Top Activities For Families In Cabo

Turtle release in Los Cabos, Mexico

It’s officially summertime in Cabo, the most popular time of the year for kids of all ages because they are OUT of school for the summer.  Families have already started to arrive in Cabo and the town is ready for them.  Capella Pedregal’s Personal Assistants shared with me their top recommendations for activities for families in Cabo. The choices are endless and there is something for everyone.


Of course most people prefer water activities, when the heat goes up what a better way to cool down than with one of the newest trends in adventure sport, Flyboard!  This is a fun activity for the entire family where you will blast out of the water and float above it up to 40 feet in the air.

Another fun activity for the family is “Swimming with the Dolphins” where you have the chance to swim and learn from the beautiful bottlenose dolphins.  For animal lovers, Cabo Adventures has the Trainer for a Day” program, where you can spend the day working closer with the dolphin trainers.


I love adventure activities so I have to recommend trying the outdoor ZipLine Adventure.  It takes place at “Boca de la Sierra” a UNESCO protected biosphere where you can practice climbing, rappelling, walking on suspended bridges and zip lining over the desert on Mexico’s longest and fastest zip line!  With speeds up to 60 mph (100 kph) and a length of over 1,200 meters (more than 4,000 feet), this is an experience you do not want to miss!! 


However, my favorite summer activity is the arrival of the Sea Turtles that come to the Capella beach to lay their eggs.  When it comes time to hatch, guests have the opportunity to help the release the baby turtles into the ocean! The peninsula of Baja California is home to five of the seven species of the world’s sea turtles.  These are the Hawksbill (Tortuga Carey), Loggerhead (Tortuga Caguama, Amarilla o Cabezona), Leatherback (Tortuga Laúd), Green Turtle (also Black Turtle, Tortuga Prieta, Negra o Verde) and most common of all the species of sea turtle, Olive Ridley (Tortuga Golfina).  Turtle releasing is a wonderful, unique experience that will stay in your memory forever!
Turtle release in Los Cabos, MexicoLos Cabos has endless fun activities for this summer! Don’t forget to ask your personal assistant to help you find the perfect activity for you and/or your family during you time in Paradise!