Recipes For Early Spring: Marinated Salmon with Orange Whiskey Sauce


I would have never expected a perfect dish for the transition to springtime really exists – until our Chef, Philipp Ferber proved me wrong.  His Marinated Salmon with Orange Whiskey Sauce combines winter spices with springlike citrus flavor, which I was lucky enough to taste, strikes a perfect balance as the weather slowly begins to shift.  From the first bite I knew, spring was not only in the air, but on my plate and I couldn’t wait to share it with all of you!

Marinated Salmon ( for four people)


  • 4 portions of 200g salmon filets
  • 40g star anise
  • 10g juniper berry
  • 6g bay leaves
  • 5g thyme
  • 10g fennel seeds
  • 10g coriander
  • 10g pimento
  • 5g black pepper
  • 20g mustard seeds
  • 1 clove
  • 600g sugar
  • 900g salt


Place all ingredients (except for salt and sugar) in a blender and add the sugar and salt bit by bit. When done, rub the salmon with the marinade (you need around 300g of the marinade for one side) and cover it with wrapping film. Now, the salmon needs to be marinated for 24 hours at 0-2 degrees Celsius. After 24 hours, take the salmon out of the marinade, wash it and dry it with paper towels.

Orange Whiskey Sauce


  • 50 g sugar
  • 250 ml whiskey
  • 250 ml freshly pressed orange juice
  • Orange, lemon and lime zest


Heat the sugar in a small pan until it begins to caramelize and deglaze it with whiskey. Afterwards, add the orange juice, the orange, the lime and the lemon zest. Now, boil the sauce until it develops a creamy texture.

Depending on the occassion, I would recommend serving the salmon as in the picture. For my family, I will present the salmon on a pretty board with the sauce on the side and everyone can cut a piece of salmon and dip it into the sauce. Perfect for sharing!


Kulinarischer Übergang von Winter zu Frühling


Ich hätte niemals gedacht, dass es das perfekte Gericht gibt, um die Frühlingszeit einzuläuten – bis unser Küchenchef Phillip Ferber mich vom Gegenteil überzeugte. Sein marinierter Lachs mit Orangen-Whiskeytunke kombiniert Wintergewürze mit frühlingshaften Zitrusaromen. Da ich mich schon nach den ersten Sonnenstrahlen sehne, habe ich mich direkt dazu bereit erklärt diese neue Kreation zu probieren. Ich wusste bereits nach dem ersten Biss, dass ich den Geschmack von Frühling auf meinem Teller habe. Ich konnte nicht anders, ich musste diesen Genuss mit meiner Familie teilen.

Lasst uns zusammen die kulinarische Frühlingszeit einläuten:




Beize für Lachs
Rezept der Beize reicht für fünf Seiten Lachs, wobei eine Seite Lachs etwa 8 Portionen entspricht.


–          40 g Sternanis

–          10 g Wacholderbeeren

–          6 g Lorbeerblätter

–          5 g Thymian

–          10 g Fenchelsamen

–          10 g Koriander

–          10 g Piment

–          5 g schwarzer Pfeffer

–          20 g Senfkörner

–          1 Nelke

–          600 g Zucker

–          900 g Salz

–          Zubereitung:


Zerkleinert alle Zutaten (bis auf Salz und Zucker) im Mixer und mischt nach und nach Salz und Zucker unter. Anschließend das Lachsfilet gut mit Beize einreiben (etwa 300g Beize auf 1 Filet) und mit Frischhaltefolie abdecken. Nun wird der Lachs 24 Stunden bei 0-2° gebeizt. Nach Ablauf der 24 Stunden wird der Lachs aus der Beize genommen, unter kaltem Wasser gut abgewaschen und mit Küchentüchern getrocknet.


Orangen –Whiskeytunke


–          50 g Zucker

–          250 ml Whiskey

–          250 ml frisch gepresster Orangensaft

–          Zesten von Orange / Limette / Zitrone



Der Zucker wird in einem kleinen Topf karamellisiert. Mit dem Wiskey wird der Karamell abgelöscht und mit Orangensaft aufgegossen. Zuletzt die Zesten in feine Würfel schneiden und in den Sud geben. Das Ganze bei kleiner Hitze reduzieren lassen, bis die Flüssigkeit eine cremige Konsistenz hat.


