Jacques Backhaus Joins The Team At Brasserie 1806

Jacques WP

It give me great pleasure to introduce the newest member of the Breidenbacher Hof family!  Jacques Backhaus joins the team at Brasserie 1806 as the restaurant manager.  I am always excited to get to know our new colleagues, and fortunately the Capella Blog provides the perfect cover to ask all my questions!

You are the Restaurant Manager at our “Brasserie 1806”, what are your daily tasks?

Of course, one main task is the organization of the entire restaurant.  Furthermore, I am the host of the restaurant, which includes serving my guests at all times.  This means everything from recommending the best wines to addressing any questions a guest may have.  Training our staff is also a very important task.

Jacques Backhaus join the team at Brasserie 1806

What do you like most about your job?

What I like most is the contact to the guests! Anticipating the wishes and needs and just being there for my guests at all times – that’s what I love about my job!


Where do you come from originally and how did you come to Germany and Düsseldorf particularly?

I was born and raised in France, right between Versailles and Paris. Eighteen years ago, after numerous jobs in Paris, I had the wish to do something new and totally different and to learn German. I came to Germany and originally planned on staying for only one year.  But due to very good job opportunities, I ended up staying.  What brought me to Düsseldorf in particular, was my self-employment in the wine trade.  Here, I finally re-discovered my passion for the gastronomy – that’s why I am here now!


Do you miss France sometimes?

Not really, because I “live” France, right where I am.


What do you like about the Breidenbacher Hof, a Capella Hotel and why did you choose to work at Capella Hotels and Resorts?

I especially like the philosophy, the heart felt kindness, the great hospitality and that we really do everything it takes to make our guests happy. Here, the saying “the customer is king” is lived every day!

Jacques Backhaus: Restaurant Manager Brasserie 1806

Jacques WP

Ich freue mich sehr, Euch das neueste Mitglied unserer Breidenbacher Hof-Familie vorstellen zu dürfen.  Wir konnten Jacques Backhaus als Restaurant Manager für das Team unserer Brasserie 1806 gewinnen.  Ich freue mich immer, unsere neuen Kollegen kennenzulernen und glücklicherweise bietet der Capella Blog die perfekte Gelegenheit, um all meine Fragen zu stellen.

Sie sind „Restaurant Manager“, was sind dabei Ihre täglichen Aufgaben?

Eine Hauptaufgabe ist natürlich die Organisation des gesamten Restaurants.  Außerdem bin ich als Gastgeber immer für die Gäste da.  Das beinhaltet so vieles, von der Empfehlung passender Weine bis hin zum Beantworten aller Fragen, die bei den Gästen aufkommen.  Aber auch die Fortbildung der Mitarbeiter ist eine sehr wichtige Aufgabe.

Jacques WP

Was lieben Sie an Ihrem Beruf am meisten?

Am meisten gefällt mir der Kontakt zum Gast!  Alle Wünsche und Bedürfnisse des Gastes direkt an seinen Augen abzulesen und einfach nur für meine Gäste da zu sein – das ist das Beste an meinem Beruf!


Wo kommen Sie ursprünglich her und wie kamen Sie nach Deutschland bzw. Düsseldorf?

Geboren und aufgewachsen bin ich in Frankreich, zwischen Versailles und Paris.  Vor achtzehn Jahren hatte ich dann, nach zahlreichen Stellen in Paris, den Wunsch auf etwas Neues und ganz anderes und wollte außerdem die deutsche Sprache kennenlernen.  Ich kam nach Deutschland und hatte ursprünglich geplant, nur 1 Jahr in Deutschland zu bleiben.  Doch aufgrund sehr guter Stellenangebote bin ich bis heute in Deutschland geblieben.  Nach Düsseldorf kam ich dann durch meine Selbstständigkeit im Weinhandel und letzten Endes habe ich hier auch meine Leidenschaft für die Gastronomie wiederentdeckt – deshalb bin ich nun hier!


Vermissen Sie Frankreich von Zeit zu Zeit?

Nicht wirklich, denn ich “lebe” Frankreich, egal wo ich bin.


Was gefällt Ihnen am Breidenbacher Hof und warum fiel Ihre Wahl auf Capella Hotels and Resorts?

Mir gefällt die Philosophie, die Art der Freundlichkeit, die große Gastfreundschaft und dass wirklich alles für den Gast getan wird.  Hier wird der Ausdruck „Der Kunde ist König“ wirklich ausgelebt!

