Discover German Spirits @ Capella Bar: Smoked Wood Cocktail

Smoked Wood Cocktail

In Germany the weather is cooling.  Autumn has just arrived.  I love this season and can’t wait to get out my wooly hats and to start wearing scarves.  I also know it is fall when I start to crave soul warming beverages.  Philipp, one of Breidenbacher Hof’s amazing bartenders, recommended a new cocktail that he promised would do the trick.  This cocktail is part of our new promotion “Discover German Spirits @ Capella Bar,” in which cocktails represented of Germany have been created.  The cocktail I tried is called “Smoked Wood” and is inspired by the Black Forest.  It really does remind me of the Black Forest and left me with a warm and cozy feeling.  I decided it was the perfect introduction to the season and had to share the recipe with you.

Smoked Wood Cocktail

Smoked Wood

3cl Monkey 47 Gin
1cl Arderg 10
2BL Plum liqueur
2cl Roses Lime Juice
4 Drops of chocolate Bitters

The preparation is simple.  Just add the ingredients to a pint glass and stir.  Taste for flavor balance and once satisfied, transfer to the serving glass of your choice. Easy!

The Monkey 47 Gin has a very unique flavor profile and even tastes a bit like fir needles.  At the Capella Bar the cocktail is paired with a bacon canapé— together you truly feel transported to the Black Forest!   If you are in Dusseldorf I definitely recommend stopping in to try the combination.  In fact, follow @CapellaBBH on Twitter for a chance to win a complimentary cocktail as part of the #CapellaBarMonday promotion!

Coconut Cocktails At Capella Ixtapa

Coconut Cocktails

Mexico is among top producers of coconut in the world, and I am grateful Ixtapa is rich with them! The abundance of coconuts means our chefs and bar staff are always finding creative ways to incorporate them.

While I love all the amazing meals and desserts our Executive Chef Alexander Branch and Pastry Chef Marcelo Vega Rios prepare throughout the coconut season, I cannot live without refreshing coconut water. It helps keep me hydrated during hot summer days, and you can enjoy them as a refreshing cocktail as well.

Coconut Cocktails

Paloma likes to prepare coconut cocktails for our guests and her favorite is the Coco Loco. I got the recipe for those of you who share my love of coconuts and have to try it for yourself!

Coco Loco
0.5 Oz. Matusalem Rum
0.5 Oz. Absolut Vodka
0.5 Oz. Tanqueray Gin
0.5 Oz. Don Julio ReposadoTequila 1.0 Oz. Lime Juice
0.5 Oz. Simple Syrup
6 Leaves Fresh Peppermint
1 Cup Ice Cubes

Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker, and shake vigorously. For a fun presentation, remove the top of a coconut and pour the Coco Loco in. Remember to serve your coconut cocktails with a straw!

Especial de Primavera en Capella Ixtapa: Cocos

Coconut Cocktails

México es uno de los principales productores de Coco en el mundo, y estoy agradecida de que Ixtapa tenga tantos! La abundancia de cocos hace que nuestros chefs estén siempre buscando nuevas y creativas formas de incorporarlos a nuestros platillos.

Me encantan los platillos y postres que tanto nuestro Chef Ejecutivo Alexand Branch como nuestro chef reposto Marcelo Vega Rios están preparando para esta temporada de coco, y he de decir que tampoco puedo vivir sin la refrescante agua de coco. La cual ayuda a mantenerme hidratada durante el cálido verano, y disfrutarla en deliciosos coctéles también.

Coconut Cocktails

Paloma gusta de preparar deliciosos cocteles para nuestros invitados, y su favorito es el Coco Loco. Conseguí a receta para aquellos que no pueden esperar a probarlo!

Coco Loco
0.5 Oz. Ron Matusalen
0.5 Oz. Vodka Absolut Azul
0.5 Oz. Ginebra Tanqueray
0.5 Oz. Tequila Don Julio Reposado
1.0 Oz. Jugo de limón
0.5 Oz. Jarabe dulce simple
6 Hojas frescas de hierbabuena
1 taza de hielo en cubos

Combinar los ingredientes en una coctelera, y agitar vigorosamente.
Para una presentación divertida, remueve la parte superior de un coco, y sirve el Coco Loco en el. Recuerda acompañarlo de un popote!