Abhängig vom Anlass würde ich Euch empfehlen, den Lachs wie auf dem Beispielbild zu servieren. Für meine Familie habe ich den Lachs auf einem schönen Holzbrett präsentiert mit der Sauce als Beilage. So konnte jeder ein Stück vom Lachs selbstständig in die Sauce tunken und genießen. Sehr familiär J!


Guten Appetit.

Discover Indoor Skiing With The Breidenbacher Hof Insider



Do you love skiing and snowboarding as much as I do? For me, the ski holidays always bring back family memories, as we spent almost every Christmas or Easter vacation in the mountains. Even the first glimpse of snow makes me want to grab my skiing equipment and get on the slope. Therefore, I was really sad when I missed out on my much loved routine this year.

Thankfully Malte, one of the Breidenbacher Hof Personal Assistants, helped me out and suggested the Jever Ski hall in Neuss for an indoor skiing experience. At first, I was very skeptical – skiing inside a hall, 365 days a year with many others at the same time? To take away your skepticism, here’s a description of my experience in Neuss:

The ski hall is about 20 minutes from Dusseldorf, and as soon as I entered I felt like I was a world away. The entrance, set up with equipment rentals and ski attire,  has a cozy, yet busy atmosphere with many people walking around, trying to find their perfect winter outfit. I immediately felt as if I was in my usual ski resort. Believe it or not, the person helping me out even spoke with an Austrian accent!

Contrary to my expectations, I must admit that the ski slope is great! Not only due to the powdery snow, crunching underneath my ski, but also due to the varying degrees of difficulty offered – the ski hall is a weekend get-away for both beginners and experts. I mean, isn’t that amazing that I can experience snow whenever I like – even in summer!  It is a real highlight to be able to cool off for a few hours and even join in on the after-snow party.

My absolute favorite part though was the quaint and cozy atmosphere of the adjacent restaurant “Salzburger Hochalm”. I tried a yeast dumpling filled with jam called “Germknödel”, a traditional speciality from the Alps, which is part of my yearly holiday routine as well. It tasted just as good as in the mountains! It was wonderful to fall into my bed exhaustedly after such an exciting day.

If you are visiting Dusseldorf, but want to try this indoor skiing getaway for yourself, please contact your Breidenbacher Hof Personal Assistants via email at or via telephone +49 – 211 – 160 900.

St. Martin’s Day in Dusseldorf


I love when the weather shifts in Germany.  It is a sure sign that the holidays are upon us.  The first seasonal holiday is St. Martin’s Day.  The holiday is November 11th, but really festivities begin the night of the 10th.  This holiday is a wonderful reminder to be kind to those around us and is also lots of fun for children to participate in!


Do you know the story of St. Martin? His actual name was Martin de Tours and he was born in 316 in Hungary. His colleagues and friends appreciated him because of his big heart: St. Martin reached out to people who were ill, gave help to the needy and shared his belongings where he could.  One day, when it was very cold, St. Martin came across a beggar freezing in the streets.  A snow storm was about to erupt and the beggar, who had little clothing, was sure to freeze.  St. Martin, who was on horseback dismounted to check on the beggar.  Realizing that the man was near freezing, St. Martin removed his own cape and drew his sword, slicing the cape in two.  He then gave the beggar half of the cape, ensuring the man’s survival.  It is this event that we celebrate each year.  I still remember my first St. Martin’s celebration and continue to take part every year.

The ceremony starts early in the evening when the sun goes down. In Dusseldorf we meet in the Old Town and everyone brings colorful lanterns which create a romantic and picturesque atmosphere. You can’t imagine what kind of feeling it is to be part of this crowd, watching actors who reenact the life of St. Martin and sing songs about him.

When the ceremony is over, my favorite part of the celebration starts: All of the kids and their parents walk from house to house, sing songs with their lanterns and get candy in return.  Although I’ve become too old to collect candy myself, I still enjoy being part of the tradition, handing out treats to the children.

