A Smartphone Wedding at Capella Pedregal


It is no secret that weddings at Capella Pedregal are my favorite!  I love observing the entire process of planning, food tasting, rehearsal dinners, decorations and the wedding day itself.  And while each of the weddings is tailored to each individual couple, there is one wedding I wanted to share with you today – the wedding of a beautiful couple Crista and Chris, which was captured, the first in the world, entirely with the smartphone Nokia Lumia 1020.

0029CAPELLA_PEDREGAL_NOKIA_WEDDING_JOYMARIEI discovered the photos online, and then approached the photographer Joy Marie Smalwood to get more details about this unique wedding.  Joy Marie told me that when a PR firm initially approached her about a “secret project” with an unnamed client, her immediate thought was that it was a scam.  But it turned out that this was a real invitation by Nokia to photograph an entire wedding on their new smartphone, which has 41 megapixel capacity and several features, which we would normally find on a professional camera.

0028CAPELLA_PEDREGAL_NOKIA_WEDDING_JOYMARIEAnd while at Joy Marie Photography they love to push the boundaries, they were at first skeptical and nervous.  But they researched the capabilities of the phone, and decided to give it a try.  The bride and groom to be, Crista and Cris, have an adventurous spirit, and they agreed to have their Capella Pedregal wedding photographed with a smartphone.  Were they happy with the results?  “We can’t get over how well everything turned out.  Very impressive.”


Myself and the entire Capella Pedregal team are impressed as well, and I’m so happy to share some of my favorite photos from Crista and Chris’s smartphone wedding, captured by  Joy Marie Photography on Nokia Lumia 1020, with you.



For more Capella Pedregal wedding photographs I invite you to visit our Facebook Photo Album here, and Pinterest album here, or visit our website for more information about Capella Pedregal weddings here.


Photos: Joy Marie Photography

Una Boda De Teléfono Inteligente En Capella Pedregal


Todos saben que las bodas en Capella Pedregal son mis favoritas!  Adoro ver todo el proceso desde el planeamiento, las pruebas de comida, cenas de ensayo, la decoración hasta el día de la boda.  Y mientras que todas las bodas están hechas a la medida de cada pareja, hay una en específico que quiero compartirles el día de hoy –la boda de una hermosa pareja, Crista y Chris, la cual fue documentada, por primera vez en el mundo, íntegramente con un teléfono inteligente Nokia Lumia 1020.

0029CAPELLA_PEDREGAL_NOKIA_WEDDING_JOYMARIEDescubrí las fotos en línea, y después contacté a la fotógrafa Joy Marie Smallwood para obtener más detalles sobre esta peculiar boda.  Joy Marie me contó que cuando una agencia de RP se le acercó con un “proyecto secreto” para un cliente anónimo, inmediatamente creyó que era un engaño.  Pero resultó que era una invitación de Nokia a fotografiar una boda en su totalidad con su nuevo teléfono inteligente, el cual cuenta con capacidad para 41 megapixeles y muchas otras aplicaciones que comúnmente se encuentran sólo en una cámara profesional.

0028CAPELLA_PEDREGAL_NOKIA_WEDDING_JOYMARIEY aunque en Joy Marie Photography les gusta siempre experimentar y llevar las cosas al límite, en un principio estuvieron escépticos y nerviosos.  Sin embargo investigaron y probaron las capacidades del teléfono, y decidieron darle una oportunidad al proyecto.  Los novios, Crista y Chris, tienen sin duda un espíritu aventurero, y aceptaron tener su boda en Capella Pedregal fotografiada íntegramente con un teléfono inteligente.  Resultaron complacidos con los resultados?  “No podemos aún comprender lo bien que todo resultó, estamos impresionados”.

0001CAPELLA_PEDREGAL_NOKIA_WEDDING_JOYMARIEEl equipo completo de Capella Pedregal así como yo misma estamos impactados también, y me gustaría compartirles algunas de mis fotos favoritas de la boda de Crista y Chris, tomadas por Joy Marie Photography en un Nokia Lumia 1020.


