Seafood At The Grill Room

Seafood At The Grill Room

If you are an East Coast native, I am almost positive we have at least one thing in common, the love for SEAFOOD!  It’s difficult not to love seafood when you live on the East Coast, where Chesapeake Bay crabs (my personal favorite) and many other types of seafood are so readily available and the quality cannot be beat.  I was so happy to learn that The Grill Room at Capella Washington D.C. would feature some of the most mouthwatering seafood dishes I have ever seen and I would like to share several of them with you.

Seafood At The Grill Room

For starters, Chef Esko presents the “Seafood Tower for Two”, featuring Main Lobster, Blue Point Oysters, Alaskan Crab Legs and Prawns, all served with a delicious champagne mignonette & cocktail sauce.  This first course has already won me over because it brings back memories of my childhood, when I learned how to open my first crab and lobster tail, so much fun!  The @CapellaDC Twitter followers have also been raving about the Seafood Tower, which tells me our Washington D.C. locals really love it!

Next up, the “Maryland Jumbo Lump Crab Cake.”  The dish is also served in mini crab cake slider form at The Rye Bar.  This dish is served with Piquillo Pepper Aioli & Radish Salad.  I have to tell you, my brother came to visit and when he tried the crab cake, he said it was the best one he has ever had in his life! (That says a lot coming from a boy who’s grown up in Maryland and has tasted hundreds of crab cakes in his lifetime).

For the main course, Chef Esko presents a variety of seafoods.  My personal favorite has to be the “Grilled Scallops”, served with Sundried Tomatoes, Pearl Barley, Caramelized Endives, Mustard and Sherry sauce.  Also on the menu, “Roasted Wild Rockfish” served with Parsley Risotto and Orange & Horseradish Shrimp- this is one of my go-to dishes for lunch!

With summer just around the corner, these are my picks for all the seafood lovers in Washington D.C. and guests planning to visit Capella D.C. this season.  View The Grill Room’s full menu here.

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See you all soon!

The World Gourmet Summit at Capella Singapore

World Gourmet Summit

Last week was the end of the annual World Gourmet Summit held in Singapore.  The event ran for two weeks and took place at restaurants all over the country.  As a lover of food, this is definitely one of my favorite events of the year because it is an opportunity to taste dishes from amazing chefs from all over the world.  Capella Singapore’s The Knolls was very fortunate to be one of the venue hosts for this event and we had the immense pleasure of hosting two renowned pastry chefs from Spain, a father and son team, Paco and Jacob Torreblanca.

The menus were truly fascinating because it was the first time I saw a full savory menu featuring chocolate.  An interesting and unlikely combination of ingredients was my first thought when I saw the menu for the dining events.  It included a Venison Pears Terrine with Chocolate Chutney, a Warm Scallop with a Chocolate Crust and Daikon, Japanese radish, and a Roasted Pigeon Breast served with a bitter chocolate sauce and hazelnut cauliflower puree.  However my apprehensions were soon put to rest, as Chefs Paco and Jacob’s blending of flavors were sublime.

This distinctive dining concept was Chef Paco Torreblanca’s idea and the result of his fascination with the possibilities of blending cocoa with Mediterranean ingredients.  From this spark of inspiration Chef Paco and his son Jacob have gone on to create a whole new and unique dining experience.

World Gourmet Summit

The series of dining events at The Knolls also included a Chocolate High Tea.  One of the most notable desserts featured the Cassis Royal, a light raspberry and pistachio layered cake marked with a giant white chocolate “oyster.”  Chef Paco shared the story behind this dessert, “I had a friend who loved oysters, but unfortunately one day he had some that made him sick.  Hearing this, I told my friend that I would create for him an oyster that would not make him sick and that he would love.”  Talk about a great friendship!

Hopefully you will be able to join us for a future World Gourmet Summit- I know my stomach is already looking forward to the next event!

2nd Annual Food and Wine Festival at Capella Pedregal

Food and WineFestival Capella Pedregal

We are about three months away from Capella Pedregal’s 2nd Annual Food and Wine Festival, A Taste of Capella, but the preparations for it are already underway!  This upcoming July 10-13 we will be hosting renowned Chefs and lovers of sun, fun and of course, fine eating.