Get To Know Auriga Spa Director, Alan Navarrete




All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” – Walt Disney.

And that is exactly what Alan did! Alan was a part of the Auriga spa opening team in 2009 and now the spa welcomes Alan back as the new Spa Director.  As soon as I heard Alan was named the new Auriga Spa Director I couldn’t wait to talk to him about his plans, his goals and what’s to come at the spa.

Alan, welcome back to Auriga spa! Tell us, where did you go after you left the spa in 2010?
Thank you! It’s wonderful to be back. When I was here as the Assistant Spa Director and part of the opening team, I worked closely with Sylvia Sepielli, the visionary behind the Auriga spa concept. After spending time with her, I knew I wanted to be the Spa Director someday. I also knew to achieve this goal I needed to learn more about the world of spa and gain some valuable experience. So I traveled around the world as Spa Director for Canyon Ranch Spa Club on-board Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas. I learned different technics and treatments in many countries in different regions of the world. After three years of traveling and learning, I felt I was ready to come back to my country and pursue my dream at Capella Pedregal.

You literally have seen the world seeking knowledge to follow your dream. I find it interesting you joined the Personal Assistant team while waiting for your dream job. Tell us about this experience.

Yes, it was very important to me to be a part of the Capella team and the Personal Assistant role was a perfect position for me to perfect my customer service skills and build relationships with our guests. The Personal Assistants here are a professional group of individuals and have true passion to service the guest. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with them for a year.


It’s like you planned everything perfectly and you were ready when the opportunity presented itself.

Yes, I knew I was ready! As we say in the spa world, the stars were aligned and it must have been the right phase of the moon when my dream finally came true. It is a true honor to be appointed to this very prestigious position.

And now, what are your plans for Auriga?

My plan is to build on the foundation that has already been set which earned the spa the recognition as the “World’s Best Spa”.  The plan for Auriga has always been to transcend into our guest’s lives and incorporate spa and wellness into the overall experience. I will work with the team to incorporate our land and take advantage of our unique location to provide amazing Baja inspired treatments and memorable guest experiences. Great things are to come. I will keep you posted!


Get To Know Chef Victor Garrido of Capella Marigot Bay

Victor.Marina.Bridge 2

Recently I had the chance to sit down with Capella Marigot Bay’s Executive Chef, Victor Garrido.  Get all the mouthwatering details from our chat below!

Hello Chef Victor and welcome to Capella Marigot Bay!  Tell me and the Capella Blog readers a bit about yourself.
Hello!  I am Victor Garrido, I began cooking at a young age.  As a kid growing up in Mexico, I would always be in the kitchen with my mother, grandmother and aunts, while my brothers and cousins played football outside.
My love for food, cooking and eating has allowed me to travel throughout Mexico and the world giving me the chance to enrich my repertoire.  I am so excited about this current opportunity to place these culinary and cultural experiences together on one plate for our guests here at Capella Marigot Bay.

Victor Garrido Capella Marigot Bay

Describe your attitude towards food and your personal cooking style.
My attitude towards food is all about respect.  I have as much respect for a single bay leaf as for a giant spiny lobster.  This attitude helps me to understand each and every ingredient and its characteristics to get the best of them and create the proper balance and match for palate, nose and eyes.
But that doesn’t mean I take food too seriously!  In fact I would describe my style as fun, adventurous and full of flavor.

What are your impressions of St. Lucia? 
St. Lucia is the best!  It is full of magic and wonder.  The environment and nature is rich and beautiful and the people posses a genuine warmth.  I have no doubt that this island will be a top vacation destination in the Caribbean in the very near future.

What do you think of the local food?
It is rich in both history and flavor.  You can taste the French- British influence combined with Indian spices and enhanced by organic local herbs in every bite.  Imagine these flavors joining with luscious chunks of Caribbean Kingfish and ground treasures…all in the same coal pot.
It just makes it amazing and full of potential seasonal variations.

Can you share some of your ideas for the different food outlets at Capella Marigot Bay?
Certainly!  As part of our plans, we have the construction and development for two new outlets and a Pool Bar, featuring fresh and healthy seafood options in our menu, such as Tiraditos, Lobster Rolls, Watermelon and Spicy Shrimp Salad etc.…

Our main restaurant will offer a relaxing atmosphere with both indoor and outdoor seating overlooking our gorgeous Marina.  For those looking for a more secluded affair, a private dining room will also be available.

