A Visit to the Singapore Art Museum

The Singapore Art Museum is housed in the former St Joseph's Institution, originally built in 1867.

Located in the heart of the arts and culture district of Bras Basah, the Singapore Art Museum is the perfect stop for art lovers. Featuring one of the world’s largest collection of contemporary Southeast Asian art, it is easy to get lost inside just admiring and appreciating the art.

Just yesterday, I spent the whole afternoon walking through the halls of the art museum. While visiting the museum, I learned that the building was a former Catholic boys’ school, St Joseph’s Institution. Originally built in 1867 by a Catholic Father and a group of La Salle Brothers, the St Joseph’s Institution in Brash Basah was the educational home to boys here in Singapore for more than 120 years. Wanting to preserve the beautiful 19th century French architecture, the building was gazetted in 1992 as a national monument and after a S$30 million restoration project, was opened in 1996 as the now Singapore Art Museum.

The Singapore Art Museum is housed in the former St Joseph's Institution, originally built in 1867.

The Singapore Art Museum is housed in the former St Joseph’s Institution, originally built in 1867. Photo credit: Lay Leng Low (via Pinterest)

It was wonderful just walking through the hallowed halls learning all about contemporary Southeast Asian art. The art took on various forms, many were interactive mixed-medium art pieces and some were very experimental. I especially enjoyed the very interactive exhibition entitled Sensorium 360 which explores the way we use our senses to interact and understand the world. The exhibition will be on until 22 October 2014 and is worth visiting. I especially enjoyed walking through a completely darkened room surrounding by laser lights, not unlike the laser lights seen in movies like Mission Impossible. That particular installation challenged my perception of space and reality.

While walking through the museum, I imagined myself travelling back in time to the 19th century. As if I was one of the St Joseph Institution students running to class through the beautiful hallways. When restoring the museum, the architects tried to be as faithful as possible to the original architecture as possible. They even tried to replicate the old school hall to its original glory by following blueprints they found. The architects even managed to commission new tiles that matched the old original tiles exactly. No detail was too little to be left out. The courtyard, which were the old school quadrangles where the boys used to have their morning assembly and play basketball, are now spacious courtyards where guests can enjoy coffee or just the peace and tranquility the museum affords.

Two very important additions they had to include are the glass windows to ensure that all 18 galleries have climate controlled temperatures to preserve the artwork and also the reinforced concrete floors necessary to support the heavy art installations.

The Singapore Art Museum is an easy 20-minute drive from Capella Singapore. Entry is free for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents and S$10 for visitors. Our Personal Assistants would be delighted to organise a tour of the Singapore Art Museum for you. They can be reached at +65 6591 5034/35 and pa.singapore@capellahotels.com.

All About Rum at Bob’s Bar

Cuban Fever at Bob's Bar - experience three different rums

I recently learned that Bob’s Bar at Capella Singapore features some of the region’s most rare and unique rums. Wanting to learn more about Bob’s Bar’s exclusive collection of rums, I sat down with Bob’s Bar’s lead bartender Brendon Khoo who shared more about rum.

Brendon Khoo at work creating a delicious cocktail

Brendon Khoo at work creating a delicious cocktail

Can you tell me how rum is produced?

Rum is a spirit that is made from molasses, the by-product of making sugar from sugarcane.

Can you share with me about one of the more exclusive rums that we offer?

One of the rarest rums we offer is the Diplomatico Single Vintage 2000. In the year 2000, the weather conditions were just perfect in Venezuela (high temperatures during the day, cool at night, high humidity and lower than average rainfall) that created the best and sweetest sugarcane harvest in the country’s history. It was during this season that Diplomatico created this single vintage rum which is a limited edition. The harvest was so good that the rum was created from fresh sugarcane “honey” and molasses together and pot-stilled in very old copper pot stills, which produce a rum with distinctive character. After which the rum was aged as a mixture of single malt and bourbon casks, before being finished in Spanish Oloroso Sherry casks. There are not many bottles of this rum available in South East Asia but Bob’s Bar has it!

That’s amazing. What are some of the cocktails you serve that feature rum?

As a Cuban bar we try to serve cocktails that are predominantly rum-based such as Daiquiris and Mojitos which are created using white rum and Rum Old Fashioned made using dark rum.

I would love to learn more about rums. How can I do so?

We recently launched an exciting rum-tasting experience called Cuban Fever where you will be able to try three unique rums – a classic, a distilled and a premium reserve rum.

Taking place daily from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm, the team and I will share the stories and tasting notes for each rum – allowing you to fully appreciate and enjoy each rum for all its glory.

Cuban Fever at Bob's Bar - experience three different rums

Cuban Fever at Bob’s Bar – experience three different rums

If you would like to make a reservation at Bob’s Bar you can contact them at +65 6591 5047 / bobsbar.singapore@capellahotels.com or book online at here.

