A Visit To The Schnitzler Beauty Lounge

I love the New Year!  It is the perfect time for a fresh start.  And of course that fresh start often means addressing health and wellness issues.  With that on my mind I thought it’s the perfect time I share a secret with you: Did you know Breidenbacher Hof houses more than just the hotel?  In addition there is also a day spa accessible to our guests!

Schnitzler Beauty Lounge

The Schnitzler Beauty Lounge is considered one of the premiere day spas in Düsseldorf.  And I absolutely enjoy a timeout there— it’s the perfect getaway from the daily business stress and the town’s hustle and bustle. Let me tell you a bit about what makes this spa so special:

There are two entrances to the Schnitzler Beauty Lounge: directly from the hotel or externally via the boulevard entrance.  No matter which way you arrive, the moment you enter the relaxation begins. Cozy vibes, warm lights and ambient sounds— everything is based on the concept of elements and the path to inner balance.  What I really like is that all five treatment rooms have been individualized and reflect one particular element.  So you can actually choose between fire, wood, water, earth or metal!

For me, the most important feature are the rooms’ organic shapes: they are round, so no corners.  This transmits a feeling of security and shelter.  Combined with the sound and light installments I can’t help but to completely relax.

For a fresh start into 2014, I decided to go for their water signature treatment this time.  How symbolic, I know!  J I really felt balanced and rejuvenated after my 100 minutes of relaxation and already decided to return in the near future to grant myself another timeout.

Maybe next time you stay with us at Breidenbacher Hof, you can experience it yourself.  Our Personal Assistants will be happy to assist with your booking.




Ein Besuch In Der Schnitzler Beauty Lounge

Ich liebe Silvester!  Es ist die perfekte Zeit für einen Neuanfang. Natürlich ist ein Neuanfang meist auf Gesundheit und Wellness bezogen.  Mit diesem Gedanken in meinem Kopf,  habe ich beschlossen,  dass nun die perfekte Zeit ist, ein Geheimnis mit Euch zu teilen:  Wusstet ihr, dass der Breidenbacher Hof mehr als nur ein Hotel ist?  Zusätzlich gibt es noch eine Beauty Lounge, die zugänglich für unsere Gäste ist!

Schnitzler Beauty Lounge

Die Schnitzler Beauty Lounge ist einer der besten Spas in Düsseldorf.  Und ich genieße eine Auszeit dort absolut – es ist die perfekte Flucht vor dem Alltagsstress,  der Hektik und dem Betrieb in der Stadt.  Lasst mich Euch mehr davon erzählen, was diesen Spa so besonders macht:

Es gibt zwei Zugänge zur Schnitzler Beauty Lounge:  direkt im Hotel und von der Straße aus.  Welchen Eingang ihr auch immer wählt,  von dem Moment an, in dem ihr den Spa betretet, beginnt die Entspannung.  Gemütliche Atmosphäre, warme Lichter und Hintergrundmusik – alles liegt dem Konzept der fünf Elemente und dem Weg zur inneren Balance zu Grunde.  Mir gefällt vor allem, dass jeder der fünf Behandlungsräume individuell nach einem der Elemente eingerichtet ist.  Also könnt ihr zwischen Feuer, Holz, Wasser, Erde oder Metall wählen!

Die wichtigste Eigenschaft der Räume ist meiner Meinung nach die organische Form:  Sie sind rund, es gibt also keine Ecken.  Dadurch wird ein sicheres Gefühl und Schutz gefördert.  Kombiniert mit der Musik und dem Licht, habe ich keine andere Wahl,  als mich zu entspannen.

Für einen frischen Start in das neue Jahr 2014 habe ich beschlossen, mir die Wasser Behandlung zu gönnen.  Sehr symbolisch, ich weiß! J  Nach meinen 100 Minuten voller Entspannung, habe ich mich wirklich ausgeglichen und regeneriert gefühlt und ich bin fest entschlossen,  mir bald eine weitere Auszeit  zu gestatten.

Wenn ihr das nächste Mal bei uns im Breidenbacher Hof seid,  könnt ihr dieses Erlebnis selber einmal erfahren.  Unsere Persönlichen Assistenten freuen sich,  Euch bei einer Reservierung zu unterstützen.

