Amazing Child-Friendly Activities in Singapore

Many parents today think of travel as a natural extension of the classroom – and for good reason.  A well-planned trip will not only help you bond with your little ones, but also expand their horizons.  Fortunately, there is lots to do in Singapore that is enjoyable not only for the adults, but for the children as well.  Together with the Capella Singapore Personal Assistants, I’ve compiled some of the top child-friendly activities in Singapore to help you plan your next visit.

Embark On A Wild And Wet Adventure

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Shark Encounter at Adventure Cove Waterpark. Picture via

Home to Asia’s first hydro-magnetic coaster, as well as endless waterslides and tubes, the Adventure Cove Waterpark is sure to expend some of your little champion’s boundless energy.

Beyond adrenaline-pumping rides, this theme park also features a colourful coral reef with more than 20,000 tropical fish.  Inquisitive kids will love watching deadly marine predators such as hammerhead, silvertip and sandbar sharks from the safety of a customised acrylic enclosure underwater.  They may also feed and interact with the waterpark’s 65 gorgeous giant manta rays.

Discover The Company of Cats

The Company Of Cats

The Company Of Cats

What better way to teach your little ones love and respect for all living creatures than an afternoon in The Company of Cats?  Located in Chinatown, this lovely little café feels a bit like visiting a friends home.  A friend with several feline companions!  The cats are apt to snuggle up to guests or lounge about as you enjoy your meal.

Amazingly, these cats, who now play hosts of the café, were once strays or abandoned.  These rescued cats now occupy a place of pride at the café as ‘Meowketing Directors’ and ‘Purrblic Relations Meownagers.’  Check out their spectacular feline cast on Instagram at @thecompanyofcats.  Do note that young guests must be at least seven years of age, and supervised by an adult at all times.

Let Your Imagination Take Flight

Lory Loft At Jurong Bird Park

Lory Loft At Jurong Bird Park

Entering the Jurong Bird Park is like discovering a lost world, with more than 5,000 exotic feathered creatures free-flying in some of the largest aviaries in the world.

Observe the ostrich and cassowary in naturalistic environments during their daily feedings, or witness a lory feeding frenzy as you tread across suspended bridges with a cup of nectar mix in hand.  Lunch with parrots and dine with penguins as you re-live your childhood fantasies with your little explorer.

Groom The Next Junior Master Chef

Super Chef Camp At Camp Asia

Super Chef Camp At Camp Asia

If your little one is a natural-born foodie, why not enrol him for a Super Chef Camp?  Helmed by seasoned Head Chef Tim Ong and Celebrity Chef Emmanuel Stroobant, this camp will have your little champ out-cooking you in no time.  From desserts to pizzas and tapas, this five-day cooking camp will hone their taste buds and jumpstart their lifelong gourmet adventures.

Watch Blockbusters Come To Life

Universal Studio Singapore - picture via

Universal Studio Singapore – picture via

As a self-professed movie buff, Universal Studios Singapore has a special place on my weekend hit list.  It transforms movie magic into thrilling rides and themed attractions.  Beloved cartoon characters such as the Minions and Woody The Woodpecker spring to life. And crowd-pleasers such as Shrek get an update as a short 4D-film, complete with air blasts, water sprays and other special effects.

Enjoy Gravity-Defying Acrobatic Acts

Cirque Du Soleil TOTEM

Cirque Du Soleil TOTEM

Circus meets theatre as acclaimed Canadian theatre artist Robert Lapage is roped in as writer and director of the latest Cirque du Soleil production, TOTEM.  Following the evolution of man from his amphibian state to his ultimate desire to soar, these stunning acrobatic acts, elaborate costumes and breathtaking digital effects are equally fascinating to both the young and the young-at-heart.

For more ideas, speak to your personal assistant at Capella Singapore.  

Cirque du Soleil inspires Düsseldorf

Did you enjoy going to the circus when you were a child?

I was always amazed by the shows and even today I am fascinated by the world of acrobats and actors, clowns and artists.

After all, who does not like to escape the daily life and be enchanted by a show offering performances like the Cirque du Soleil?  The Canadian attraction is staying in Düsseldorf until November 18, 2012 showing their visionary program, Corteo.

Cirque du Soleil does an amazing job of weaving the acts into a true story.  Corteo means parade and tells the story of a clown sharing his joyful fantasies of a magic world between heaven and earth. In total, 62 artists from 20 different countries are involved in this spectacle!

Due to its great popularity the show has already been presented in more than 40 cities.  I was fortunate enough to have already seen it and I can agree with all of the positive feedback: beautiful costumes in all imaginable colors, breathtaking acrobatic acts and cheerful clowns.  For me it was like traveling back in time to my childhood.  And I am not alone!  Throughout the city everyone is talking about the breathtaking experience.

I just can’t say enough of about this circus!  It is truly an experience I will cherish.  If you have the chance to see Cirque du Soleil in Düsseldorf do not miss out!  Your Breidenbacher Hof Personal Assistant will happily help you plan your evening.  But even If you are unable to catch it during your visit, by all means, make sure to see it along one of its other stops.


Image info:
Title: The Dead Clown
Photo: Marie-Reine Mattera ©Cirque du Soleil, Inc. 2005
Costume Design: Dominique Lemieux