Ixtapa’s Hidden Gem: Isla Ixtapa

If you read my last post (an interview with Capella Ixtapa’s General Manager, Eliezer Quinones) then you may remember one of his favorite Ixtapa destinations, Ixtapa Island. And he is right!  The island is our hidden gem, with many places to see, explore, and enjoy.

Ixtapa Island’s beaches are well known for water sports such as snorkeling, parasailing, and banana boat rides (I have even rented a Jet Ski here!).  The island is also home to exotic fish and tropical birds.  Plus, the seafood restaurants are delicious!

It takes only 15 minutes by panga (ferry) from Playa Quieta to reach the beaches of Isla Ixtapa.  The ferry docks at Cuachalalate Beach (named after a medicinal tree that grows here), where the main pier is located.  From here the rest of the island is easily accessed for exploration.

Playa Varadero is a bit of a boat graveyard.  Varadero means boatyard in Spanish and throughout the area old boats have been transformed into lush planter boxes.  There is also a lighthouse here and a great place to drink piña coladas.

A short walk over the sand from Playa Varadero is Playa Coral, best known for snorkeling, as it is protected from motor craft by the shallow coral reefs.  Just offshore, the water is teeming with tropical fish.

If you like quiet beaches, I recommend Playa Carey.  This beach is deserted with no restaurants or other touristic facilities, making it the perfect quiet getaway.  During turtle season Playa Carey has a protected area where sea turtles lay their eggs (Carey is the Spanish name for a species of a sea turtle).

Yes, this really is a fantastic getaway—even from the exotic location that is Ixtapa!  Be sure to ask your Personal Assistant about setting up a visit for you.  But don’t be surprised if you find a couple of Capella Ixtapa employees enjoying their day off on Isla Ixtapa as well!