Bryan Adams Photography Exhibit In Düsseldorf

Last week I came across a poster depicting a photograph of Amy Winehouse and the words “Bryan Adams – Exposed.” To my surprise, the poster was advertising an exhibition of Bryan Adams’ photographs. I was confused, Bryan Adams, isn’t he a singer?  I had to check with the Breidenbacher Hof Personal Assistants who always seem to know what is going on in Düsseldorf.

Bryan Adams Exposed

It seems that Brian Adams, known for such songs as Summer of ‘69, has been exhibiting his photographs at the NRW-Forum in Düsseldorf.  The exhibit runs through May 22nd 2013.  Adams has been shooting photos since childhood.  His hobby evolved into a passion and has become widely acknowledged.  Subjects include portraits of his family, friends, and other elements that define him and his surrounding.

I of course had to see the exhibit for myself!  After all, I’ve loved him as a musician- I had to see his photos!

The breadth of topics was immense.  On the one hand there were photographs of superstars, ranging from Michael Jackson to Amy Winehouse to Mickey Rourke.   Yet, at the same time, Adams shot images of British soldiers returning from a foreign assignment.  These photos were particularly provocative and included images of injured soldiers going on with their lives by presenting their strength and will to live.  My personal favorite was a picture of Queen Elizabeth II, which he took on the occasion of her golden jubilee. The photo is so impressive that you can now find it on Canadian stamps!

So if you have the opportunity to see one of his exhibitions, such as the current one in Düsseldorf, I can definitely recommend it to you!  If you are staying at the Breidenbacher Hof, A Capella Hotel just ask your Personal Assistant and they will bill happy to arrange the visit for you!

Before The Light Changes At Capella Singapore

Last week we had a photoshoot here at Capella Singapore, as we update some of our brand photography.  Needless to say that it was a very interesting experience, being up and about the hotel at sunset and again before the break of dawn, just to catch that one spectacular moment where the light casts the perfect shadows and reflections.

Taking a walk in the early hours of the morning is almost surreal and it really brought a whole new perspective.  If you ask me, this is really what life is like behind the scenes in a hotel.

At 5am, the kitchen is already bustling with busy chefs and culinary assistants whipping up the perfect breakfast spread.  As I pass through the kitchen, I catch a delicious aroma of fresh pastries— the perfect way to start a morning!

Over at the lobby, all is quiet except for the occasional guest checking out for an early morning flight and the brisk business traveller looking for a cup of coffee in the library before heading out for a day of meetings.

Outside by the pool, our hardworking housekeeping team is diligently clearing the pool from all the fallen leaves and twigs, the evidence of a midnight shower.

Daybreak here at Capella Singapore is indeed breathtaking.  Perched high up in one of our rooms, where the balcony overlooks the gleaming waters of our cascading pools and the magnificent South China Sea, is where the photoshoot begins.  After the intricate set up and the photographer finding the right angle, we wait for sunrise.  As dawn approaches, the skylights begin to change, ever so slowly that you don’t even realise how much it’s changed.

It’s just before 7am and our photographer springs to attention, sensing that the light is just about right.  A few shots are taken, each shot notably different from the previous one.  In just 15 minutes, the shoot is done, the light has changed and morning has come. Who could have imagined that only a moment ago, the pool side still glowed in the semi dark sky and now it glistens in the morning light.

The next time you’re in town with us, consider taking an early morning stroll about the grounds and enjoy the fresh sea breeze.  It’s really peaceful and calm and an experience unlike any other.