Francisco de Zubarán In Düsseldorf

Ich bin vermutlich nicht ganz objektiv, doch Düsseldorf ist wirklich eine wunderbare Stadt. Wir können die Vorzüge eine Großstadt genießen, doch gleichzeitig ist alles zu Fuß zu erreichen. Eines meiner liebsten Hobbies ist es, das kulturelle Angebot meiner Heimatstadt immer wieder neu zu entdecken. Musicals, Theater und die Oper sind immer einen Besuch wert, aber was wirklich außergewöhnlich ist, sind die vielen Angebote im Bereich Kunst. Wir haben die Kunstakademie, mit einer langen Geschichte, an der auch schon bekannte Künstler gelernt und unterrichtet haben. Wir haben das K20, welches Kunst des 20. Jahrhunderts präsentiert und das K21 mit Kunst des 21. Jahrhunderts. Doch wir haben auch das Museum Kunstpalast, welches zur Zeit Werke des Künstlers Francisco de Zubarán präsentiert.


Francisco de Zubarán (1598 – 1664) ist einer der bekanntesten und meist geschätzten Künstler Europas. Besonders bekannt ist er dafür, wie er helle und dunkle Farben miteinander kombiniert, meist anhand von Portraits und Kirchengemälden. Seine Bilder haben einen mystischen Ausdruck, womit er über die Jahrhunderte hinweg Kunstliebhaber in seinen Bann zog und auch heute noch zieht.

Die Ausstellung, welche noch bis zum 31. Januar läuft, hat auch international für Aufsehen gesorgt. Tatsächlich ist Königin Letizia von Spanien persönlich zur Eröffnung der Ausstellung angereist! Aber ihr müsst nicht blaublütig sein, um Zubaráns Werke zu bestaunen. Ich empfehle Euch von der Beziehung zwischen dem Kunstpalast und dem Breidenbacher Hof, a Capella Hotel zu profitieren, indem ihr unseren Persönlichen Assistenten erlaubt eine private Führung durch die Ausstellung zu arrangieren.

Die Persönlichen Assistenten bei uns im Breidenbacher Hof können Euch auch gerne mehr Informationen zu der Francisco de Zubarán Ausstellung geben, oder zu anderen Aktivitäten in Düsseldorf.

Get To Know D.C.’s DMV Area

With over 20 million visitors per year, Washington, D.C. is one of the most popular places to visit in the United States.  From historic monument tours, to museums, to outdoor festivals, there is always something to do and see.  But the fun doesn’t stop at the city’s borders!  With as many sights and tours as within the city, there is lots to discover in the surrounding area as well.

The nickname, DMV, which represents the District, Maryland and Virginia was created to describe the greater Washington Metropolitan area.  The best part about visiting DC is that both Maryland and Virginia are no more than a twenty-minute car ride from Capella Washington, D.C., Georgetown.  And while many visitors stick to the “D” there is lots to do in the “M” and “V” as well.  Below are some of my favorite spots.

The “M” – Maryland

The National Harbor is the perfect destination for you and your whole family.  With over 150 different activities to choose from, there is truly something for every taste.  From Shopping and dining options to the thrilling Capital Wheel, to the over-sized plaza screen, carousel, and gorgeous view, it is easy to spend an entire day here.  After spending the day shopping, paddle-boarding, and exploring, this stunning viewpoint is a fantastic place to take in a sunset to punctuate the end of an eventful day.

The National Harbor

Annapolis, the state capital of Maryland, is also known as a world renowned sailing destination.  If your idea of a great getaway includes being on the waters, Annapolis is the perfect location.  Rich with maritime heritage, and with over hundreds of miles of shoreline, the Chesapeake Bay offers every visitor a sense of serenity as they watch the sailboats cruise on by.  But you aren’t limited to sailing!  Enjoy fishing, water tours, wind-surfing and kite-surfing and much more along these shores.  Another reasion to visit?  Some of the best crab cakes you will ever eat!

The “V” – Virginia

Fairview Lakes located in Reston, Virginia may only be a twenty minute drive from the city, feels like a world away.  An idyllic park, there are activities for all.  From picnic areas to a children’s waterpark to grown up water sports, it is easy to see how one could spend a day enjoying this getaway.  I definitely recommend it for those looking to escape the city for a bit!

Reston VA

 Wolf Trap National Park is currently the only national park dedicated to presenting the performing arts.  Something so special, you have to see it for yourself, Wolf Trap offers multiple amphitheaters that showcase a wide range of performances, including: musicals, dance, jazz, opera, and concerts.  Allow the park rangers to set up backstage guided tours or opt for a hike and explore the park’s natural areas as you can choose from kid-friendly hikes to a bit more advanced.  You’ll be sure to have a day filled with musical muses!

Of course, your Personal Assistant at Capella Washington, D.C., Georgetown is on hand to set up any of these mini day-trips for you. Allow our team to make your stay an unforgettable vacation by personalizing your own unique activities and attractions that are set up around your preferences. Don’t forget to tag your DMV explorations with @CapellaDC so I can share your photos with our community!

Oktoberfest In Dusseldorf

“O’zapft is!”  It is that time of year!

