The Forgotten Casks At The Rum Distillery in Roseau

Copy of main-rums

I have always wondered how a small island like Saint Lucia could produce coveted rums the world over but, after taking a tour of the Rum Distillery in Roseau, it all became clear.  Inspired by the brand new Capella St Lucia Rum Cave, I was curious to learn more about the production process.  After spending nearly two hours inhaling the lovely sugar scent and hearing the stories of how all the rums were produced, I fell even more in love with this delicious spirit.  One of the most intriguing moments from the tour was learning about the forgotten casks.

Copy of main-rumsOn May 2nd, 2007, the Rum Distillery in Roseau was struck by a major fire, which destroyed the entire administration and blending facilities.  As they evacuated the buildings, staffers did their best to salvage some of the rum barrels.  The Cellar Master, Mr. Cyril Mangal, was forced to find space for ageing casks in the most unusual places.  After hiding as many as he could, Mangal quickly escaped the building before the fire’s flames could consume him.

Over seven years later and still in the process of cleaning up the debris of the fire, one of the mixologists stumbled upon a few rum barrels that no one had previously noticed.  It seems, with all of the madness that followed the fire, Mr Mangal had forgotten about the stash!  Upon tasting the rum in these barrels, the Master mixologist discovered a wonderfully concocted complex rum.  He immediately decided to offer this rum as a limited release because of its powerful components.  This new rum, which stemmed from the base Chairman’s Reserve Rum was now branded as The Forgotten Casks.

rsz_chairmans-reserve-the-forgotten-casks-limited-edition-rum-40vol-07l_b2 As a result of this intriguing story, many rum connoisseurs have delighted in the tastes of the Chairman’s Reserve Rum and have placed a very high value on its Forgotten Casks.

When you visit this lovely island, be sure to ask your Capella Marigot Bay Personal Assistant for an exclusive Rum Tasting Experience at the Capella St Lucia Rum Cave where you too may have a chance to try some of The Forgotten Casks.

Sailing Pearanhas At The Capella Bar

Capella Bar

Yesterday I met up with a couple of friends at Breidenbacher Hof’s Capella Bar to enjoy a night of cocktails.  I am not sure if you are already familiar with the Capella Bar, but the atmosphere and design of this bar is extraordinary.  Bar Manager Ewald J. Stromer and his team are known for their very special cocktail creations.  Between the décor and the menu it is one of my favorite places.

The night was full of laughter and storytelling.  And we made a point of trying several of the bar’s signature cocktails.  At the end I took a vote and we decided our favorite was the Sailing Pearanhas, which is mainly composed of rum, ginger wine and pears.

Best part?  I was able to procure the recipe to share with you!

Sailing Pearanhas

4 cl Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum
2 cl Stones Ginger Wine
1 cl Fresh lime
4 cl Pear mash
1 Dash Peychauds Bitter
2 Pinch Diabolo Zuckermischung
2 Big basil leaves

Muddle the basil in the shaker and shake all ingredients together with the ice. Then take a martini glass and decorate it with 1/8 of a pear covered in Diabolo sugar.

I hope you enjoy!

Sailing Pearanhas In Der Capella Bar

Capella Bar

Gestern habe ich mich mit einigen meiner Freunde in der Capella Bar des Breidenbacher Hofs zu einem gemütlichen Cocktailabend getroffen. Ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob Ihr die Capella Bar schon kennt, aber die Atmosphäre und das Design der Bar sind außergewöhnlich. Bar Manager Ewald Stromer und sein Team sind für ihre besonderen Cocktailkreationen bekannt. Der Mix aus Dekor, Angebot und Herzlichkeit sind vor allem die Gründe, warum sie eine meiner Lieblingsbars ist.

An diesem Abend wurde viel gelacht und erzählt. Und wir haben viele verschiedene Cocktailkreationen der Bar probiert. Am Ende habe ich zur Abstimmung aufgerufen und wir alle haben gemeinschaftlich entschieden, dass unser klarer Favorit der ‚Sailing Pearanhas‘ ist, im Wesentlichen bestehend aus Rum, Ingwer-Wein und Birne.

Und das Beste? Das Team hat mir freundlicherweise das Rezept gegeben, damit ich es mit Euch teilen kann!

Sailing Pearanhas

4 cl Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum
2 cl Stones Ginger Wine
1 cl frische Limette
4 cl Birnenpüree
1 Dash Peychauds Bitter
2 Prisen Diabolo Zuckermischung
2 große Blätter Basilikum

Basilikum im Shaker leicht muddeln und alle Zutaten auf Eis shaken. In einer Martinischale mit einem mit Diabolo Zucker bestreuten Birnenachtel dekorieren.

Ich hoffe, er schmeckt Euch!