Capella Pedregal’s House Cured Charcuterie


One of my greatest indulgences at Capella Pedregal is sneaking into the kitchen and accompanying our Executive Chef Marco Bustamante and his team in their culinary endeavors. I love to sample new seasonal dishes and to get additional insight in the creative process.

Capella Pedregal’s cuisine is based on a farm to table concept, but in this case Marco took things even further.  Six months ago, he secretly set up an area in the kitchen with perfect conditions for curing meat. Last week he revealed what he had been up to and presented for the first time Capella Pedregal’s house cured regional charcuterie board!

Centuries-old European tradition of salting, curing, and preserving meat is one of the oldest forms of cooking, and Marco is giving it some renaissance with contemporary takes on techniques, flavors and presentation. “No two pieces of cured meat taste alike,” explains Marco. “The conditions like temperature, moisture and mold contribute to a subtle uniqueness that we could compare to the terroir in wines.” The best products come from best quality meat” claims Marco. “For our charcuterie we only buy meat from locally raised animals.”

Talking about charcuterie got me hungry!  Here is what the plate included:

The Capella Pedregal house cured charcuterie selection includes:
– Bresaola: curated beef with salt, sugar, rosemary and juniper
– Homemade rustic salami
– Homemade chistorra (dry aged chorizo)
– Pancetta
– Duck prosciutto
– Jamón iberico

And these home made preserves:
– Escabeche salad with marinated peppers and seafood
– Humus, garbanzo and cumin pure
– Escalivada
–  Eggplant pure
–  Chutney from papaya and green curry
–  Mushrooms stored in red wine

After savoring the dish, the charcuterie board has become my favorite appetizer!  I have already been back to enjoy with friends.  We paired it with some of the hotel’s signature cocktails for an absolutely perfect pre-dinner snack!