The Hurricane Hole, located Jetty side, will serve lunch and dinner under a casual relaxed ambiance. I can’t wait to bring some smoky charcoal and barbequed meat aromas to the setting!

All of our dishes will possess true “Caribbean Soul,” as we are working with local farmers and purveyors to provide the most authentic and fresh ingredients.  I can’t wait for our guests to taste it all for themself!





Meet Capella Ixtapa’s Culinary Team

Capella Ixtapa's Culinary Team

It is my pleasure to present to you two new members of Capella Ixtapa’s culinary team: Executive Chef Rurik Salazar, and Sous Chef Miguel Baltazar.  Both are amazing chefs and I am excited to announce they are also both finalists for Mexico’s Chef of the Year contest!  I had to sit down and get to know a bit more about their culinary passions and of course, share them with you.

Capella Ixtapa's Culinary Team

Chefs, you clearly both have a love of food.  How would you describe your cuisine, your culinary style?

RS: I enjoy experimenting with unknown products in a search for the highest quality and the most adequate technique to bring out the best of every ingredient.  I am in a constant search of the perfect dish.  My culinary style is Mexican, whether traditional or contemporary, it is what moves me.  I also appreciate foreign gastronomies such as Thai.  Regardless of their origins, I love Fine Dining Cuisine.

MB: I have great respect for traditional Mexican ingredients and techniques.  I truly enjoy cooking with what I know best and taking it to the contemporary scene.  My cuisine is bold, colorful and very Mexican.

I am so excited that you both are the finalists for the Chef of the Year contest, which will be held in June 2014!  Will you be practicing together for the finals?

RS: I won the first national semifinal in the Bajío region last June.  I am thrilled to be representing Capella Ixtapa  along with Miguel.  This is the most important culinary contest in Mexico, so it is amazing that we have both made it so far!  Together we will put Capella Ixtapa on Mexico’s culinary map!

MB: I won the second national semifinal that included the states of Michoacán, Morelos and Guerrero.  I loved the experience of being tested in every possible way.  From my perspective what gives you edge is controlling your nerves.  I am so happy to represent Capella Ixtapa and it is an honor to be head-to-head with my Executive Chef!  I am sure we will practice together because at the end our goal is to finish first and second.

What innovations are you bringing to Capella Ixtapa’s dining experience?

RS: Our main goal is to create unique culinary experiences for our guests.  This will come from having the best local ingredients in an attempt to showcase regional gastronomy.  We will have seasonal menu changes through the year while keeping our signature dishes.  My biggest professional challenge is to take Capella Ixtapa’s cuisine to a national and international spotlight.

MB: Chef Rurik and I have a very similar conception of food and I think great things are about to take place.  I am bringing a fresh twist on traditional Mexican Cuisine.  We are both bringing our own personal experience and vision to the food.  We want guests to visit Capella Ixtapa because of our cuisine.

Fall has come to Ixtapa, and with it the new seasonal menu at Capella Ixtapa.  What can the guests expect at our restaurants?

RS & MB: Be prepared to taste real Mexican flavors, from smoked cow’s tongue to black berry tamales.  We are cooking a very interesting menu for A Mares, where we are combining gastronomy of the Guerrero’s coast with ingredients and techniques from central Mexico.  Also not to be missed is our special set menu for the Tequila tasting, it is as Mexican as it gets!

For my final question, what is your favorite Mexican dish?

RS: There is nothing that takes me back to my hometown as much as a Mole de Caderas.  Every year I wished for Día de Muertos to come because I knew I was getting a nice hot bowl of this flavorful soup made with goat’s hip and spine.  It’s unique flavor comes from goats who have dieted on salt throughout their lives.

MB: I am a simple man and I love eating, but there is nothing that I enjoy as much as a big plate of Morisqueta made by my grandma.  Steamed rice, slowly cooked beans, spicy tomato salsa, aged Cotija cheese and sour cream; every spoonful is a childhood memory.


To make a reservation at any of our restaurants, please send us an email to: pa.ixtapa@capellahotels.com, or call us at 01.755.555.11.00


Conoce Al Equipo Culinario De Capella Ixtapa

Capella Ixtapa's Culinary Team

Es un placer para mi presentarles a los nuevos miembros de el equipo culinario de Capella Ixtapa: El Chef Ejecutivo Rurik Salazar, y el Sous Chef Miguel Baltazar. Ambos son excelentes chefs y me emociona también anunciar que ambos están dentro de los finalistas nominados para ¡Chef del Año en México! Para compartirlo con ustedes, me senté con ellos a conocerlos un poco más y a sus pasiones culinarias:

Capella Ixtapa's Culinary TeamChefs, es obvio que a los dos les encanta la comida. Cómo describirían su cocina, su estilo culinario?

