10 New Year Resolutions for a Better New Year


The New Year has started beautifully at Capella Ixtapa.  We wrapped up a wonderful holiday season with our guests from all over the world, and we are ready to enter the new year with the intentions to make this best year ever!  I have written a list of my new year resolutions, and wanted to share it with you – and at the end of the year you can ask me how I was able to keep up with my goals!  It doesn’t matter if you have one big wish for 2015 or a long list, I hope the year brings you inspiration and motivation to fulfilling your goals.  Please feel free to share your list in the comments below.

  1. Travel more:  there are so many places I want to visit, and in this new year, I would like to visit Singapore (and our sister hotel Capella Singapore), and Oaxaca, a beautiful and colorful Mexican state.  But – I also want to use my days off work and holidays to explore more of my own town, Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, and visit beautiful places I am surrounded with every day (romantic horse back riding at the beach, sunset walks, colourful towns are within reach easily.)
  2. Stay healthy:  this is probably one of the resolutions that is on my – and probably everybody else’s – new year resolutions list every year, and it should be.  Without health we can’t achieve anything, and it’s important to stay healthy.  To be more efficient, I have decided to talk to our wellness consultant at Capella Ixtapa, and have him help me create a detailed list of tips, ideas and activities, that will help me stay on track and not lose sight of my goal as the year goes by.
  3. Eat healthy:  I love cooking, but preparing 3 healthy meals daily can sometimes feel just too time consuming.  I have scheduled a cooking class with a visit to the local market with Chef Miguel Baltazar, who will share some of his healthy cooking recipes and tips with me.  I will repeat this each new season, so I can update my recipe book with new seasonal recipes and tips.
  4. Stay fit:  I intend to continue with my pilates classes, but want to add weekly running (both my dog and I will be happy for this one), and start with morning yoga at least twice per week.  Capella Ixtapa is located next to a Ciclopista, a bicycle path, so I am planning to try cylcling to work (I am thinking of making Fridays my bicycle Fridays)!
  5. Manage stress:  This busy life is keeping everybody stressed nowadays, and I believe we all deserve to be pampered now and then, don’t you think?  I have already bookmarked every first Saturday in the month at El Capricho spa for an ‘obligatory’ spa treatment.  I look forward to it already!
  6. More reading for fun and education:  I love reading, but find myself finding excuses too often for taking a reading break. Reading not only helps to prevent memory loss, but it boosts creativity and imagination as well.  My new year resolution is to read 10 fiction and 10 business books in the year too come (if you have any favorite books you have read in the past year, or are planning to, please share your suggestions with me in the comments below).
  7. Stay in touch with friends and loved ones:  time passes by too fast, and before I know it months pass without spending any time with my long-distance friends spread across the world.  Facebook just doesn’t compensate for a conversation in person.  Set a date with your friends, pick up the phone and call them, or send them a handwritten postcard or letter.  If you live in the same area, make time to see them in person.
  8. Save money:  With small lifestyle adjustments I want to save money so I can travel more.  By going to work by bicycle, I intend to stay fit, save on gas and at the same time pollute less.  When buying clothes, I will not buy based on current trends, but will buy clothing that never goes out of style.  That way I won’t need to change my wardrobe each season, but can keep using and combining my items for longer.
  9. Buy local:  I love supporting the artisans from our local community.  It helps them make a living and support their families, while at the same time carry on the tradition of their craft from generation to generation.  When I travel I tend to support local artisans as well.
  10. Volunteer to help others:  Doesn’t it make you feel happy when you help others?  It doesn’t cost us to help others, but it provides huge benefits to our happiness.  Last year I started helping local organisation with children in need, and I walk the dogs at Animal Humane Society of Zihuatanejo.

May the New Year bring only the best to you and your loved ones!