A Guide To The Best Food In Singapore

best food in Singapore Chili Crab

With Singapore Restaurant Week just around the corner, all the country is buzzing about the top restaurants to visit explore.  Staying true to its reputation as an epicure’s paradise, the Singapore Restaurant Week takes place twice a year.  Restaurants and eateries prepare special menus to showcase their cuisine and locals enjoy a week of hearty feasting.

This got me thinking of how Singaporeans truly love their food and will spare no expense to queue or travel for the best food in town.  Like it is often said, “when in Rome, do as the Roman’s do,” so when in Singapore there are just some dishes you must certainly not miss out.

best food in Singapore Chili Crab

The Best Food In Singapore:

1. Chicken Rice
Touted as the “national dish of Singapore,” Chicken Rice is one of my absolute favorite dishes.  Usually made with boiled or roasted chicken, the highlight of this dish is the aromatic “oily rice” that is made using chicken stock and fragrant Pandan leaves.

2. Chili Crab
Another favorite (for myself- and the rest of the Singaporean population!), Chili Crab features whole crabs stir-fried in a sweet and spicy red sauce.  Chili Crab is best eaten with a plate of Man Tou, a kind of Chinese bread, perfect for dipping into the mouth-watering chili sauce.

3. Laksa
For those who love spices, Laksa is a must-try!  With its Peranakan influences, Laksa is rich and savoury soup made with thick rice vermicelli boiled in a spicy coconut broth with dried shrimp.

4. Bak Kut Teh
Literally translated to “pork ribs and tea,” Bak Kut Teh is large slices of pork ribs boiled for hours in a clear peppery or herbal broth.  Traditionally this dish was served with a thick Chinese black tea meant to cleanse the body of the oil from the dish.

5. Satay
Asia’s version of a kebab, Satay is a barbecued skewer full of meat and is usually eaten with a rich peanut sauce and condiments such as onions and cucumber.  The defining feature of satay is the delectable aroma that it gives off when it is being barbecued.

Many of these local favourites, can be found at The Knolls restaurant here at Capella Singapore, make sure you try them during your next visit.  They truly are some of the best food in Singapore!

Cured Salmon Grenoble Style At Brasserie “1806”

cured salmon

Recently the Breidenbacher Hof Executive Chef Philipp Ferber has started to serve marinated salmon as a delicious starter at our Brasserie “1806”.  Perfect for the season, this light dish is a wonderful start for your next dinner party and it is definitely my favorite way to prepare salmon!  Not just because of its extraordinary flavor, but also because using the marinade to cure the fish is quite an impressive preparation.  I am sure that your friends and guests will be surprised when you present this special dish to them.  Enjoy trying it out yourself!

cured salmon

Home-cured Salmon Grenoble Style with salted lemon and sour cream (4-6 people)   

Salted lemons 

– 10 lemons
– 2l water
– Sea salt

Wash the lemons and place them in a container with water.  Store in the fridge for three days, making sure to change out the water daily.  After the three days, take the lemons out of the fridge and pierce each lemon about 5mm deep 4 times.  Fill those cuts with sea salt.  Add the lemons, hot water and 2 Tablespoons of hot water to a mason jar and seal.  Return to fridge for another seven days.  At this point the lemons have been preserved and are usable for about 6 months.  

Salted lemon sour cream 

– 500g sour cream
– 2 salted lemons
– Salt
– Pepper
– Sugar

Grate the peel of 2 salted lemons.  Then thinly slice the lemon’s flesh.  Combine everything along with the sour cream and season with salt, pepper and sugar to taste.

Salmon Rub   

– 25g star anise
– 20g juniper
– 6g laurel leaves
– 5g thyme
– 15g fennel seeds
– 15g coriander
– 15g pimiento peppers
– 10g black pepper
– 40g mustard seeds
– 2 cloves
– 1200g sugar
– 1800g salt

Blend all ingredients (except for the salt and sugar) in a food processor.  When everything is finely mixed add the salt and sugar.  Cover the salmon filets with the rub (300g for 1kg salmon filet) and then cover with cling wrap.  Marinade the salmon for 24 hours at 0-2 degrees Celsius.  After the time has passed, rinse the salmon with cold water and pat dry with paper towels.