RS: A mi me encanta experimentar con productos poco conocidos en una búsqueda de la más alta calidad y las técnicas más adecuadas para sacar lo mejor de cada ingrediente. Estoy en constante búsqueda del platillo perfecto. Mi estilo culinario es mexicano, ya sea tradicional o contemporáneo, es lo que me apasiona. También disfruto de otras gastronomías como sería la comida Tailandesa. Sin importar su origen, me encanta la Alta Cocina.

MB: Tengo mucho respeto por los ingredientes y técnicas mexicanas tradicionales. Me encanta cocinar con lo que conozco mejor y darle una interpretación contemporánea. Mi cocina es llamativa, rica en sabor, colorida y muy mexicana.

Me emociona mucho que los dos estén como finalistas nominados para Chef del Año en México, el cual se decidirá en Junio del 2014, estarán practicando juntos para las pruebas finales?

RS: Gané la primera semifinal nacional de la región del Bajío el pasado Junio, y estoy emocionado de representar a Capella Ixtapa junto con Miguel. Este es el galardón culinario más importante en México, así que considero maravilloso que los dos estemos dentro de los finalistas! Juntos, estoy seguro, pondremos a Capella Ixtapa ¡dentro del mapa gastronómico de México!

MB: Yo gané la segunda semifinal que incluía los estados de Michoacán, Morelos y Guerrero. La verdad es que me encantó la experiencia de ser evaluado en toda forma posible. Desde mi perspectiva lo que puede darte una ventaja es controlar tus nervios. Estoy muy contento de representar a Capella Ixtapa y además un honor estar nominado junto con mi Chef Ejecutivo! Estoy seguro que practicaremos bastante juntos, ya que nuestra meta es hacer “el uno-dos”.

Que innovaciones están trayendo a las experiencias culinarias de Capella Ixtapa?

RS: Nuestra meta principal es generar experiencias culinarias únicas para nuestros huéspedes. Esto viene de utilizar los mejores ingredientes locales en un esfuerzo para mostrar la gastronomía regional. Tendremos cambios en el menú cada temporada, y mantendremos nuestros platillos característicos. Uno de mis retos profesionales más grandes es llevar la cocina de Capella Ixtapa a los reflectores de la escena gastronómica nacional e internacional.

MB: El Chef Rurik y yo tenemos una idea muy similar respecto a la comida y creo que grandes momentos nos esperan. Yo aporto una mirada fresca de la comida tradicional mexicana con un pequeño “twist”. Ambos aportamos nuestras experiencias profesionales y visiones personales a la comida. Queremos que nuestros huéspedes visiten Capella Ixtapa por la cocina.

Ya es otoño en Ixtapa, y con ello los primeros cambios de temporada en el menú de Capella Ixtapa. Que pueden esperar nuestros huéspedes en nuestros restaurantes?

RS y MB: Estén preparados para probar verdaderos sabores mexicanos, desde lengua ahumada a tamales de zarzamoras. Estamos cocinando un menú muy interesante para Amares, donde combinamos la gastronomía de la costa de Guerrero con ingredientes y técnicas del centro.

También no se pueden perder es nuestro menú especial para maridar la cata de Tequila, ¡no se puede ser más mexicano que eso!

Mi pregunta final es: ¿cuál es su platillo mexicano favorito?

RS: No hay nada que me lleve de vuelta a casa como el Mole de Caderas. Cada año espero el Día de Muertos ya que sabía que recibiría entonces un gran plato de este colorido caldo hecho con cadera y espina de cabra. Es un sabor único que viene de cabras que han sido criadas a base de sal durante su vida.

MB: Soy una persona de gustos simples y me encanta comer, pero no hay nada que disfrute más que un gran plato de Morisqueta de mi abuela. Arroz al vapor, frijoles cocinados lentamente, salsa de tomate picante, queso cotija y crema; cada cucharada es un viaje a mi infancia.


Para realizar una reservación para cualquiera de nuestros restaurantes, por favor, envíanos un correo electrónico a: pa.ixtapa@capellahotels.com, o llámanos al 01.755.555.11.00