Capella Singapore: A Global Hub

With Singapore’s reputation as a global hub, it really isn’t surprising that my peers at Capella Singapore hail from all different parts of the world.  Even more so, the fact that Capella Singapore is home to guests from every part of the world is yet another reflection of our welcoming nation and the interconnected world that we live in.

Luis Ugarte, Assistant Club Manager at The Club at Capella Singapore (our longterm living accomodations), is a member of the Capella family who has found his calling at Capella Singapore.  Originally from Mexico, Luis is a favorite amongst many of our guests, greeting and striking a friendly conversation in Spanish with his fellow ‘amigos’.

Luis moved to Switzerland at 19 years of age to study Hospitality Management and the opportunity to work in Singapore presented itself soon after graduation.  What Luis enjoys the most about working in a foreign environment amidst various cultures is the constant learning process.

Speaking to Luis over a cup of coffee recently, Luis explained to me his great passion for his work at The Club.  “The world is so diverse that there are small things that you would not be able to know unless you experience a culture or a place first hand.  Luckily, colleagues and guests are always sharing stories about their countries, languages and cultures.  It makes coming to work a constantly eye opening experience for me.”

Luis continued, “The guests at The Club at Capella Singapore generally stay for an extended period of time, and because some of them do not speak English as their first language, speaking to them in their native tongue wherever possible helps the conversation to go more in depth, enabling the guest to relate to better relate to staff members, instead of being limited by pleasantries.  It is also not rare for native Spanish speakers to approach me for requests because we have similar backgrounds and they are able to elaborate and explain through cultural references.”

“During the quarterly in-house events that are held exclusively for the guests at The Club at Capella Singapore, our team helps to introduce the new guests to the existing ones.  Once the theme was a Mediterranean night, and we included favourite activities such as Spanish wine-tasting, Mediterranean cuisine and even live belly-dancing acts!”

Indeed Capella Singapore really is quite a special place.