The Older Fashioned Cocktail At The Rye Bar

The Rye Bar

Are you a fan of Rye Whiskey cocktails?  I have a confession:  I wasn’t always.  But that has all changed!  Capella Washington, D.C., Georgetown’s The Rye Bar has helped to change my opinion by introducing me to a series of specialty rye cocktails, each prepared with one of their featured Rye Whiskey’s and each with its own flavor profile.

The Rye Bar

The Older Fashioned Cocktail recipe features a striking and smooth Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey, which has a slightly spicy, yet lighter rye flavor and a long luxurious finish.  This sophisticated Rye combined with the dense and velvety Pedro Hidalgo is truly an explosion of flavor.   The Pedro has hints of raisins, figs and honey which work perfectly with the addition of muddled Luxardo Cherries and oranges.  I was surprised by the complexity of flavors and really enjoyed the sophistication of the drink.

I decided to let you in on the secret of this cocktail.  In fact, I joined forces with staff from The Rye Bar to create a video tutorial with all the steps needed to create the Older Fashioned Cocktail.  Let me know what you think on Twitter!  Tweet me @CapellaDC #TheRyeBar.

1 shot Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey
½ ounce Lustau Pedro Ximenez
2 Luxardo Cherries
2 Oranges Slices

Signature Cocktails At The Rye Bar

The Rye Bar

If you haven’t heard by now Capella Washington DC, Georgetown’s, The Rye Bar will feature a unique and special selection of cocktails, featuring the finest Rye Whiskey available.  Food & Beverage Manager Will Rentschler devised the plan to create our own barrel aged Rye Whiskey cocktail on the menu.  After some fun tastings and a few meetings, the recipe was finalized and plans were made to meet the distributor at his facility to mix and barrel the cocktail.

We began with an American Oak Barrel and then added the ingredients: Dad’s Hat Rye Whiskey, Dolin Vermouth and Byrhh quinquina (the term for sweetened fortified aperitif wines containing quinine and spices).  The barrel was then sealed  with a soft oak cork and gently mixed together by rolling the barrel  slightly back and forth a few times.

The Rye Bar

This process was so exciting that I was fascinated to learn more.  Hicham from LeDroit Brands, LLC explained to me that the inside of the barrel is charred, which is where the Rye will pick up colors and flavors of caramel, toffee, vanilla and wood.  He further explained that the barrel aging will remove some of the sweetness from the Vermouth and mellow the flavor of the rye whiskey.

If you are a Whiskey lover, I know you will enjoy this sophisticated cocktail that is the perfect balance of spice, fruit and sweet.  I know that I am looking forward to enjoying one when The Rye Bar opens!

Sailing Pearanhas At The Capella Bar

Capella Bar

Yesterday I met up with a couple of friends at Breidenbacher Hof’s Capella Bar to enjoy a night of cocktails.  I am not sure if you are already familiar with the Capella Bar, but the atmosphere and design of this bar is extraordinary.  Bar Manager Ewald J. Stromer and his team are known for their very special cocktail creations.  Between the décor and the menu it is one of my favorite places.

The night was full of laughter and storytelling.  And we made a point of trying several of the bar’s signature cocktails.  At the end I took a vote and we decided our favorite was the Sailing Pearanhas, which is mainly composed of rum, ginger wine and pears.

Best part?  I was able to procure the recipe to share with you!

Sailing Pearanhas

4 cl Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum
2 cl Stones Ginger Wine
1 cl Fresh lime
4 cl Pear mash
1 Dash Peychauds Bitter
2 Pinch Diabolo Zuckermischung
2 Big basil leaves

Muddle the basil in the shaker and shake all ingredients together with the ice. Then take a martini glass and decorate it with 1/8 of a pear covered in Diabolo sugar.

I hope you enjoy!