During our four day gastronomic festival you will be able to meet, interact with and enjoy exquisite cuisine by acknowledged culinary masters, among them Chef Kent Rathbun of Abacus, Chef Dean Fearing of Fearing’s, Chef Tim Hollingsworth of French Laundry, Philippe Schmit of Philippe’s, and our own Executive Chef, Yvan Mucharraz and Pastry Chef Lauren Sung Wong Tee.

Last year’s Food and Wine Festival was an amazing success.  I can still remember some of the fantastic dishes we tasted, and how fun it all was; it felt like visiting the chefs at their summer home, having fun on the beach while cooking, grilling and tasting amazing food, wine and spirits under the stars.  I can only imagine what surprises are in store for guests this year!

Food and WineFestival Capella Pedregal

Marco Bustamante, our Food and Beverage Director, and a curator of the Food and Wine Festival, A Taste Of Capella, explained that this year the guests will be able to participate at a wine reception with the celebrity chefs at the El Farallon terrace, attend cooking demonstrations, partake in a Tequila seminar, enjoy a barbecue party, attend a gourmet five-course dinner and attend an after-party with the featured chefs!  All in just a few days!

In the following weeks I will be talking with each of the Chefs about their plans for the event—and of course I’ll share it all here.  If you have any questions that you would like me to ask our Chefs, please leave a comment below!

To learn more about the event, and see the special Food and Wine Festival Package we have prepared for the occasion, please visit our website.

Chicken And Lobster Ravioli At The Knolls

Chicken And Lobster Ravioli

Starting the first of April, The Knolls got a brand new menu, specially designed by our new Executive Chef, David Senia. It has been very exciting to have Chef Senia on the team, not just because of his vast years of experience that he brings to the kitchen but also his friendly and cheerful personality which brings much life to the kitchen at The Knolls.

Part of the exciting tasks leading up to a new menu launch is the tastings and food shows. Watching the chefs at work skillfully plating each dish is almost like watching a work of art come to life. Next up is the tasting of the food. One of the signatures on the new menu is the Chicken and Lobster Ravioli.  This is a unique dish because it is served with a light citrus sauce, giving it a mildly tangy flavor, which perfectly complements the savory elements.

And what better way to celebrate the new menu than with the recipe for Chicken and Lobster Ravioli?  Now admittedly, this recipe is a bit labor intensive.  So if it is too much for you, then please stop by The Knolls and allow our chefs to prepare it for you!

Chicken And Lobster RavioliIngredients:

700g  Lobster
700g  Foie gras
500g  Celeriac
300g  Chicken breast
1tbs  Olive oil
White pepper & salt (to taste)
50g  Chicken stock
100g  Ready-made Pasta dough

100g  Shallots
1  Lemon skin
1  Orange skin
1  Tomatoes
100g  Olive oil


For The Ravioli-
-Remove the lobster from the shell, keeping the head and the shells
-Blend the lobster, foie gras and chicken breast in a food processor until smooth
-Add in the olive oil and mix well. Season with salt & pepper
-Roll out pasta dough and make ravioli with the lobster and chicken stuffing
-Keep refrigerated until needed

For The Ragout-
-Dice the shallots and tomatoes
-Cut the orange and lemon skins into fine slices and blanche in water to remove the bitterness
-Combine shallots, tomatoes, orange and lemon skin, with the olive oil and mix well

For The Sauce-
-Roast the lobster shells in a pan until fragrant
-Add in the chicken stock and reduce until it begins to thicken
-Add a touch of cream and season with salt & pepper
-Strain and keep aside until needed

To Serve-
-Blanche the readymade ravioli in a salted boiling water for about 2 or 3 minutes until cooked
-Add the cooked ravioli into the sauce and braise, until the sauce coats the ravioli
-Divide the ravioli into pasta plates and pour the sauce over
-Drizzle the ragout on top


Voila!  Enjoy this beautiful Chicken and Lobster Ravioli!

Fusion of Flavors: A Culinary Event At Capella Ixtapa

Fusion Of Flavors

There’s always something cooking at Capella Ixtapa!  This March, we are organizing a culinary event: Fusion of Flavors of Guerrero and Michoacan.  Capella Ixtapa’s Chef Alexander Branch and Chef Miguel Baltazar from Hotel Virrey de Mendoza from Morelia, Mexico, will be hosting a three-day gourmet event with cocktails, kitchen demonstrations, Chef’s Table, brunch, and other events.  I am excited already!