Para más fotos de bodas en Capella Pedregal te invito a visitar nuestro álbum de fotos en Facebook dando click aquí, y nuestro album en Pinterest aquí, o también visita nuestro website para más información de bodas en Capella Pedregal dando click aquí.


Fotos: Joy Marie Photography 

Valentine’s Day at Breidenbacher Hof

Valentinstag 2

I love our Personal Assistants here at Breidenbacher Hof, A Capella Hotel.  There is nothing they can’t do!  If you need help with shopping, they can be your shopping assistants,  if you are looking for some action,  they will be your event managers and create unforgettable exciting experiences.  And if you are in Düsseldorf for romance then our PA’s will be your Cupid!  Need proof?  Then allow me to share a real romantic story of a couple that has spent the last four Valentine’s with us.

The story begins four years ago.  As is customary, our Personal Assistant team contacted the guests before arrival to check if there was anything they could arrange for them.  The husband assured the Personal Assistant that there was nothing special needed as he and his wife “were just planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day.”  Well, there is no “just” in our Personal Assistants vocabulary and immediately they began planning how to create a memorable Valentine’s Day at Breidenbacher Hof.

Valentine's Day At Breidenbacher Hof

The plan was perfect:  The Personal Assistants decided to create the perfect romantic retreat in the couple’s room.  Rose petals were spread throughout the room—from the floor to the bathtub.  Champagne, chocolate covered strawberries and cake were set up for the couple. And romantic music played on the room’s sound system.  It was the perfect set up for a romantic Valentine’s Day.

Needless to say the couple was amazed upon arrival.  So much so that they now return every year to celebrate Valentine’s Day at Breidenbacher Hof.  And each year, the Personal Assistants look for a new way to surprise and delight them.

Valentinstag Im Breidenbacher Hof

Valentinstag 2

Ich liebe unsere Persönlichen Assistenten hier im Breidenbacher Hof, A Capella Hotel.  Es gibt nichts, was sie nicht können!  Wenn ihr Hilfe beim Shoppen braucht,  können sie Eure Shopping Assistenten sein.  Wenn ihr nach Action sucht,  werden sie Eure Event Manager und für Euch unvergessliche aufregende Erlebnisse planen.  Und wenn ihr Romantik in Düsseldorf sucht,  spielen unsere Persönlichen Assistenten gerne Euren Amor!  Ihr braucht einen Beweis?  Dann last mich mit Euch eine wirklich romantische Geschichte von einem Pärchen erzählen,  das die letzten vier Valentinstage mit uns verbracht hat.

Die Geschichte beginnt vor vier Jahren.  Wie gewohnt kontaktieren unsere Persönlichen Assistenten die Gäste vor Anreise,  um zu fragen,  ob etwas für sie vorbereitet werden darf.  Der Mann erklärte,  dass sie für ihren Aufenthalt nichts Besonderes benötigen, sie seien nur da, „um den Valentinstag zu feiern“.  Naja, es gibt kein „nur“ im Vokabular unserer Persönlichen Assistenten und sofort ging die Planung los,  wie man dem Paar einen unvergesslichen Aufenthalt bescheren könnte.

Valentine's Day At Breidenbacher Hof

Der Plan war perfekt:  Die Persönlichen Assistenten entschieden sich dafür, das Zimmer des Paares in einen perfekten romantischen Rückzugsort zu verwandeln.  Sie verteilten Rosenblätter im ganzen Raum – vom Flur bis zur Badewanne.  Champagner,  Erdbeeren mit Schokoladenglasur und ein Kuchen erwartete das Paar. Für romantische Musik war natürlich auch gesorgt.  Es war wirklich das perfekte Arrangement für einen romantischen Valentinstag.

Wie zu erwarten,  war das Paar bei seiner Anreise verblüfft und zwar so sehr,  dass sie seit diesem Jahr immer wieder zurückkehren,  um den Valentinstag im Breidenbacher Hof zu feiern.  Jedes Jahr suchen die Persönlichen Assistenten nach neuen Möglichkeiten die beiden zu überraschen und zu begeistern.