What am I talking about?  Oktoberfest!  And “O’zapft is!”  is traditional opener to the festivities.  This is from the Bavarian dialect and means that the first keg of the season has been tapped.

You have probably heard about the traditional German Oktoberfest at least once, right? Then you might know that Munich is especially famous for this celebration. While the Bavarian festivities remain the largest, other events are cropping up throughout Germany.  And as the jovial mood spreads, I think it only fitting that I share my experience from the inaugural Dusseldorf celebration held just last year.


I’ve been a huge fan of the Oktoberfest for many years and when I heard that the tradition had arrived in my beautiful hometown, I could not believe it. So what did I do? Of course I put on my best Dirndl and jumped into the festivities to see if the Rhenish people could keep up with the Bavarians. And let me tell you: It was definitely a success! I particularly liked the location that was chosen for the Oktoberfest in Dusseldorf. It takes place at the Rhine Promenade, where I also like to spend most of my spare time.

I started my day with a delicious pretzel, Bavarian veal sausage with sweet mustard and, most importantly, a freshly tapped Mass.  A Mass is a huge glass jug, which contains one liter of beer.  It is common to drink these throughout the Oktoberfest celebrations, beginning with breakfast and continuing throughout the day.  There is even a traditional song that encourages drinkers to clink their Mass with those around them.  It seems the song is played just about every five minutes, so it is important to have a Mass in hand!

Another fun aspect is seeing everyone dressed in traditional clothes.  The men wear leather trousers known as Lederhosen, a plaid shirt and sometimes also those cute hats with feathers on top. The women wear my personal favorite, the Dirndl. The Dirndl consists of a blouse, with a dress consisting of a corset top and full skirt topped with an apron. You can find it in every color and pattern. The Dirndl is a figure hugging dress that seems to make every woman look her best! The women top of the look with braids in every style.

But the Dirndl does more than set the tone of the event- it can also communicate the relationship status of the wearer.  If you wear the apron knot on the left side, it means you are single, on the right it means you are in a relationship.  Knots on the back suggest you are widowed (unless you are working as a waitress!) and in the front the knot means you are married.  Who would have guessed an apron could say so much?!

You are now perfectly prepped for a visit to Dusseldorf’s Oktoberfest.  This year celebrations started on September 19th and goes for about two weeks. So be sure to make your plans today!  Your Breidenbacher Hof Personal Assistant will help you make it the perfect vacation.


Oktoberfest In Düsseldorf

„O´zapft is!“ Es ist wieder soweit!

Wovon ich spreche? Vom Oktoberfest!  Und „O´zapft is!“ ist der traditionelle Eröffnungsspruch für die Wiesn.  Gemeint ist der spannenste Moment, nämlich dann, wenn das erste Bierfass angeschlagen wird.

Ihr kennt mit Sicherheit das traditionelle Oktoberfest oder?  Dann wisst ihr auch, dass München der Ursprung dieses Festes ist.  Doch wenn das Münchner Oktoberfest mit seinen zahlreichen Zelten und Fahrgeschäften das wohl größte seiner Art ist, ist München schon lange nicht mehrder einzige Austragungsort für die bayerischen Festlichkeiten.  Und da auch dieser Trend nicht spurlos an Düsseldorf vorbeizieht, erzähle ich Euch gerne von meinen Erlebnissen im letzten Jahr.

rsz_dsc_5497Ich bin schon lange ein großer Fan des Oktoberfestes und konnte es gar nicht glauben, dass es in meiner schönen Heimatstadt auch endlich eins gibt.  Also was habe ich gemacht?  Natürlich das Dirndl angezogen und mal geschaut, ob das rheinische mit dem bayerischen Fest mithalten kann. Ich kann Euch sagen: Das kann es!  Vor allem gefällt mir der Ort, der für unser Oktoberfest ausgewählt wurde.  Es findet an der Rheinpromenade statt, dort wo ich meine Freizeit am liebsten verbringe.

Gestartet habe ich mit einer leckeren Brezel, Weißwurst und süßem Senf – und nicht zu vergessen dazu eine frisch gezapfte Mass.  Schon zum Frühstück wird eine Mass serviert und ist ein wesentlicher Bestandteil des gesamten Festes.  Alle 5 Minuten wird ein bestimmtes traditionelles Lied gespielt, zu dem Ihr mit Euren Sitznachbarn anstoßen und einen Schluck trinken müsst.   Deshalb sollte die eigene Mass auch immer griffbereit sein!

Was zudem besonders schön anzusehen ist, sind die Trachten.  Die Männer tragen Lederhosen, dazu meist karrierte Hemden und manchmal sogar diese niedlichen Hüte mit Federn.  Die Frauen tragen mein persönliches Lieblingsoutfit, das Dirndl.  Ein Dirndl besteht aus einer Bluse, einem Kleid und zuletzt der Schürze.  Mittlerweile gibt es die Trachten in allen Farben und Mustern, die das Herz begehren.  Ich verspreche Euch, ein Dirndl schmeichelt wirklich jeder Frau!  Meist tragen die Damen auch geflochtenes Haar – einfach schick.