Fusion Of Flavors

Hotel Virrey de Mendoza is a very well known and popular place to go to in Morelia.  The area is well known for it’s rich cuisine, and Chef Alexander Branch believes Hotel Virrey de Mendoza is a perfect match for our culinary event.  “By bringing Chef Baltazar’s experience and rich traditional Michoacan cuisine to Capella Ixtapa, combined with the traditional dishes of our own Guerrero region, we will offer our guests a truly memorable experience,” says Chef Alexander.

And what will Chef Alexander be cooking?  “I am focusing on bringing the little-known treasures of Guerrero cuisine to a modern and contemporary light.  I will prepare old world recipes and give them a new twist, trying to make them a true culinary experience, combining the best from the traditional and contemporary cuisine.  A perfect example of this is our signature “Nejo” Tamal, which is a tamal done with corn ash.”  Needless to say, I am intrigued!

Chef Alexander went on to explain “The event is a great opportunity for the guests, Chef Baltazar, myself and both hotels to build a relationship with the common love of good food.  I am very excited and eager to start cooking and learning from what I am certain will be an amazing experience.”

I share his excitement and look forward to all the delights both chefs will prepare for us!  This three-day event, March 1-3, 2013, will be a true culinary experience, exploring the amazing flavors of Mexican cuisine from Guerrero and Morelia.  I hope you can join us!  For more information and reservations, please contact us at  +52.1.755.555.11.00 or send us an email to:

Fusión de Sabores: Un evento culinario en Capella Ixtapa

Fusion Of Flavors

Siempre estamos cocinando nuevas cosas en Capella Ixtapa! Durante Marzo, estamos organizando un evento culinario: Fusión de Sabores de Guerrero y Michoacán. El Chef Alexander Branch de Capella Ixtapa y el Chef Miguel Baltazar del Hotel Virrey de Mendoza de la ciudad de Morelia, México, serán durante tres días los anfitriones de un evento gourmet con demostraciones de cocina, cocteles, Mesas de Chef, brunch, y muchas otras actividades. ¡Estoy emocionada desde ahora!

 Fusion Of Flavors

El Hotel Virrey de Mendoza es uno de los sitios más populares para visitar en Morelia. Michoacán es reconocido por su rica cocina, y el Chef Alexander Branch asegura que el Hotel Virrey de Mendoza, es el socio ideal para nuestro evento culinario. “Al traer la experiencia y rica cocina michoacana del Chef Baltazar a Capella Ixtapa, combinada con nuestros platos tradicionales de Guerrero, podremos ofrecer a nuestros invitados una experiencia memorable,” menciona el Chef Alexander.

¿Y que estará cocinando el Chef Alexander? “Me estoy concentrando en mostrar los secretos menos conocidos de la cocina guerrerense, iluminándolos con un toque moderno y contemporáneo. Prepararé recetas típicas y les daremos un nuevo giro, tratando de hacer de estas una verdadera experiencia culinaria, combinando lo mejor de la cocina tradicional y contemporánea. Un perfecto ejemplo de esto en nuestro característico Tamal “Nejo”, el cual esta cocinado con cenizas de maíz”. Sin necesidad de justificarlo, ¡estoy intrigada!

El Chef Alexander me explicó “El evento es una excelente oportunidad para que huéspedes, el Chef Baltazar, yo mismo, y ambos hoteles formen una relación teniendo como punto de encuentro el amor a la buena comida. Estoy muy emocionado y ansioso por comenzar a cocinar y aprender de una experiencia que estoy seguro será maravillosa.”

Comparto su emoción y espero con ansia ¡todas las delicias que ambos chefs prepararán para nosotros! Este evento de tres días, Marzo 1 al 3, 2013, será una autentica experiencia culinaria, explorando los maravillosos sabores de la cocina mexicana de los estados de Guerrero y Michoacán. ¡Espero que nos acompañen! Para más información y realizar tu reserva, por favor contáctanos al +(755) 555.11.00 o mándanos un correo electrónico a: