Eating Well: Healthy Tips For Summer Travel

Longer days, children buzzing about outdoors, and warmer weather can only mean one thing – summer has finally arrived!  My family summer vacations always included fun road-trips, action-packed plans, and a ton of laughter while creating memories that I continue to cherish until today.

Often a key component of our traveling was the dining.  My parents always attempted to find a balance between summer indulgence and making sure we stayed healthy and well nourished.  Today, this is still a priority for me, as I love to take part in local flavors, but not at the expense of taking care of my body.  Taking this into consideration, I thought it the perfect opportunity to sit down with the Capella Washington, D.C., Georgetown culinary team to find out what they recommend for maintaining a healthy, but enjoyable, lifestyle during summer travel.

Healthy Tips For Summer Travel:

Chef Frank Ruta - DC

“Always ask the locals and those around you, even your waiters while dining out what the healthiest options are on the menu or local spots to try.  Insider tips are always helpful and they know what they’re talking about!”   ~Executive Chef, Frank Ruta

Chef Aggie - Pastry Chef DC

“Remember it’s a vacation!  It’s a time to enjoy everything that’s going on with the activities and with your family and friends surrounding you. Enjoy the food and desserts and have a great time.” ~Pastry Chef, Aggie Chin

Steven Fowler - Director of Food & Beverage DC

 “Sitting in a cramped position for long periods, whether in an airplane, car, or bus, can lead to an increased risk of potentially health related issues.  To minimize risk, drink plenty of water and stay active to allow the blood to flow.  Always carry around with you bottles of water and try to drink plenty of fluids to prevent from becoming dehydrated.” ~Food & Beverage Director, Steve Fowler

Kelly S - Catering Sales Manager DC

“The first thing I do when I travel is to search for the local markets and grocery stores to stock up on fresh veggies, fruits, and snacks.  Sourcing our breakfast meals from fresh local markets was a great way to save some extra cash and getting in touch with how the community in that particular destination lived.  You can ask for a complimentary mini-fridge to be sent to your hotel room to store these items as well.” ~Catering Sales Manager, Kelly Schneider

I hope these tips will come in handy for healthy and delicious summer of traveling!  Please tag @CapellaDC on social media and share your own healthy/delicious summer traveling tips so that I can share them with our community.  Have a great summer!

Halloween At Capella Singapore

Halloween is typically an American holiday trandition.  Also known as All Hallows’ Eve, it is a yearly celebration observed on the 31st October on the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows.  Recently however, Singapore has embraced the day with open arms.  Halloween at Capella Singapore has also begun to take off.  After all, who doesn’t like to dress up!

This year, a number of tourist attractions througout Singapore transformed into haunted destinations, perfect for the ghoulish at heart.  Universal Studios Singapore presented Halloween Horror Nights 2.  Spooktacular, hosted by Sentosa Island, resurrected history by converting Images of Singapore museum into a haunted house plagued with ghastly delights and iconic Asian ghosts.  And the Singapore Flyer, which presented FrightFest 2012, created a route where guests had to wander through The Undead Forest populated by scary characters inspired by popular horror movies.

We also celebrated Halloween at Capella Singapore by creating a special experience for the children staying on property.  The event was so much fun, that I had to share some of the highlights with you.

The tour began with a bit of trick-or-treating throughout The Club community.  Children were escorted by member of the staff who had dressed as iconic Halloween characters, including vampires, pirates, ghost and witches.  Many of our residents, who were excited to partake, also dressed up in costume.  The children squealed with delight as their baskets were filled with a variety of different sweets and candies.

From there we moved onto the haunted house.  Illuminated by candlelight, The Club lounge exuded an eerie vibe, creating the perfect Halloween setting.  A collection of Styrofoam eyeballs, wounded hands, fake spider webs and tombstones splashed with fake blood contributed to an even spookier  atmosphere for all to enjoy. There were even traditional jack-o’-lanterns, which members of the staff had voluntarily carved.

It was great to be apart of an event that really brought our community together.  I look forward to Halloween at Capella Singapore next year and what we will come up with!