The Framing of The Cologne Dome

As you have read in previous blog stories, at Breidenbacher Hof, as well all Capella Hotels, we have a very special and truly unique service – our personal assistants.  Before guests arrive, the personal assistants call them in advance to discuss any special requirements or wishes to be taken care of during their stay.

One our personal assistants, Malte, was having a pre-call with a guest who was just preparing for his first stay at Breidenbacher Hof and in fact his first visit to Düsseldorf and the greater Area.  As he was very interested in cultural sights, especially churches, he asked if he could see the Cologne Dome from his room. Malte explained that unfortunately Düsseldorf and Cologne are about 40 kilometers away from one another.

Malte then offered to arrange for a specially guided tour during the guest’s stay.  The guest thankfully agreed.  After the call Malte was still touched by the disappointment and thought about a way to surprise the guest.

Finding a beautiful photo of the dome, Malte printed the image and framed it nicely.  On the day of the guest’s arrival he placed the picture frame on the nightstand with a little note saying “Now you can see the dome any time you wish.”

Upon finding the photo, the guest immediately rushed to see Malte.  Filled with gratitude, the guest thanked him exclaiming, “Thank you for turning a stay at a luxury hotel into an exceptional experience!”