What do you think? Will you be part of the St. Martin’s Day this year? Come out and watch the performance in the Old Town with me!  We will get you a pretty lantern and I’d love to teach you the songs so we can experience this unforgettable evening together.  For more information, please contact your Breidenbacher Hof, A Capella Hotel  Personal Assistant at


The Gentlemen’s Chocolate Cocktail At The Capella Bar


Yesterday, when I was strolling through the shopping streets of Dusseldorf and a chilly breeze hit my face, I had to admit that Autumn has finally arrived. The Rhine promenade looks so pretty with its colorful leaves though, just like a golden street. I really enjoyed my walk along the river, but afterwards I felt the need to warm up and decided to visit Breidenbacher Hof’s Capella Bar to see if my colleagues had a suitable cocktail creation.

Luckily Carsten, who is one of our bartenders, recommended a drink to me, which definitely increased my excitement for the colder season to come.  The Gentlemen’s Chocolate Cocktail combines the aromas of a Single Malt Scotch Whisky with dark chocolate, enhancing the flavors and nuances of the 12 year old spirit. I really liked how these elements harmonize. For those who would like to try the distinct taste of this special cocktail and cannot stop by the Capella Bar – you may want to try mixing the drink yourself:


Gentlemen’s Chocolate


4 cl 12 year old Triple Distilled Auchentashan Single Malt Scotch Whisky

2 cl Frangelico liquor

2 cl Mozart Chocolate Spirit

One drop of Barrel Aged Whisky



The preparation of the drink is the way I like it: very simple!  Put ice cubes into a pint glass and add the different ingredients one after the other. Note that the drop of Barrel Aged Whisky is not a necessity to enjoy the drink. Stir the ingredients and add some more ice. Taste for flavor balance and once satisfied, garnish the drink with dark chocolate. Enjoy!

If you are in Dusseldorf, I definitely recommend stopping by at Capella Bar to try it. In fact, follow @CapellaBBH on Twitter for a chance to win a complimentary cocktail as part of the #CapellaBarMonday promotion!

Unser Cocktail Herrenschokolade in der Capella Bar


Als ich gestern durch die Düsseldorfer Einkaufsstraßen lief und mir ein kalter Wind ins Gesicht wehte, musste ich mir eingestehen, dass der Herbst nun auch bei uns angekommen ist. Die Rheinpromenade sieht in dieser Jahreszeit besonders schön aus, denn mit den bunten Blättern sieht sie aus wie eine goldene Straße. Ich genoss meinen Rheinspaziergang sehr und um mich danach aufzuwärmen, entschied ich mich dazu die Capella Bar im Breidenbacher Hof aufzusuchen und zu sehen, ob meine Kollegen mir einen ihrer Cocktailkreationen empfehlen können.

Zum Glück konnte mir Carsten, einer unserer Barkeeper, ein Getränk empfehlen, welches die Vorfreude auf die kältere Jahreszeit steigert. Die Herrenschokolade kombiniert Aromen von einem Single Malt Scotch Whisky mit dunkler Schokolade, welche den Geschmack und die Nuancen des zwölfjährigen Whiskys verstärkt. Ich mochte besonders, wie die beiden Elemente miteinander harmonieren. Für diejenigen unter Euch, welche den speziellen Geschmack dieses besonderen Cocktails probieren möchten und keine Zeit haben, in unserer Capella Bar vorbeizuschauen – hiermit könnt ihr den Cocktail selber mixen:




4 cl 12 Jahre alter Dreifach Destillierter Auchentashan Single Malt Scotch Whisky

2 cl Frangelico Likör

2 cl Mozart Schokoladen Spirit

Ein Tropfen eines im Barrique gereiften Whiskys



Die Zubereitung des Cocktails ist genauso, wie ich es mag: einfach! Fülle Eiswürfel in ein Glas und füge die Zutaten nacheinander hinzu. Wichtig zu wissen ist, dass der Tropfen eines im Barrique gereiften Whiskys nicht zwingend nötig ist, um diesen Coktail zu genießen. Verrühre die Zutaten und fülle das Glas mit Eiswürfeln auf. Sobald dir der Geschmack gefällt, kannst Du den Cocktail mit Schokolade garnieren. Viel Spaß!

Wenn Du in Düsseldorf bist, dann empfehle ich definitiv einen Besuch der Capella Bar um den Cocktail auszuprobieren. Folge @CapellaBBH bei Twitter und gewinne einen Cocktail als Teil unserer #CapellaBarMonday Aktion.