experience it in person!

These are just some of the surf spots in the Ixtapa Zihuatanejo area.  For more recommendations please leave a comment below or send an email to our Personal Assistant, who will be happy to advise you on the surf spot based on your wishes and desires.

Photo source: La Saladita, Las Escolleras

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Surfing Southern Baja

Surfing in Southern Baja 1

Surfing Southern Baja is a favorite pastime of visitors and locals alike.  Especially in spring, when the wind combines with the currents to create the prefect conditions to take (or rent) your surfboard and head into the water.

There are several surfing spots in Baja, but some of the favorites are Acapulquito and Cerritos beach.  Both beaches offer waves for beginners as well as for experienced surfers.  After work you can often find some of my colleagues at the Acapulquito Beach in San Jose del Cabo, just 20 minutes from Capella Pedregal.  This is a perfect beach for beginners.  The waves break here from mid-March through September, although with proper weather conditions you can surf all year long.

Surfing in Southern Baja 1

My personal favorite is Cerritos Beach. While it is slightly further from Capella Pedregal at a 45 minutes drive, it is just a couple of minutes from the village Todos Santos.  Cerritos is a world famous beach not just for fantastic surf all year long (experienced surfers will like the break best from October to March), but also for miles of sandy beach and a beautiful location for swimming and spending the day with family and friends.

If you like surfing, or have always wanted to learn to surf, but never dared to try, a visit to Los Cabos makes for the perfect opportunity!  Surfing trainers in Baja will have you standing on your board in less than a day (I promise!).  When planning your stay at Capella Pedregal, contact your Personal Assistant, who will be happy to organize a surfing day for you.

Surfing in Southern Baja 2

Photo credits:
1.  Costa Azul Surf Shop:
2.  Your Capella Pedregal Insider

Surfeando En Baja Caifornia Sur

Surfing in Southern Baja 1

Surfear en Baja California Sur es uno de los pasatiempos favoritos de visitantes y locales por igual. Especialmente durante la primavera, cuando el viento se combina con las corrientes para generar condiciones perfectas para tomar (o rentar) tu tabla de surf y meterte al agua.

Hay varios sitios para surfear en el Sur de la Baja, pero algunos de los favoritos son Acapulquito y la playa de Cerritos. Ambos sitios ofrecen tanto olas para principiantes como para surferos más experimentados. Después de trabajar, comúnmente puedes encontrar varios de mis colegas en la playa de Acapulquito en San José del Cabo, a sólo 20 minutos de Capella Pedregal. Esta es una playa perfecta para principiantes. Las olas rompen desde mediados de Marzo hasta Septiembre, aunque con las condiciones propicias puedes incluso surfear ahí durante todo el año.

Surfing in Southern Baja 1

Personalmente mi favorita es la playa de Cerritos. Aunque está un poco más retirada de Capella Pedregal, a unos 45 minutos en coche, está a tan solo un par de minutos del pueblo de Todos Santos. Cerritos es famosa mundialmente no solo por su fantástico surf durante todo el año (los surfers más experimentados prefieren las olas de Octubre a Marzo), pero también por una hermosa ubicación y varios kilómetros de playa donde nadar y pasar el día con la familia y amigos.

Si te gusta el surf, o siempre has querido aprender a surfear, pero nunca te has atrevido, una visita a Los Cabos es la oportunidad perfecta! Los entrenadores de surf de la Baja te pondrán sobre tu primera ola en menos de un día (Se los prometo!). Cuando planees tu estadía en Capella Pedregal, contacta a tu Asistente Personal, el cual estará más que feliz de organizarte un día de surf.

 Surfing in Southern Baja 2

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2. Capella Pedregal Insider