Grenoble Spread 

– 100g capers
– 100g pine nuts
– Zest of 2 salted lemons
– 30g julienned spinach

Roast the pine nuts in a pan and leave them on a paper towel to cool.  Take the capers out of the jar and dry them using a tissue.  Now, combine both using a blender and add the lemon zest.  Do so until a paste is created.  Arrange the paste on the salmon and use the spinach to garnish it.

I hope you enjoy a piece of Breidenbacher Hof, A Capella Hotel at home!

Hausbegeizter Lachs “Grenobler Art”

cured salmon

Unser Küchenchef Philipp Ferber hat kürzlich begonnen, gebeizten Lachs als leckere Vorspeise in unserer Brasserie „1806“ anzubieten.  Gerade zu dieser Jahreszeit, bietet dieses leichte Gericht den perfekten Auftakt für Eure private Dinner Party und es ist definitiv meine liebste Methode, Lachs zuzubereiten!  Nicht nur, weil diese Marinade dem Fisch eine besondere Note verleiht, sonder auch, weil sich der Aufwand für dieses Gericht mehr als lohnt.  Ich bin mir sicher, dass Eure Familie und Freunde dieses Geschmackserlebnis überraschen wird.  Wir wünschen Euch viel Spaß beim Ausprobieren!

cured salmon

Hausbegeizter Lachs “Grenobler Art” mit Salz-Zitronen Crème Fraîche (4-6 Personen) 



– 10 Zitronen (unbehandelt)
– 2 Liter Wasser
– Meersalz

Die Zitronen gut waschen, mit Wasser bedecken und 3 Tage in Kühlschrank lassen. Das Wasser sollte jeden Tag gewechselt werden. Nach Ablauf der Wartezeit werden die Zitronen noch einmal gut gewaschen. Danach jede Zitrone viermal längs einschneiden und jeden Schlitz mit Meersalz auffüllen. Anschließend die Zitronen in ein Einmachglas legen. Nun werden die Zitronen mit 2 Esslöffeln Salz und kochendem Wasser bedeckt. Die Zitronen sollten 7 Tage im Kühlschrank lagern. Nach 7 Tagen sind die Salz-Zitronen fertig und sind bis zu 6 Monate in der Lake haltbar.

Salz-Zitronen Crème Fraîche 

– 500g Crème Fraîche
– 2 Salz-Zitronen
– Salz, Pfeffer, Zucker

Nehmen Sie die Salz-Zitronen aus dem Kühlschrank, reiben Sie die Haut ab und hacken Sie die Zitronenhaut in feine Stücke.  Das Fruchtfleisch der Zitronen wird filetiert und in feinen Würfel geschnitten. Zuletzt nur noch das Zitronenfleisch und die Zeste unter diesCrème Fraîche rühren und mit Salz, Pfeffer und Zucker abschmecken.

Beize für den Lachs 

– 25g Sternanis
– 20g Wacholder
– 6g Lorbeer Blätter
– 5g Thymian
– 15g Fenchelsamen
– 15g Koriander
– 15g Piment
– 10g schwarzer Pfeffer
– 40g Senfkörner
– 2 Nelken
– 1200 g Zucker
– 1800g Salz

Alle Zutaten bis auf Salz und Zucker im Mixer fein hacken, Salz und Zucker anschließend untermischen.  Das Lachsfilet mit der Beize gut bedecken (300g Beize auf 1kg Fisch) und mit Frischhaltefolie abdecken.  Nun den Fisch 24 Stunden bei 0-2°C beizen. Danach wird der Lachs aus der Beize genommen und unter kaltem Wasser gut abgewaschen.  Mit Küchentüchern gut trocknen und luftdicht verpacken.

