Düsseldorf’s Fun Fair: Rheinkirmes

Previously I wrote about Carnival celebrations here in Düsseldorf, but that is not the only community-wide celebration that we have.  Every July we have a fantastic Fun Fair, also known as the Rheinkirmes!

The Fun Fair is another one of the region’s deep-seated traditions that I have to share with you.  In Germany, and especially in the Federal District of North-Rhine Westphalia where Düsseldorf is located, have a history of shooting clubs. These clubs are rich with history (dating back several hundreds of years), one being the annual celebration of the club and its champion marksman.  Since the early 19th century, the clubs have incorporated a fun fair into this celebration, thus including the region as a whole.  In Düsseldorf the St. Sebastianus Shooting Club puts on this event, which draws more than 4 million visitors every year, making it Düsseldorf’s most popular summer event.

For me, this festivity is not just great fun because of the fair activities, but also because of the mix between the traditional parades and events that take place during the week.   And, as with any German event, there are several delicious treats to be eaten!  The big highlight is the spectacular fireworks show on the final Friday.  Already my friends and I are making plans to watch.  Düsseldorf’s Fun Fair is truly the can’t-miss event of the summer!