Discover Auriga Spa’s Sun Worshiper Treatment


Summer is my favorite season of the year. During the summer months, my hair gets lighter, my skin gets darker, the water in the Pacific Ocean gets warmer and life in Cabo gets better.  This summer, I spent most of my time in the sun, between enjoying Don Manuel’s pool and trying some of the summer activities the Capella Pedregal Personal Assistants recommended.  But last weekend was, even for me, too much time in the sun.  I got an awful sunburn and my skin was hurting.  Luckily, Alan Navarrete, Auriga Spa Director, recommended I try the Sun Worshiper treatment at the spa that was specially designed for moments like this.


Normally, any Auriga spa experience starts with relaxation time in the wet areas followed by a foot ritual before going into the treatment room. Since my skin was so delicate, Betty, the therapist, encouraged me to only spend time in the ice room and not the steam room, which was a great recommendation.  From there she started with my foot ritual (using cold water) and I immediately felt better.

The Sun Worshiper treatment started with cold towels on my feet and back that helped to release the tension and the burning.  Next was the hydrating full body mask to nourish my skin and activate the natural collagen in my body.  The mask included mineral-rich organic algae, luscious aloe vera, aloe vera gel (harvested from plants in Capella Pedregal’s own desert grounds) and green tea extracts, rich in antioxidants.


Once my body was completely relaxed, the masseuse Betty gave me a mini facial with Osea’s product, Ocean Lotion, a sun repair and hydrating oil. All Osea natural products specialize in vegan skin care from the sea and are used on the rest of the body. To my surprise, the facial also included a cranial massage. By this time my mind was relaxed and my skin was feeling so much better. I have to say, because of my damaged skin, a typical massage would have hurt too much, but the softness and delicacy of this treatment was just what I needed!
Now you know, next time you spend too much time in the sun at Capella Pedregal’s pools, experience the Sun Worshiper treatment at Auriga spa, trust me, you will feel much better.

Descubre el tratamiento de Auriga spa para Amantes del Sol

Verano de es mi estación favorita del año. Durante los meses de verano, mi cabello se vuelve más claro, mi piel se oscurece, el agua en el océano Pacífico se calienta más y la vida en Cabo se pone mejor. Este verano, me pasé la mayor parte de mi tiempo en el sol, entre disfrutar de la alberca del Don Manuel’s y probar algunas de las actividades de verano los Asistentes Personales de Capella Pedregal recomiendan. Pero el pasado fin de semana fue, incluso para demasiado tiempo bajo el sol. Tuve una quemaduras de sol horribles y mi piel dolía. Por suerte, Alan Navarrete, Director de Auriga Spa me recomendó probar el tratamiento Sun Worshiper en el spa que fue especialmente diseñado para momentos como este.
Normalmente, cualquier experiencia del Auriga spa comienza con un tiempo de relajación en las áreas húmedas, seguido de un ritual de pies antes de entrar en la sala de tratamiento. Ya que mi piel estaba tan delicada, Betty, la terapeuta, me alentó a solamente pasar el tiempo en el cuarto de hielo y no en sauna , fue una gran recomendación. A partir de ahí empezó con mi ritual de pies (con agua fría) y de inmediato me sentí mejor.
El tratamiento Sun Worshiper ( Amante del Sol) comenzó con toallas frías en los pies y la espalda que ayudaron a liberar la tensión y el ardor.. Después fue la máscara hidratante de cuerpo completo para nutrir la piel y activar el colágeno natural de mi cuerpo. La máscara incluye algas ricas en minerales orgánicos, suculento aloe vera , gel de aloe vera (cosechado de plantas en el propio terreno del desierto de Capella Pedregal) y extractos de té verde, rico en antioxidantes.
Una vez que mi cuerpo estuvo completamente relajado, la masajista Betty me dio un mini facial con el producto de Osea, Ocean Lotion, una reparación de sol y aceite hidratante. Todos los productos naturales Osea se especializan en el cuidado vegano de la piel con productos del mar y se utilizan en el en cuerpo. Para mi sorpresa, el facial también incluía un masaje craneal. En ese momento mi mente se relajó y mi piel se sentía mucho mejor. Tengo que decir que, debido a mi piel dañada, un masaje típico me habría lastimado demasiado, pero la suavidad y delicadeza de este tratamiento era justo lo que necesitaba!
Ahora ya sabes, la próxima vez que pases mucho tiempo en el sol en las albercas de Capella Pedregal, prueba el tratamiento Sun Worshiper en el spa , confía en mí, te sentirás mucho mejor.

A Visit to Singapore’s Little India

Inside the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple

I had the chance to visit Singapore’s Little India this weekend. I love how Little India is just bustling with excitement and activity. The vibrantly coloured temples, together with the unmistakeable scent of exotic spices stimulate the senses, are truly an incredible experience.