Grenobler Aufstrich 

– 100g Kapern
– 100g Pinienkerne
– Zeste von 2 Salz-Zitronen
– 30g Julienne von Spinat

Die Kapern 2 Stunden unter einer Wärmelampe trocknen.  Nun die Pinienkerne rösten und auf einem  Küchentuch ausgebreitet ebenfalls gut trocknen.  Jetzt die Kapern, Pinienkerne und Zitronen Zeste hacken bis eine Paste entsteht.  Nun muss die Grenobler Mischung nur noch auf dem gebeizten Lachs verteilt werden.  Abschließend mit dem Spinat garnieren.


– 10 Zitronen (unbehandelt)
– 2 Liter Wasser
– Meersalz

Die Zitronen gut waschen, mit Wasser bedecken und 3 Tage in Kühlschrank lassen.  Das Wasser sollte jeden Tag gewechselt werden.  Nach Ablauf der Wartezeit werden die Zitronen noch einmal gut gewaschen.  Danach jede Zitrone viermal längs einschneiden und jeden Schlitz mit Meersalz auffüllen.  Anschließend die Zitronen in ein Einmachglas legen.  Nun werden die Zitronen mit 2 Esslöffeln Salz und kochendem Wasser bedeckt.  Die Zitronen sollten 7 Tage im Kühlschrank lagern.  Nach 7 Tagen sind die Salz-Zitronen fertig und sind bis zu 6 Monate in der Lake haltbar.

Salz-Zitronen Crème Fraîche 

– 500g Crème Fraîche
– 2 Salz-Zitronen
– Salz
– Pfeffer
– Zucker

Nehmen Sie die Salz-Zitronen aus dem Kühlschrank, reiben Sie die Haut ab und hacken Sie die Zitronenhaut in feine Stücke.  Das Fruchtfleisch der Zitronen wird filetiert und in feinen Würfel geschnitten.  Zuletzt nur noch das Zitronenfleisch und die Zeste unter das Crème Fraîche rühren und mit Salz, Pfeffer und Zucker abschmecken.

Ich hoffe, ihr genießt dieses Stückchen Breidenbacher Hof, A Capella Hotel für Zuhause!

Salad Bouillabaisse At Breidenbacher Hof

Salad Bouillabaisse

If you ever had the pleasure of visiting the Mediterranean or are simply a lover of food, you are undoubtedly familiar with the Provençal fish soup, Bouillabaisse.  Based on this delicious French dish, Breidenbacher Hof’s Executive Chef Philipp Ferber created an exciting interpretation: Salad Bouillabaisse.  And while it is a salad, the seafood is the star.  I fell in love with it at first bite and knew that I absolutely had to share the recipe with you.   There are several steps to the creation of this dish, but don’t be intimidated!  It is well worth the effort and your guests will be impressed.

Salad Bouillabaisse

Saffron Fumet

– 100 ml white wine
– 50 ml Pernod
– 50 ml Noilly Prat
– 50 ml port wine (white)
– 500 ml fish stock
– 1 g saffron
– 100 g fennel, julienned
– 80 g onion, julienned
– 3 plum tomatoes, diced
– 2 sprigs of basil
– 250 g butter
– Fleur de Sel (sea salt)
– sugar
– fresh ground pepper

First, sweat the fennel and the onions in a pan until they are soft and develop a flavor.  Now, add the tomatoes and basil, fry them slightly and deglaze them with the white wine, Pernod, Noilly Prat and port.  You have to cook everything until a syrup arises.  Then add the fish stock and continue to cook at low temperature for 10 minutes.  Next filter it through a colander and season to taste.  Use the butter to make it creamier.

Sauce Rouille

– 1 kg mealy potatoes
– 8 egg yolks
– 2 braised red pepper, puréed
– Cayenne pepper
– Maldon Sea Salt
– 1l olive oil

Boil the potatoes as usual.  Afterwards, mash the potatoes and put them into a mixer. Step by step, add the other ingredients, the olive oil at last until a homogeneous texture is reached.

Basil Pesto

– 1 bunch basil
– 1 clove of garlic
– 50g roasted pine nuts
– 50g grated Parmesan
– 120ml olive oil
– Fleur de Sel
– fresh ground white pepper

Combine the garlic, pine nuts, Parmesan and olive oil in a mixer until a uniform consistency is achieved.  Add the leaves of basil and mix until blended.  You have to pay attention: If you mix basil too long, it will become bitter.  Season it with Fleur de Sel and pepper.


– 200ml apple juice
– 100ml white balsamic vinegar
– 100ml vegetable stock
– 2EL mustard
– 1EL honey
– 100ml grape seed oil
– 100ml hazelnut oil
– 100ml olive oil
– salt
– pepper
– sugar

Mix everything except for the three types of oil. Add them step by step at last. Season to taste!

Salad Bouillabaisse

– 1 red pepper
– 1 yellow pepper
– 1 zucchini
– 1 bunch green asparagus
– the created basil pesto, vinaigrette, saffron fumet and sauce rouille
– 240g roasted halibut
– 240g roasted salmon
– 240g scallops
– 4 tentacles of octopus
– 9 razor clams
– 1 sprig of rosemary
– 1 sprig of thyme
– 1 slice oven-toasted bread per person
– If you like an assortment of herbs for garnish

Grill the vegetables first and let them cool down to room temperature. Now, marinate the lettuce with the vinaigrette and some pesto. Sear the fish and scallops in a pan and aromatize them with the herbs except for the razor clam and octopus, which you have to cook in the saffron fumet for a short time.

Finally, it is time to plate! Present the salad and the grilled vegetables on four plates. Spread the fish with pesto and arrange it with the octopus and the scallops on the salad. Last but not least, beat the saffron fumet until it’s fluffy and arrange it on the salad. The roasted bread and the Sauce Rouille are presented separately.

Hopefully you didn’t find yourself too intimidated by this recipe.  But if so, you can always come into Breidenbacher Hof’s Brasserie “1806” and let the chefs do the hard part while you sit back and enjoy.

Bon Appetit!

Capella Pedregal’s Mexican Coffee Break

Mexican Coffee Break

In Mexico, the kitchen is one of the most important places of a home.  It is where the stories of the families are told, and where family and friends gather to talk about daily events, work, and everything else.  Su Cocina at Capella Pedregal is a replica of the traditional Mexican kitchen of old haciendas, and I love to visit it whenever I can.  Any time of day, our culinary team is preparing something delicious.  I love the colors, the smells, and if I am lucky, occasionally Executive Chef Yvan or our cooks will have me tasting a new salsa flavor, or a new combination of ingredients for a seasonal dish they are preparing for our menu.

Many companies bring to Capella Pedregal their top performing teams as a reward for their hard work in the past year, for team building, and for some much needed relaxing and recharge.  For our incentive travelers our team organizes special events, meetings, dinners, spa days, fishing trips and similar.  At my visit to Su Cocina last week, Chef Yvan was just setting up a coffee break for one of our incentive traveler groups, and I was eager to learn more about what he has prepared.

Mexican Coffee Break

For this occasion Yvan and his team prepared a selection of Mexican and International dishes— all of which made my stomach rumble!  Among the treats rehiletes, almond puff pastry (my favorites!), chocolate muffins, cinnamon rolls, croissants and Mexican sweet bread.  There were cereals, granola bars and cheeses.  Fresh organic fruit from our local farms including mangos, apples, plums, blueberries and raspberries made for a colorful display.  There was even a charcuterie platter featuring our homemade chorizo and hams!

There was a selection of Mexican coffees from Veracruz, Chiapas and Oaxaca, and a selection of teas as well.  Besides a selection of black, green and chai teas we offer our own Baja Desert Chamomile Tea and a Hierbabuena Mexican Mint Tea infusion both featuring local organic herbs from Baja.  One of our guests (and Chef Yvan’s) favorite is traditional artisanal Mexican hot chocolate, frothed by hand using a molinillo.  Another traditional Mexican drink offered is champurado, a warm guava flavored beverage, thickened with masa, and accompanied by a selection of homemade Mexican candies.

