The Mosaic Music Festival in Singapore

Recently, Singapore welcomed the Mosaic Music Festival, an annual music event highlighting talent from all over the world as well as local artists.  As a music enthusiast, this is always one of my times of the year!

The Esplanade, the premier performing arts venue in Singapore, organizes the Mosaic Music Festival.   Opened in 2002, the Esplanade is one of Singapore’s architectural landmarks with two domes, one being a theater and the other a concert hall.  The structure is designed to look like the iconic durian fruit and is easily recognized by locals and visitors alike.  The Esplanade is home to many creative arts performances, with musical productions, concerts and art exhibitions—many of which are complimentary and available for the public to enjoy everyday.

Esplanade - Mosaic Music Festival

For 10 days straight, the Mosaic Music Festival filled the Esplanade with the sounds of various artists.  Mosaic is one of the many music festivals in Singapore that brings together a whole line up of Grammy Award winning artists from various genres, be it jazz, rock, alternative, fusion and more.  It is a time where music aficionados from all walks of life can gather to enjoy these melodious sensations.

This year, the festival started off on Friday 8 March, headlined by Joss Stone.  Needless to say it was an undeniable crowd pleaser.  As the festival went on, other prominent names like Miles Smiles, Grammy Award winner Esperanza Spalding; and the Billboard chart topping rock band Mutemath performed, bringing the crowd to a standing ovation each night.

Mosiac Music Festival

Making it a true festival, the Mosaic Music Festival also has a series of creative arts workshops and complimentary performances throughout the Esplanade during the course of the festival.

The Mosaic Music Festival takes place around March each year in Singapore and it is a must catch for all music enthusiasts.  If you are planning to be in Singapore for it, join us here at Capella Singapore and your Personal Assistant can help you get your hands on these sought after tickets!