Um der Männerwelt das richtige Signal zu senden, gibt es außerdem ein geheimes Zeichen.  Wenn die Frauen unter Euch den Knoten ihrer Schürze auf der linken Seite tragen, bedeutet dies, dass ihr Single seid.  Tragt ihr den Knoten zur rechten Seite, weiß jeder, dass ihr in einer Beziehung seid.  Ein Knoten am Rücken bedeutet, dass ihr verwitwet (oder die Kellnerin!) und ist der Knoten vorne, seid ihr offenbar verheiratet.  Wer hätte gedacht, dass ein Knoten so viel über eine Person aussagen kann?!

Ich denke, ihr seid nun perfekt vorbereitet, um unser Oktoberfest zu besuchen.  Dieses Jahr hat das rheinische Fest am 19. September begonnen und geht über zwei Wochen.  Also fangt besser jetzt an zu planen!  Euren Persönlichen Assistenten im Breidenbacher Hof unterstützen Euch bei der Erstellung eines perfekten Programms.


Discover the Capella Washington, D.C. Farmers Market In Georgetown

I am beyond thrilled to share with all of you Capella Washington, D.C., Georgetown’s newest experience – our very own Farmers Market!  Being an advocate of local farmers and promoting farm-fresh, locally sourced, and seasonal produce, I am extremely proud that we are able to launch this True Capella experience for everyone in D.C.!


With The Grill Room’s renowned Executive Chef, Frank Ruta has partnered with Northern Neck Farms of Northern Virginia to create this Farmers Market in Georgetown.  Our mission is to educate the local community about fresh food, environmental issues, and provide opportunities for local farmers. The hope is to build a platform that will help promote a healthy lifestyle for all, while also providing tantalizing products.

David Blair, owner of Northern Neck Farms, shares, “We enjoy experiencing the fresh produce that we bring to all our restaurants we serve, especially The Grill Room. Being part of the Farmers Market at Capella is beyond anything we expected and we look forward to engaging with everyone in the heart of Georgetown.”


The Farmers Market at Capella will run from 9am – 1pm on the2nd and 4th Saturday of each month through the end of October.  Guests and locals can expect to see fresh blackberries, eggplant, cucumbers, seasonal tomatoes, and so much more!  You will find the Farmers Market next to the hotel, along the historic C&O Canal.  Come spend your Saturday morning with Capella Washington, D.C., Georgetown and enjoy the local food movement.



 The Farmers Market at Capella D.C. will continue to be held on the following Saturdays:

  • September 19, 2015
  • October 3, 2015
  • October 17, 2015
  • October 31, 2015

cfm 5

cfm 4

If you haven’t had a chance to visit, e sure to mark your calendar for the remaining dates of the season.  I am looking forward to the community coming together to share their photos and recipes with everyone.  Don’t forget to tag @CapellaDC so that I can share your Farmers Market fun with the rest of the community!

Get Fit For Summer At Breidenbacher Hof

Summer is always a great time to focus on creating a fitness routine.  After all, instead of sitting bundled up in our homes, everyone is outside enjoying the sun!  If you haven’t found a program yet, don’t worry, there is still time.  Here at Breidenbacher Hof, A Capella Hotel, we have established a relationship with Daniel Philipp-Personal Training company that provides personal training services to guests looking to stay fit while on the road.

I have had the pleasure of working out with trainer, Alexander Rauhof, who has definitely helped me keep my summer fitness goals on track.  And today you are in luck!  Alexander has agreed to share some fitness secrets with you.  These will help you address your full-body with specific attention to the core, upper body and lower body.  Let’s do this! Time to get fit for summer!


rsz_dsc_0270_bearbeitet #Lunge
Lunge forward with your right leg.  Land on your heel, then your forefoot.  Lower your body by flexing your knee and hip on your front leg until the knee of your rear leg is almost in contact with the floor. Then return to the original standing position.  Repeat this exercise with your left leg afterwards.  Do 10 repetitions on each side to reach best training results.


rsz_dsc_0283_bearbeitet#Shoulder bridge
Lie on your back in neutral spine, with you knees bent and feet on the floor.  Your legs should be hip distance apart and your arms extended along your sides.  Press your arms and feet down on the mat to lengthen your spine, then push your hips up.  You have reached the perfect bridge position when your weight lies on shoulders with your knees, hips and shoulders in line.  Your abs and hamstrings should be engaged.  You are perfectly executing this exercise the moment you feel the tension within your entire body.
Pause at the top of the bridge to challenge yourself.  It gets even more intense lifting one leg off the mat.  Try the same for the other leg and repeat the whole process 10 times on each side.

Make sure your hands are directly beneath your shoulders with the rest of your body extended out in a line.  The tops of your feet can either be flat on the floor or you can curl your toes if you prefer.  Your shoulders should be located directly above your hands,  your heels pushing back in plank pose resembling a high push up position.  Hold that position for 50 seconds.

Alexander recommends that you repeat every exercise 10 times a day.  You can expect to start seeing results in just a few weeks.  Remember, the next time you are at the Breidenbacher Hof, our Personal Assistants would love to book you a professional fitness lesson, so you can take your fitness level one step further.