Fall Recipes: French Onion Soup

It is official: summer is over and autumn is here.  Colorful leaves decorate the streets of Dusseldorf and there is a crispness in the air.  All this signals that the time to prepare hot soups is once again upon us!  There are so many different kinds and I am always testing new recipes to warm my body and spirit.  Luckily, I work with a chef who seems to have a never ending list of recommendations.  The latest recommendation from Breidenbacher Hof’s Executive Chef Philipp?  The classic, French Onion Soup.

While I was of course familiar with the soup, I had never ventured to make it.  Fortunately, Chef Philipp’s recipe was easy to follow.  And the results?  Absolutely the perfect fall kick-off!  Why don’t  you try it for yourself?  rsz_1zwiebelsuppe_

French Onion Soup (4 servings)


  • 500 g large onion
  • 2 tablespoons of butter
  • 100 ml Brandy
  • 100 ml Noilly Prat
  • 100 ml dry white wine
  • 1 l broth
  • 4 small slices of baguette
  • 100 g Gruyère (Swiss cheese)
  • 1 bay leaf
  • Salt and pepper


Begin by peeling the onions (trust me, the tears are worth it!). The half the onion and cut it down into thin slices. Then, add the butter and onions to a pot (must be large enough for the soup as a whole) and cook over medium heat until the onions begin to caramelize.

Now, deglaze the onions with the brandy, Noilly Prat and white wine.  Follow with the broth and the bay leaf, bringing the liquid to a boil and then simmering for about 20 minutes.

Heat the oven to 200°C and toast the baguette slices. (After toasting, leave the oven on for the final step!)

Season the soup with salt and pepper to taste and transfer to individual oven safe bowls.

Add cheese to each of the toasted baguette slices and place one in each bowl.  Place each bowl in the heated oven allowing the soup and toast to heat until the cheese is melted and golden.

“C’est ҫa!”  Have fun trying the recipe and enjoy this take on French Onion Soup!


Fish Soup At Breidenbacher Hof

It has been exceptionally wintery in Germany over the past few weeks.  With the chill in the air, I recently decided to have a cozy lunch in Breidenbacher Hof’s Brasserie “1806”.  On the hunt for a dish that would warm me up, I asked our chef for a recommendation.  The answer surprised me, “You have to try the Fish Soup!  It is hot and delicious, but not heavy.  The perfect balance!”  Initially I was skeptical, but having never been disappointed by a meal at Brasserie “1806”, I agreed.

The fish soup ended up being wonderful.  The aroma was beautiful and it had a full flavor without weighing me down.  And, as is the case with all of my favorite dishes, I was able to secure the recipe to share with you!

Fish Soup

Fish soup – 4 portions

1L Water
10g Salt
1g Saffron
24 Mussels
200g Salmon
200g Codfish
200g Turbot
3 Potatoes
1 Fennel Bulb
4 Green Onions
8 Bok Choy leaves
3 Tomatoes
Optional:  Additional fresh herbs, such as basil or parsley.

Begin by dicing the potatoes, fennel, green onions and tomatoes.  The slice the bok choy into thin strips.

Next, create a stock by combining the water, salt and saffron in a soup pot.  Bring to a boil and then add the potatoes and fennel, cooking until for tender.  Then lower to a simmer.  The saffron will impart a beautiful color on the potatoes.

In a pan, heat olive oil.  Add the mussels and cook for about 30 seconds.  Add a few strands of saffron and continue cooking for another 30 seconds.

Deglaze the pan with the stock that you previously prepared.  (The aroma is amazing!)

Add the bok choy and spring onions and continue cooking until the mussels begin to open.

While waiting for the mussels to open, sauté the different fish filets in a separate pan until golden.

In the final step, add the tomato to the soup. Now is also the time to add the optional herbs (I’d advise you to do soJ).

Pour the soup in a platter and arrange the fish filets as in the picture.


If you ask me, the fish soup looks and tastes fantastic!  Your guests will love it! To complete the meal, serve with a slice of fresh bread and aioli.

Bon appétit!

Fischsuppe Im Breidenbacher Hof

Die letzten Wochen waren richtig winterlich – so auch in Düsseldorf. Um mich ein wenig aufzuwärmen, habe ich mich bei meinem letzten Besuch in unserer Brasserie „1806“ für eine wärmende Suppe entschieden. Also habe ich unseren Küchenchef nach seiner Empfehlung gefragt. Die Antwort hat mich überrascht, „Du musst unbedingt die Fischsuppe probieren! Sie ist lecker und leicht.“ Genau das, was ich brauchte. Obwohl ich erst skeptisch war, habe ich sie bestellt, da ich bisher noch nie von einer Empfehlung in unserer Brasserie „1806“ enttäuscht wurde.

Letztendlich war ich von der Fischsuppe begeistert. Vom Geschmack her war sie zwar kräftig, aber in keinster Weise beschwerend. Und wie bei all meinen Lieblingsgerichten, habe ich mir das Rezept organisiert, um es mit Euch zu teilen.

Fish Soup

Fischsuppe – für 4 Portionen

1L Wasser
10g Salz
1g Safran
24 Miesmuscheln
200g Lachsfilet
200g Kabeljaufilet
200g Steinbuttfilet
3 Kartoffeln
1 Fenchel
4 Stangen Frühlingslauch
8 Blätter Pak Choi
3 Tomaten
Nach Belieben: Einige Kräuter wie Petersilie oder Basilikum.

Zunächst müsst ihr den Fenchel in kleine Stücke und die Kartoffeln in ca. 1cm breite Stifte schneiden. Schneidet den Pak Choi in schmale Streifen, die Tomaten in kleine Würfel und den Frühlingslauch in feine Ringe.

