As Fancy As A Peacock

If there is one touch of beauty that I love the most amongst the rest of nature’s offerings at Capella Singapore it would have to be our friendly co-residents, the peacock.  These beautiful and elegant creatures are native to Sentosa island and have called the Capella estate home for much longer than we have been around.

Peacocks are easily identifiable due to their extravagant “eye-spotted” tail.  The male Peacock displays his multi-colored and magnificent plumage during the mating season as part of the courtship dance used to woo his fancied partner.  The adult female peafowl is grey and/or brown.  Peachicks can be between yellow and a tawny color with darker brown patches.

Our peacock population is self-sustaining and exist naturally as they have done so for hundreds of years.  It is amazing that these peacocks lend so much beauty to our estate yet they ask for nothing from us in return!  While we try to maintain our grounds as best as possible to provide the best accommodation for both our human and animal residents, I was relieved to discover that our peacocks are able to source all the food, water and shelter that they need from the land.

As I was sitting back recently enjoying a refreshing cocktail and exquisite Mediterranean meal at The Knolls, I found my imagination captivated by the lush natural surroundings.  As I drifted off into my own tropical escape, a trio of peacocks emerged from the corner of my eye, lending their colourful profile to the already picturesque skyline.  As they continued to frolic around the lawn, I noticed that the peacocks had caught the attention of many of our other guests who paused over their meals to appreciate the parade.  Such an experience is one of the many unique experiences of Capella Singapore, one that is enjoyed equally by all that visit our estate.