What makes these coffee breaks so special is that, like Su Cocina, they really have a warm and contenting feel to them.  Be it on your vacation or a corporate retreat, Capella Pedregal’s aim is to make you feel at home with your Mexican family.  And I believe our events team and Chef Yvan are doing a wonderful job with it!  What do you think? Let me know your thoughts on Su Cocina from your visit, be it on personal or corporate retreat, in the comments below.

Hora del Café a la Mexicana

Mexican Coffee Break

En México, la cocina es uno de los espacios más importante de un hogar. Es el lugar donde la historia de la familia se cuenta, y donde familia y amigos se reúnen para conversar sobre los eventos diarios, el trabajo, y todo lo demás. Su Cocina en Capella Pedregal es una réplica de una cocina tradicional mexicana en una antigua Hacienda, y me encanta visitarla cada que puedo. A cualquier hora del día, nuestro equipo culinario está preparando cosas deliciosas. Me encantan los colores, los olores, y si tengo suerte, ocasionalmente el Chef Ejecutivo Yvan o alguno de nuestros cocineros me pedirá mi opinión para probar alguna nueva salsa, o alguna nueva combinación de ingredientes para algún plato de temporada que estén preparando para incluirlo en el menú.

Muchas compañías traen a Capella Pedregal a sus equipos con el mayor rendimiento como recompensa por su gran trabajo en el período anterior, para integrar mejor al equipo, y también para un merecido descanso y recargar energía. Para estos viajeros incentivados nuestro equipo organiza eventos especiales, reuniones, cenas, días de spa, tours de pesca y un sinfín de actividades más. En mi visita la semana pasada a Su Cocina, el Chef Yvan estaba preparando un “coffee break” o hora del café para uno de estos grupos, y tuve curiosidad por saber más acerca de lo que estaba preparando para ellos.

Mexican Coffee Break

Para esta ocasión Yvan y su equipo prepararon una selección de platillos tanto mexicanos como internacionales -todos hicieron que mi estómago quisiera probarlos! Entre ellos había rehiletes rellenos de almendras (mis favoritos!), muffins de chocolate, rollos de canela, croissants y otras variedades de pan dulce mexicano. También tenían cereales, barras de granola y variedad de quesos. Frutas orgánicas frescas de nuestras granjas locales incluidos mangos, manzanas, ciruelas, moras azules, y moras rojas que  formaban una presentación sin duda multi color. Había incluso un platón de charcutería y carnes frías el cual incluía nuestro jamón y chorizo casero!

Para acompañar estos alimentos teníamos una selección de cafés de Veracruz, Chiapas y Oaxaca, así como una selección de tés. Además de una selección de té negro, verde y chai ofrecemos también nuestro propio Té de Manzanilla del Desierto de la Baja y una infusión de Hierbabuena, ambas contienen hierbas orgánicas de la Baja. Uno de los favoritos de nuestros huéspedes (y del Chef Yvan también) es el tradicional chocolate caliente mexicano, molido a mano utilizando un molinillo. Otra bebida tradicionalmente mexicana que ofrecemos es el champurrado de guayaba, acompañado por una selección de dulces mexicanos tradicionales.

Lo que hace estas horas del café tan especiales es que, así como a Su Cocina, reflejan ese sentimiento cálido y tradicional de México. Ya sea durante tus vacaciones o en viaje de negocios o con tu equipo de trabajo, Capella Pedregal busca siempre hacerte sentir en casa con tu familia mexicana. Yo creo que nuestro equipo de eventos especiales y el Chef Yvan están haciendo un gran trabajo en que esto ¡así sea! ¿Tu que opinas? Hazme saber tus comentarios sobre tu visita a Su Cocina en la sección de comentarios abajo del post, ya sea que la hayas visitado durante vacaciones o como parte de un viaje de trabajo.