Dann einen Sud aus 1l Wasser, 10g Salz und 1g Safran herstellen und den Fenchel und die Kartoffeln darin kochen, bis alles gar ist. Der Safran gibt dem Gemüse eine tolle Farbe.

In einer tiefen Pfanne erhitzt ihr jetzt etwas Olivenöl und bratet die Miesmuscheln mit ein wenig Safran ca. 30 Sekunden scharf an.

Nun übergießt ihr die Muscheln mit dem Sud, den ihr eben hergestellt habt. (Glaubt mir, es duftet fantastisch!)

Fügt den Pak Choi und den Frühlingslauch hinzu und lasst alles so lange köcheln, bis die Muscheln sich öffnen.

In der Zwischenzeit könnt ihr schon einmal die Fischfilets in einer separaten Pfanne anbraten, bis sie eine schöne goldbraune Farbe bekommen.

Zuletzt noch die Tomatenwürfel beifügen und die frischen Kräuter, wenn ihr möchtet (ich rate es euchJ). Fertig!

Gebt die Suppe in einen tiefen Teller und richtet die Fischfilets wie auf dem Foto an.

Ich finde die Suppe sieht so fantastisch aus und schmeckt auch so. Eure Gäste werden sie lieben!

Kleiner Tipp: Rundet das Gericht mit einer Scheibe geröstetem Brot und Aioli ab.


Guten Appetit!

Tarasca Soup

The fall is coming slowly to Capella Ixtapa.  The nights are becoming crisper and a new harvest of local crops has our Executive Chef Gonzalo Rivera busy revamping the menu.  One of my favorite menu additions is the Tarasca Soup.

The soup has great bold chili flavor and earthy taste.  It is perfect for cool fall days—it will warm up the soul.  Below find the recipe and you can try it for yourself!

700g               Cooked black beans, in their juice
300g               Roma tomato, roasted
2L                    Chicken or Vegetable broth
250g               Chopped and roasted white onion
50g                 Ancho chile, roasted and without seeds
150g               Pasilla chile, roasted and without seeds
1/4 bottle      Dark beer
100g              Garlic, chopped
5g                   Cumin, roasted and ground
5g                   Orégano, roasted and ground
15g                 Epazote, strips
10ml              Olive Oil

For garnish:
15g                  Cilantro, leaves and stem
30g                 Cotija Cheese
2                      Corn Tortillas (Fry and cut into crispy strips)
1                      Avocado
45g                 Sour Cream
Sea Salt to taste
Black Pepper to taste


– Heat a soup pot over high heat and add the olive oil until smoking point.  Then add onion and garlic, lower to medium heat and cook for 10 minutes.  Add half of the oregano and half of the cumin and continue to cook for 1 minute.

– Immediately add tomato, chilies, beans, 5 cilantro stems and cook for 10 more minutes.  Season to taste with oregano and cumin.  Add chicken or vegetable broth. Cook for 25 minutes more on low and season with salt and pepper.

– Take off the fire and let it rest for 10 minutes.  Using an immersion blender, combine the soup until smooth.

– Serve in a deep warm bowl and add garnish.

Tip:  If you feel the soup is too spicy, add a little of sour cream! The soup should have a silky smooth texture.

Buen provecho!

Sopa Tarasca

El otoño llega lentamente a Capella Ixtapa.  Las noches se vuelven más frescas y una nueva cosecha de productos locales tiene a nuestro Chef Ejecutivo Gonzalo Rivera ocupado renovando el menú.  Una de mis favoritas dentro de las nuevas adhesiones al menú es la Sopa Tarasca.

La sopa tiene un fuerte sabor a chile y sabores a tierra.  Es perfecta para esas frías tardes de otoño -te calentará el alma.  Encuentra abajo la receta ¡para que la puedas preparar tu mismo!

700 gr.             Frijoles negros cocidos, en su jugo
300 gr.             Jitomate saladet, asado
2 lts.                Caldo de pollo o de verduras
250 gr.             Cebolla blanca asada, cortada en trozos
50 gr.               Chile ancho, tostado y sin semillas
1/4 botella        Cerveza negra modelo
150 gr.             Chile pasilla, tostado y sin semillas
100 gr.             Ajo, picado
5 gr.                 comino, tostado y molido
5 gr.                 orégano, tostado y molido
15 gr.               epazote, en tiras
10 ml.              aceite de olivo

Para la guarnición:
15 gr.               cilantro, hojas y tallo
30 gr.               queso cotija
100 gr.             tortillas de maíz (2 tortillas enteras fritas y 1 en tiras crujientes para guarnición)
30 gr.               sal de mar (al gusto)
15 gr.               pimienta negra entera
1 pza.              aguacate
45 gr.               crema ácida


– En una olla de acero inoxidable, a fuego alto agregue el aceite de olivo hasta punto de humo.  Posteriormente, añada la cebolla y el ajo, baje el fuego a medio y cocine por 10 minutos.

– Agregue la mitad del orégano al igual que el comino y cocine de nuevo por 1 minuto. Inmediatamente agregue el jitomate, chile pasilla, chile ancho, frijoles, 5 ramas de cilantro y cocine por 10 minutos más.  – Continúe sazonando a su gusto con el orégano y comino.  Incorpore el caldo de verduras o de pollo.  Cocine por 25 minutos más a fuego lento y sazone a su agrado con sal y pimienta.

– Retire del fuego y deje reposar por 10 minutos; a continuación licúe la sopa a velocidad alta por 2 minutos y pase el líquido por un colador fino.  Rectifique la sazón y ajuste a su gusto.

– En un plato hondo  y tibio, agregue la guarnición a su gusto y sirva la sopa.

Tip:  Si considera la sopa muy picante, agregue crema acida o queso crema a discreción, la sopa debe tener una textura sedosa.

Buen provecho!