In order to make the most out of my time in Little India, I set out to accomplish two main things: firstly, to take in the sights, sounds and scents of the district by walking through the famous historical five-foot walkways and secondly, to visit and appreciate one of the local Hindu temples.

I started my journey at Serangoon Road, the main thoroughfare of Little India, taking my time to wander through the little streets.  There are so many meandering walkways and streets that one could venture off into. Along the streets there are many little stalls selling floral garlands. These garlands,  which are used as a form of offering and adornment for the Hindu deities, are truly beautiful – handmade and created with fresh brightly coloured flowers.

Colourful garland stalls can be found all over Little India

Colourful garland stalls can be found all over Little India

I also enjoyed admiring the colourful animated altars that sat prominently on street corners and outside of Hindu-owned shops.

The Hindu god Ganesha is one of the more popular gods that can be seen in little altars around Little India

The Hindu god Ganesha is one of the more popular gods that can be seen in little altars around Little India

After taking my time exploring the effervescent streets of Little India, I decided to spend the next part of my afternoon in one of Singapore’s most famous Hindu temples, the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple. Located along Serangoon Road, Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple is one of the oldest temples in Singapore, built by Indian immigrants who came to work and live here in Singapore in the 1800s. The choice of deity, Sri Veeramakaliamman as the chief deity is also significant.  In the pioneer days, Indian immigrants experienced many hardships and obstacles.  Sri Veeramakaliamman is seen as a goddess who destroys evil and therefore worshiped for her power to help them overcome their struggles and challenges.

Inside the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple

Inside the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple

Visiting the temple was really an eye-opener. Life-like deities filled the temple with dedicated devotees paying homage to them. There was a distinct smell of incense in the air as the priests lit bowls of fire and incense to honour the gods and goddesses.

Little India has since become one of my favourite places to recommend to visitors. Its distinct character so far removed from the skyscrapers that fill the Marina Bay skyline and the air-conditioned malls of Orchard Road. It is a place where time has learnt to stay still, and, hopefully, for many years to come.

Little India is an easy 25-minute drive from Capella Singapore. Our Personal Assistants will be able to assist to organise tours and transport for you. They can be reached at +65 6591 5034/35 / pa.singapore@capellahotels.com.


Capella DC Staycation Tips for the Fall Season

rsz_kayaking_potomac_river copy

Summer vacations may be behind us, but weekends in September and October are one of my favorite times to experience the DC Metro area.  So much, I have decided to plan a staycation here at Capella Washington, D.C. Georgetown!  To do so, I’ve turned to my colleagues and D.C. natives for some of their most favorite activities and inspirations.

DC Staycation Tips:

Michael Katigbak, Capella D.C.’s Director of Sales & Marketing and his wife Courtney have lived in the city for many years, so I could not wait to hear their recommendations:

  • Walk to the Key Bridge Boathouse in Georgetown to rent kayaks for a smooth drift down the Potomac River and down to Roosevelt Island, the best way to see how the river shapes its physical form and influences its wildlife.
  • Head to the Georgetown’s infamous West End Cinema to watch some of the best international films with a beer or a glass of crisp wine (also, the popcorn is a must! It’s rated the best in D.C.!)
  • Check out Union Market, located about 20 minutes from Capella on New York Avenue, but totally worth the trip!  While you’re there, grab a bite to eat, like the lobster rolls and Korean empanadas
  • Relax at Meridian Hill Park on a Sunday afternoon while enjoying a picnic by the well known drum circle, where DCists bring their favorite instrument to entertain passers by

rsz_kayaking_potomac_river copy

Potomac River

Jason, one of Capella D.C.’s wonderful Sales Managers and his seven-year-old son Isaac love family activities.  Some of their favorites include:

  • Saturday afternoons at the National Building Museum, where children and adults can both learn about architecture, design and engineering.  The museum also has specific programs for children with a staff member dedicated to curating these programs.  There are also special exhibits throughout the year.  See them by clicking here
  • The Discovery Theater (part of Smithsonian), for a variety of exhibitions, collections and cultural experiences contained on the National Mall.  This museum is great for children ages 2-16
  • Following a fun day at the museums, check out Chef Geoff’s, where you will find a delicious menu for adults as well as kids just a short walk from the mall’s museums
  • Last but not least, you must stop by Pinstripes in Georgetown for an afternoon of bowling and bocce ball over lunch or dinner right next door to Capella D.C.

rsz_national_building_museum copy

National Building Museum

The opportunities and experiences are endless and I am so grateful to my team for giving me these wonderful suggestions!  With my reservation on the books, I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend.  I also cannot forget to mention how excited I am to swim in the rooftop heated infinity pool and sip a cocktail from the lounge!  You can’t beat the feeling of exclusivity and outstanding views of our Nation’s Capital from the rooftop.

For more personalized recommendations and for information on planning your staycation experience be sure to contact one of our Personal Assistant’s at 202-617-2415 or e-mail pa.dc@capellahotels.com.