Thanksgiving in Cabo San Lucas

Thanksgiving in Cabo San Lucas

I like November.  In Cabo San Lucas, November sees temperatures around 90F, and we keep busy with colorful festivities and other celebrations leading us into the December holiday season.  While Thanksgiving is not a Mexican holiday, the large number of US visitors to Baja means we’ve adopted the day here as well.  For several years now I have celebrated Thanksgiving in Cabo San Lucas surrounded by friends and family and we do our best to recreate our own feast of traditional dishes.

At Capella Pedregal our chefs prepare a traditional Thanksgiving dinner at Don Manuel’s restaurant, and many of the residents and visitors love to have their Thanksgiving dinner prepared at their residence as well.  I love how each in-residence meal is completely personalized to the tastes and desires of our guests; our chefs do an amazing job of recreating those dishes tied to the individual family’s traditions.

Thanksgiving in Cabo San LucasRecently, I got a chance to chat with one of our Capella Pedregal Residence owners, who has adopted a tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving here in Cabo San Lucas.  Todd and his family and a couple of their close friends have been celebrating Thanksgiving with us for several years.  Curious, I asked him what brought him back year in and year out.  “Thanksgiving is a very special time of year for us, and while the entire family is scattered around the country for work and living, and we don’t get to see each other too often, Thanksgiving is traditionally the time of year we commit to spend with each other.  Cabo San Lucas is a perfect holiday destination for us, because it is just a short flight away from Colorado; we get to enjoy the sun, and the beach life; and above all, we get to spend time with our family and close friends with no interruption of work or meetings.  And – we love getting spoiled by the Capella Pedregal team, from spa to dining and more!  Even my mom admits that letting go of the cooking reigns enables her to enjoy more time with the family.  Besides, the chefs here know what their doing— we’ve even recreated some of our favorite Capella recipes back home!” Todd explained.

Together with the entire Capella Pedregal team, we wish you a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday, we are grateful for each and every one of you!

Día De Acción De Gracias Bajo El Cálido Sol Mexicano

Thanksgiving in Cabo San Lucas

Me gusta noviembre. En Cabo San Lucas noviembre llega a tener temperaturas de hasta 33 grados Celsius, y nos mantenemos ocupados con coloridas fiestas y celebraciones que nos van encaminando hacia la época navideña decembrina. Mientras que el Día de Acción de Gracias no es una tradición mexicana, la gran población temporal y permanente de americanos en la Baja ha hecho que muchos la adoptemos también. Por varios años ya he pasado esta fiesta rodeada de amigos y familia haciendo lo posible por recrear nuestro propio festín con los tradicionales platillos de Día de Acción de Gracias.

En Capella Pedregal nuestros chefs preparan una auténtica cena de Acción de Gracias en el restaurante Don Manuel’s, y muchos de nuestros residentes y huéspedes adoran tener su cena preparada en su villa o residencia también. Me encanta como cada una de estas cenas es preparada al completo gusto y deseos de cada uno de nuestros huéspedes; nuestros chefs realizan un maravilloso trabajo recreando los platillos que más se apegan a las tradiciones de cada una de las familias que nos visitan.

Thanksgiving in Cabo San LucasRecientemente tuve oportunidad de platicar con uno de nuestros propietarios de nuestras Capella Pedregal Residencias, el cual ha adoptado la tradición de celebrar Acción de Gracias aquí en Cabo San Lucas. Todd y su familia y algunos de sus amigos más cercanos han celebrado Acción de Gracias con nosotros por varios años ya. Curiosa, le pregunte qué es lo que lo trae de vuelta cada año. “Acción de Gracias es una fecha muy importante para nosotros, y mientras toda nuestra familia está repartida por varios puntos de los Estados Unidos y no nos vemos mucho, Acción de Gracias es tradicionalmente la época del año en la cual nos comprometemos a reunirnos para pasarla en familia. Cabo San Lucas es un destino perfecto para nosotros, ya que está a solamente a pocas horas de vuelo de Colorado; podemos disfrutar del sol y la vida en la playa; y sobre todo, podemos pasar tiempo con nuestra familia y amigos cercanos sin ninguna interrupción laboral. Y claro, nos encanta como nos consiente el equipo de Capella Pedregal, desde el spa, las cenas y todo! Incluso mi madre admite que dejar la responsabilidad de la cocina le permite disfrutar mucho más esta época familiar. Además de que los chefs aquí saben exactamente lo que hacen -incluso hemos recreado algunas de nuestras recetas favoritas de Capella en casa en Colorado!” me explicó Todd.

Junto con todo el equipo de Capella Pedregal, les deseamos una gran fiesta de Acción de Gracias, estamos agradecidos por cada uno de ustedes!

Celebrate The Holiday Season At Capella Washington D.C.


I can’t believe our very first Holiday Season at Capella Washington, D.C. is here!  It has been such an incredible experience working with all of my team members to create a new foundation that we can look back on for many years to come.  One of the most important concepts we all keep in mind when working on Holiday specials, promotions, and dining experiences is keeping the guest at the center of everything we do.  For example, during the creation of The Grill Room’s Thanksgiving dinner & brunch menu, Chef Jakob Esko made sure to tailor each holiday dish to showcase traditional and modern fare that we all love, while also incorporating dishes of his own creation infused with European and New American flavors and influences.  Every piece of our holiday offerings brings a special experience for the guest, giving them a sense of home and comfort.  The following are my Insider favorites just for you this Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve:

Thanksgiving & Black Friday:

  • Cozy up by the fireplace with your family on Thanksgiving in the comforts of your own Presidential Suite dining room and enjoy a symbolic tableside cutting of the Thanksgiving Turkey!  Even the table décor is dressing up for the event- courtesy of quintessential American Fashion Designer, Ralph Lauren.  Details
  • Take advantage of Black Friday shopping in Georgetown then relax for brunch at The Grill Room where you can look forward to a scrumptious Thanksgiving Eggs Benedict.  While enjoying your brunch and cocktails, Capella Washington D.C. will be offering complimentary gift-wrapping services to relieve some holiday stress! Reservations


Christmas Celebrations:

  • Take your pick from a one or two night stay in a luxury room or suite for Christmas. My favorite perks of this package are: welcome cocktails upon arrival, five-course Christmas Day Dinner, breakfast for two the next day, and family tickets to the Washington Harbour Ice Skating Rink in Georgetown! Details
  • I can’t wait for you to celebrate a new tradition with The Grill Room when you taste the exceptional three-course brunch, two five-course dinner options, and delectable Christmas desserts selections.  I highly suggest the Roasted Turkey with sage, apricot and walnut stuffing with sweet potato gratin gravy and cranberry compote, yum! Details & Menus

New Year’s Eve:

  • You’re going to love Capella Washington, D.C’s New Year’s Eve celebration, featuring delicious cocktails and hors d’oeuvres in The Rye Bar, a five-course dinner at The Grill Room, live entertainment and after dinner dancing, an after midnight supper, and brunch all day on New Year’s Day. Package Details
  • I can’t think of a better way to ring in 2014 than a midnight Taittinger Comtes De Champagne toast! NYE Details & Menu


Be sure to ask your Personal Assistant for more information and specials that you and your family can experience during your stay.  Happy Holiday’s!

Twelve Grapes and Other Mexican New Year’s Superstitions

Mexican Superstitions for New Year

Farewell to the old year brings many Mexican superstitions, which give us hope for the better year to come.  Some of my favorite superstitions are eating twelve grapes after the clock marks midnight of the New Year’s Eve; taking your suitcase for a walk, and wearing yellow or red underwear, to bring prosperity or love.  I spoke about these superstitions with Capella Ixtapa’s Personal Assistant Saris Rosas, and she told me about some new ones I haven’t heard before.  If you’d like to bring some Mexican traditions into your New Year celebrations, here are just some of the things we like to do with the hope of an excellent new year:

Mexican Superstitions for New Year

1.  The twelve grapes of luck.  The tradition consists of eating a grape with each bell strike at midnight of December 31.  According to the tradition, that leads to a year of prosperity.

2.  Wear red or yellow underwear.  Red underwear is supposed to bring you lots of love in the new year, and yellow underwear lots of money.

3.  Make a wish list.  Before your New Year’s Eve dinner, write on a piece of paper three wishes for the New Year and fold the paper.  Make sure the paper touches your skin throughout the dinner, then when the New Year arrives burn the paper.  Your wishes will come true!

4.  Candles.  The candle colors attract different fortune: a blue candle is supposed to bring calmness in the new year, the yellow ones abundance, the red passion, and the green candles health.  Burn your selected color during your New Year’s Eve festivities.

5.  Take your suitcase for a walk.  If you want the New Year to be filled with travel then you must pack your suitcase and take it for a walk around your home.  When you return make sure you enter with your right foot for good luck.

These are just some of the superstitions and traditions with which we give a welcome to the New Year in Mexico.  The Capella Ixtapa December holiday program embraces several of the fun Mexican traditions – both for Christmas and New Year’s.  What are your New Year’s traditions?  I’d love to read about them in the comments below. 

Las Doce Uvas Y Otras Supersticiones Mexicanas Para Año Nuevo

Mexican Superstitions for New Year

Despedir el Año Viejo en México trae muchas supersticiones, las cuales nos dan esperanza de un año nuevo mejor.  Algunas de mis supersticiones favoritas son comer las doce uvas cuando el reloj marca la media noche del 31 de Diciembre; salir con tus maletas y dar la vuelta a la manzana, y utilizar ropa interior amarilla o roja, para atraer la prosperidad o el amor.  Hablé de estas supersticiones con Saris Rosas Asistente Personal de Capella Ixtapa, y ella me contó sobre algunas otras que nunca antes había escuchado.  Si estas buscando incorporar algunas tradiciones mexicanas a tu celebración de año nuevo, aquí están algunas de las cosas que nos gusta hacer para esperar un excelente año nuevo:

Mexican Superstitions for New Year

1.  Las 12 uvas de la suerte.  La tradición consiste en comer cada uva con cada campanada al dar las 12 de la noche de Diciembre 31.  Esto, de acuerdo a la tradición, nos garantizará un año de prosperidad.

2.  Utilizar ropa interior amarilla o roja.  La ropa interior roja supuestamente atraerá mucho amor en el año nuevo, y la amarilla abundancia económica

3.  Hacer una lista de deseos.  Antes de la cena de año nuevo, escribe en un papel 3 deseos para el año nuevo y dobla el papel.  Asegúrate que el papel toque tu piel durante la cena, cuando llegue el año nuevo, quema la hoja.  Tus deseos se harán realidad!

4.  Velas.  Dependiendo de su color, las velas atraen diferente fortuna: azul te traerá calma en el nuevo año, amarillas abundancia, el rojo pasión, y las verdes salud.  Utiliza el color de lo que desees para el Año Nuevo durante las fiestas de Noche Vieja.

5.  Lleva tus maletas a caminar.  Si quieres que tu nuevo año esté lleno de viajes entonces debes hacer las maletas y salir a darle la vuelta a la manzana.  Cuando regreses asegúrate de entrar a tu casa con el pie derecho para tener buena suerte en tus viajes.

Estas son tan solo algunas de las múltiples tradiciones y supersticiones con las cuales damos la bienvenida al año nuevo en México.  El programa de fiestas decembrinas de Capella Ixtapa festeja varias de las divertidas tradiciones – tanto para Navidad como para Año Nuevo.  Cuáles son tus tradiciones de Año Nuevo?  Me encantaría leer sobre ellas en los comentarios a este post.


Deepavali: A Festival Of Lights


Just recently, Singapore celebrated Deepavali, or Diwali as it is also known, one of the biggest and most important celebrations in the Hindu calendar.  Deepavali literally translated, means a row of lamps and it is observed by families traditionally lighting oil lamps to signify the triumph of good over evil.


For Hindus, Deepavali is typically celebrated over five days, with each day bearing a special significance. The festivities start with Dhanteras which also represents the beginning of the financial year for many Indian business communities. The second day of the festival is known as the Naraka Chaturdasi marking the vanquishing of the demon Naraka, a celebration of the triumph of good over evil.

Amavasya, which is the third day of Diwali, symbolizes the worship of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. Amavasya also tells the story of the Hindu Lord Vishnu, who vanquished the tyrant Bali, and banished him to hell. Bali was allowed to return to earth once a year, to light millions of lamps to dispel the darkness and ignorance, and spread the radiance of love and wisdom. The fourth day of Deepavali is known as Kartika Shudda Padyami is when Bali returns to earth to light the lamps. The fifth day is referred to as Yama Dvitiya, and on this day sisters invite their brothers to their homes for reunion.

In Singapore, Deepavali is a public holiday and the festivities are observed primarily by the Indian community, more specifically, the Tamils. It is typically marked by a vibrant lighting display along the streets of Little India in Serangoon Road which is the heart of the Indian community.

Apart from the light-up, Little India is all abuzz with a kaleidoscope of activities such as bazaars, exhibitions, parades and concerts. Here you can find a vast collection of traditional Indian artifacts, floral garlands and colourful Saris – the traditional Indian costumes which feature intricate brocade patterns and glittering gems. Traditional arts and crafts will also be on sale at the bazaars.

Like many Asian traditions and celebrations, the date for Deepavali is dependent on the phase of the moon. As such it is typically celebrated between the end of October and early November. If you are in Singapore during this period, you must remember to ask your Capella Singapore Personal Assistant for more information on the activities lined up for the Deepavali celebrations.