Seafood At The Grill Room

Seafood At The Grill Room

If you are an East Coast native, I am almost positive we have at least one thing in common, the love for SEAFOOD!  It’s difficult not to love seafood when you live on the East Coast, where Chesapeake Bay crabs (my personal favorite) and many other types of seafood are so readily available and the quality cannot be beat.  I was so happy to learn that The Grill Room at Capella Washington D.C. would feature some of the most mouthwatering seafood dishes I have ever seen and I would like to share several of them with you.

Seafood At The Grill Room

For starters, Chef Esko presents the “Seafood Tower for Two”, featuring Main Lobster, Blue Point Oysters, Alaskan Crab Legs and Prawns, all served with a delicious champagne mignonette & cocktail sauce.  This first course has already won me over because it brings back memories of my childhood, when I learned how to open my first crab and lobster tail, so much fun!  The @CapellaDC Twitter followers have also been raving about the Seafood Tower, which tells me our Washington D.C. locals really love it!

Next up, the “Maryland Jumbo Lump Crab Cake.”  The dish is also served in mini crab cake slider form at The Rye Bar.  This dish is served with Piquillo Pepper Aioli & Radish Salad.  I have to tell you, my brother came to visit and when he tried the crab cake, he said it was the best one he has ever had in his life! (That says a lot coming from a boy who’s grown up in Maryland and has tasted hundreds of crab cakes in his lifetime).

For the main course, Chef Esko presents a variety of seafoods.  My personal favorite has to be the “Grilled Scallops”, served with Sundried Tomatoes, Pearl Barley, Caramelized Endives, Mustard and Sherry sauce.  Also on the menu, “Roasted Wild Rockfish” served with Parsley Risotto and Orange & Horseradish Shrimp- this is one of my go-to dishes for lunch!

With summer just around the corner, these are my picks for all the seafood lovers in Washington D.C. and guests planning to visit Capella D.C. this season.  View The Grill Room’s full menu here.

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See you all soon!

Düsseldorf’s Fun Fair: Rheinkirmes

Tradition / Brauchtum - Kirmes Skyline

Previously I wrote about Carnival celebrations here in Düsseldorf, but that is not the only community-wide celebration that we have.  Every July we have a fantastic Fun Fair, also known as the Rheinkirmes!

The Fun Fair is another one of the region’s deep-seated traditions that I have to share with you.  In Germany, and especially in the Federal District of North-Rhine Westphalia where Düsseldorf is located, have a history of shooting clubs. These clubs are rich with history (dating back several hundreds of years), one being the annual celebration of the club and its champion marksman.  Since the early 19th century, the clubs have incorporated a fun fair into this celebration, thus including the region as a whole.  In Düsseldorf the St. Sebastianus Shooting Club puts on this event, which draws more than 4 million visitors every year, making it Düsseldorf’s most popular summer event.

For me, this festivity is not just great fun because of the fair activities, but also because of the mix between the traditional parades and events that take place during the week.   And, as with any German event, there are several delicious treats to be eaten!  The big highlight is the spectacular fireworks show on the final Friday.  Already my friends and I are making plans to watch.  Düsseldorf’s Fun Fair is truly the can’t-miss event of the summer!

Summer In Ixtapa

Capella Ixtapa Spa_800

Have you seen the amazing “The Shawshank Redemption“ with Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman?  In the movie the leading characters framed Ixtapa as the perfect getaway: a warm place where they can leave behind all their unhappy memories.  I can guarantee you, the movie doesn’t lie, Ixtapa truly is a dreamy place for relaxation, and one of the most sought after destinations for all seeking to escape the daily routine and modern life stress.

Our eternal summers make Ixtapa a perfect destination to visit all year long, but summer in Ixtapa is particularly special.  The weather is warm, but not brutal, and the tropical rains and showers from our rainy season usually happen after sunset or during the night, refreshing the whole ambiance and making it perfect to enjoy the evening.  Due to the tropical weather, the surrounding fields and mountains are filled with bright green colors, blooming trees and multicolor vegetation.

During the summer days I recommend lounging at the pools, be it one of the infinity pools at the resort, or your private plunge pool in your hotel room.  I also love to stroll through the town and market.  Of course there is plenty to do nearby as well, from a visit to the nearby fishing village Barra de Potosí, or exploring the historic streets of Petatlan, a picturesque town with gold market and an outstanding church.   

Rainy evenings at Capella Ixtapa are perfect for becoming a tequila connoisseur during a tequila tastings with our Sommelier Antonio Ochoa.  You can also learn to make our signature margaritas or learn to cook your favorite Mexican dish.  My ultimate favorite for a rainy evening is a visit to the spa!  I could easily fall asleep on the table listening to the relaxing sound of the rain.  But if you are feeling more active, you could even learn how to give the perfect massage with our Spa Massage Classes! 

There really is so much to do during the summer in Ixtapa and especially at Capella Ixtapa. To find out more about upcoming events and activities follow me on Twitter @CapellaIxtapa or like us on

Verano en Ixtapa

Capella Ixtapa Spa_800

¿Has visto la maravillosa película “The Shawshank Redemption“ con Tim Robbins y Morgan Freeman?  En la película los personajes principales enmarcaban Ixtapa como el perfecto sitio para escapar: un cálido sitio donde pudieran dejar atrás todas sus infelices memorias. Te puedo garantizar, que la película no miente, Ixtapa es verdaderamente un sitio soñado para relajarse, y una de los destinos más perseguidos por aquellos que buscan escapar de la rutina diaria y el estrés de la vida moderna.

Nuestros eternos veranos hacen que Ixtapa sea el destino perfecto para visitar todo el año, pero los veranos en Ixtapa son mis favoritos. La temperatura es cálida, pero no de manera brutal, y las lluvias tropicales y lloviznas durante nuestra época de lluvias usualmente ocurren después de la puesta del sol o por la noche, refrescando todo el ambiente y haciéndolo perfecto para disfrutar de la velada. Debido a este clima tropical, los alrededores de Ixtapa están llenos de tonos de verde, arboles floreciendo y una vegetación multicolor.

Durante estos días de verano les recomiendo relajarse en las piscinas, ya sea en alguna de las “infinity” del resort, o en tu propia piscina de inmersión en tu habitación. También me encanta dar un paseo por el pueblo y el mercado. Desde luego hay bastantes cosas que hacer muy cerca, desde una visita al pueblo pesquero de Barra de Potosí, o explorar las históricas calles de Petatlán, un pintoresco pueblo con un mercado de oro y una maravillosa iglesia.

Las tardes lluviosas en Capella Ixtapa son perfectas para volverse un conocedor de Tequila durante nuestras catas con nuestro Sommelier Antonio Ochoa. También puedes aprender a hacer tu propia margarita o aprender como cocinar tu platillo mexicano favorito. Pero mi favorito para las tardes lluviosas es ¡una visita al spa! Podría fácilmente dormirme en la cama de masaje escuchando el relajante sonido de la lluvia. Pero si te sientes más activo, puedes incluso aprender como dar el masaje perfecto con nuestras ¡Clases de Masaje en el Spa! 

Hay de verdad mucho que hacer en Capella Ixtapa durante el verano. Para saber más sobre eventos próximos y actividades, síguenos en Twitter @CapellaIxtapa o danos “me gusta” en