Capella Ixtapa: The Most Romantic Hotel In The World

most romantic hotel in the world

Capella Ixtapa is arguably the most romantic hotel in the world.  I love meeting the many couples who come here to celebrate an engagement, wedding, honeymoon or anniversary.  For them it is an opportunity to experience a tropical paradise in an intimate environment, where they can feel like they are the only two people in the world.

most romantic hotel in the world

What is more romantic than having a romantic dinner under the stars, while you listen to the sound of the crashing waves below you in beautiful Mexico?  What can be sweeter and more indulging than having a chocolate spa therapy for two in our open-air cabaña with an ocean view?  How about having your own luxury suite with a terrace and private pool, where you won’t even feel like getting out of your suite?

And while everyone has their own definition of romance, these are just some of the reasons why Capella Ixtapa is such a romantic and special place to me.  I love waking up with the sound of the ocean, followed by a refreshing morning swim while I wait for the room service with my breakfast and freshly prepared juice and coffee.  After lunch I love lounging at the terrace and enjoying my private pool, and at night, after dinner, I love star gazing (again from the pool) – it is so romantic!

Love in Mexico is enhanced by our food as well.  Did you know that several of Mexican foods are aphrodisiacs?  Our Sous Chef Miguel Baltazar taught me that chile, chocolate, oysters, avocado, vanilla, honey passion fruit, pineapple and other foods are believed to have aphrodisiac qualities since the Aztec times!  Our couples love to join our chef for a private cooking class and learn more about Mexican food, or join our mixologist for margarita making classes (you can create and name your own margarita!).  A special experience is also our couples spa treatment, where you can try one of the special treatments our spa team has prepared based on ancient mexican traditions and regional flowers.

If you are more adventurous, I recommend a romantic horseback ride for two – I love riding through a local coconut plantation, or along the pristine beaches of Ixtapa Zihuatanejo.  For all who love the ocean I suggest a romantic sunset sail, where you can enjoy our beautiful scenery from the sea.

Tropical climate, lush nature, beautiful location, amazing food, pristine Capella Hotels hospitality and our signature service are just some of the reasons why we like to think that at Capella Ixtapa love grows deeper, and romantic memories are made to last a lifetime.

For more information on Capella Ixtapa romantic experiences, honeymoons, weddings and vow renewals, please see our website or send us an email to reservations.ixtapa@capellahotels.com.

The Perfect Romantic Getaway At Capella Pedregal

Romantic Getaway

At Capella Pedregal love is always in the air, but this is never more true than during February.  I am especially excited about it, because every department at the resort has added their own contribution to create the most special, personalized romantic experiences for our guests.  Seeing as the Month of Romance is just around the corner, I had to take the opportunity to share some of our special plans for the perfect romantic getaway with you.  To get the behind-the-scenes details, I spoke to Director of Sales and Marketing, Shirley Dunn Hanks.

“With the purpose of celebrating love we have created special experiences, packages and amenities, with which our guests will be able to de-stress, impress and express their feelings to one another,” says Shirley.  “Some of our romantic themed offerings are aphrodisiac cooking classes, romantic movie nights on the beach, private beach or wine room dinners, couples spa treatments, hand-crafted specialty cocktails, turn down amenities with artisan chocolates made in-house, romantic rose petal turndown, artisan souvenirs, to name just a few.”

Romantic Getaway

“The romantic turndown is one of my most favorite amenities for couples,” continues Shirley, “with the candles lit throughout the room, arousing a special ambiance, rose petals, in every color, handcrafted into the shape of a heart on the bed by our skilled turndown attendant.  After that, indulging in a warm bubble bath with aromatic salts while enjoying a glass of chilled Champagne and romantic music is playing in the background, the fireplace lit…  Our goal is to entice love and unforgettable memories, which will last a lifetime – or at least until your next visit to the resort.”

If you are considering a romantic getaway in Los Cabos, I would like to invite you to review our special packages and experiences available during the Month Of Romance here at Capella Pedregal!