Discovering Düsseldorf: Kaiserswerth

Following up on my top 10 list of Düsseldorf activities, I thought that today I will introduce one of the most historical and very picturesque districts of Düsseldorf to you: Kaiserswerth.

Located directly next to the river Rhine.  As the Rhine is slightly curved in this area, in Kaiserswerth you are able to overview 13 kilometers (!) of it.   Kaiserswerth is settled just eight kilometers away from the Düsseldorf city center and has a population of less than 8,000 people.

I love to walk the streets of the district, complete with small shops and restaurants that contribute to the atmosphere.  During the summer it is great to take advantage of the various pubs and gardens, where you can easily enjoy a small meal or some drinks.  Many people enjoy biking the area as a getaway from the activity of the Düsseldorf city center.

Kaiserswerth has one of the oldest river crossings over the Rhine.  In 1045 Emperor Henry III built his royal palace there, recognizing the benefits of the location.  The location continued to be a strategic location and 129 years later Emperor Frederick Barbarossa moved the Rhine toll zone to Kaiserswerth and built an even bigger palace and fort.  Today the palace’s ruins are another draw to the district.

Be sure to visit the Kaiserswerth historic area on your next trip to Düsseldorf.  And, if you are staying at Breidenbacher Hof, your Personal Assistant will be happy to help plan your excursion!