Auriga Detox Day At Capella Singapore

With the Christmas season behind us, here in Singapore, the festive feasting continues with the Lunar New Year just around the corner.  During this time, Detox is the buzz of the town.

I had the wonderful opportunity to try out the Auriga spa Detox Day treatment which was something specially designed by Auriga spa to compliment The Organic Pharmacy’s 10-Day Detox Programme, a special kit that comes complete with tailored menus, recipes and activities to guide you through a 10-Day Detox ritual.

Detox Tips

While I was looking through The Organic Pharmacy’s 10-Day Detox Programme, I was thrilled to find a series of simple Detox tips to an effective detoxification process.  Here are a few of my favourite:

  • On waking each morning, drink glass of hot water with half a lemon squeezed in it.  The lemon provides nutrients to your body, which is quickly absorbed because there is no food yet in the body.  This practice also helps to break down the mucus in the body and alkalises the tissue.  Not to mention, the tangy zest from the lemon is a sure wake-me-up.
  • Ten minutes of breathing exercises, followed by another ten minutes of stretching is great for clearing and calming the mind as well as to get the blood circulating.  If you do not have much time, reduce the time to five minutes for each.  I felt so refreshed and rejuvenated after taking time off from my busy schedule to do this.  Stress is one of the biggest causes of the buildup of toxins in the body so this is the perfect preventive measure.
  • Before taking a shower, gently dry brush the skin to improve blood circulation and remove impurities on the skin.  I particularly love the soothing feeling of the dry bristles exfoliating the skin.
  • Shower and massage the body with body oils containing rosemary and grapefruit essential oils.  Besides its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, Rosemary has been known to boost the immune and circulatory system.  Meanwhile, grapefruit oil is not only a lymphatic stimulant, but also has anti-depressant properties- sure to keep you feeling positive.

If your New Year’s resolutions are of the wellness variety, these Detox tips are something to consider.  In fact, you can also pamper yourself and get detoxed in style at Capella Singapore’s Auriga spa with the Auriga Detox Day treatment.

Overcoming Stress in The New Year

Did you write down your New Year’s resolutions?  What is on top of your list?   While I did write the entire list of resolutions, there is one thing that is most important for me this year – health and well being.  I already pay attention to the food I eat and cook, make sure to spend enough time in the nature, and workout regularly (my pilates lessons 3-times a week are one of the achieved resolutions from 2013!), this year I want to focus on living a stress-free lifestyle.

In these fast-paced times it is very hard to avoid stress.  And to so some point, I know that stress is necessary for life.  We need it for creativity, learning, survival.  Capella Ixtapa’s El Capricho Spa Director, Skarlette Castro, explains “stress only becomes harmful when it becomes overwhelming and interrupts the healthy state of equilibrium that our nervous system needs to remain in balance.”

 stress free“To many, relaxation means unwinding in front of the TV at the end of a busy day.  While you do in fact get some rest, this does little to reduce the damaging effects of stress.  To effectively combat stress, we need to activate the body’s natural relaxation system,” says Skarlette.  And this can be done in several ways:

–  Practice relaxation techniques as deep breathing or meditation.

–  Attend Yoga or Tai Chi classes.

–  Take daily walks with your dog.

–  Enjoy a relaxing evening reading books from your favorite authors.

–  Schedule regular relax and recharge time for yourself at a spa.   Skarlette suggests “El Capricho’s Rain Drops Therapy, whose main focus is relieving your back pain and providing relaxation to your body and soul, with the use of essential oils and special massage techniques.”

Do let me know what are your New Year’s resolutions in the comments below.  And I promise to keep you posted how I am doing by taking my regular relax and recharge time.

For more information about El Capricho spa treatments or reservation, please visit the Capella Ixtapa website or send us an email.


Comienza El Año Nuevo Libre De Estrés

¿Has definido tus resoluciones de Año Nuevo?  ¿Cuál es la prioridad en tu lista?  Mientras que yo definía mis resoluciones, hay una que sin duda es muy importante para mí este año: salud y bienestar.  Ya desde hace algún tiempo pongo atención a lo que como y cocino, asegurarme de pasar suficiente tiempo en contacto con la naturaleza, y hacer ejercicio regularmente (mis lecciones de pilates 3 veces a la semana son una de mis resoluciones del 2013 cumplidas!), este año me quiero enfocar en tener un estilo de vida libre de estrés.

En estos tiempos donde todo es mucho más dinámico, es difícil evitar el estrés.  Y hasta cierto punto, se bien que un poco de estrés es necesario en esta vida.  Lo necesitamos para detonar la creatividad, el aprendizaje, incluso la supervivencia.  Nuestra directora del Spa El Capricho en Capella Ixtapa, Skarlette Castro, me explica “el estrés se vuelve dañino cuando se vuelve tan grande que interrumpe el estado de equilibrio que nuestro sistema nervioso necesita para permanecer en balance.”

 stress free“Para muchos, relajarse significa tumbarse frente a la televisión al final de un día agitado.  Aunque puedas descansar un poco, esto hace poco por reducir los efectos dañinos del estrés.  Para combatir el estrés de forma efectiva, necesitamos activar el sistema de relajación natural de nuestro cuerpo,” me comenta Skarlette.  “Y esto se puede conseguir de diversas formas:

– Practicar técnicas de relajación como respiraciones profundas o meditación.

– Tomar clases de Yoga o Tai Chi.

– Caminar diariamente con tu mascota.

– Disfrutar de una relajante tarde leyendo libros o textos de tus autores favoritos.

– Agendar regularmente tratamientos de relajación y recarga en un spa.  Skarlette sugiere la Terapia de Gotas de Lluvia del El Capricho, “el cual se enfoca primordialmente en sanar el dolor de espalda y relajar tu cuerpo y alma, con el uso de aceites y esencias así como técnicas de masaje especiales.”

Por favor hazme saber cuáles son tus resoluciones de año nuevo en los comentarios debajo.  Y les prometo que los mantendré informados de cómo voy con mis sesiones de relajación y recarga de energía.

Para más información sobre tratamientos y reservas en El Capricho Spa, por favor visita la página de Capella Ixtapa o envíanos un email.

Bamboo Therapy: A Moment of Zen at Capella Ixtapa

“As the end of the year approaches, and the stress of the holidays pile up, it is important to take a moment for yourself and relax,” says Skarlette Castro, Capella Ixtapa’s El Capricho Spa Manager.  Recognizing the signs of holiday overload, she then invited me to try one of our most relaxing treatments, the Bamboo Therapy.  The experience was so amazing and I wanted to share a bit of the therapy with you.

Spa treatments with bamboo originate in Japan, where they believe that bamboo has beneficial features; it absorbs the negative energy from our body, circulates it through the interior of the plant, and returns the positive energy back to us.  This positive energy starts balancing our centers of energy (Chakras), and brings us harmony.  The Japanese believe this helps us to achieve longevity, wellbeing and relaxation of mind, body and soul.

Bamboo Therapy

For our therapy, Skarlette used three types of bamboo sticks.  The biggest one she used for my legs and lower back, the medium sized for back, neck and shoulders, and the smallest one for a facial treatment.  I loved that the pressure ranged from medium to strong, like in a deep tissue massage, which helps improve the circulation and oxygen to the blood.  Skarlette explained, “The holistic concept of the bamboo treatment is created to relax all our senses and renew the energy, with absolute relaxation and liberation of all the tensions.”

Feeling of bamboo sticks pressure on my body was new to me, and I loved how relaxing it felt.  According to Skarlette, “the movement of bamboo sticks on skin produces a sedative effect on the nervous system, and it is very effective as a muscle reliever as well.  Besides that, thanks to the technique of pressure by rub and slide, and the different lengths and sizes of bamboo sticks, which perfectly adapt to your body contours, helping to drain retained liquids, promotes tissue regeneration, eliminates toxins, reaffirms the skin, helps with the problems of orange skin and remodels the silhouette.”

The therapy was such a wonderful experience, providing both the muscle relief and a several internal benefits as well.  My favorite part of the treatment was when the bamboo was working on my lower back, I could feel each vertebra stretching and readjusting.  I also loved the facial portion of the treatment, which was completely unique.  Something tells me I may be back to El Capricho spa for another round of the Bamboo Therapy.


The Bamboo Therapy treatment is recommended for men and women over 18, and you can have it for 60 or 90 minutes.  For more information about El Capricho spa treatments or reservation, please visit the Capella Ixtapa website or send an email.