Experience Capital Bikeshare DC

One of my favorite new activities in Georgetown is bike riding!  Capital Bikeshare has over 200 bike stations across DC, Arlington, Alexandria, VA and Montgomery County, MD, making it easier than ever to get around the city.  My first bike ride came about after an extremely long day at work, I had to find a way to let loose!  I walked around the corner of Capella Washington D.C. and rented a shiny red bike at $7.00 for 24 hours.  Afterwards, I realized I could have rented a bike for 3 days for just $15.00!  I headed down the hill to the Washington Harbour and Potomac River.  The fall weather was perfect, and all around me were beautiful sites of joyful couples, friends relaxing in the lush green grass, children walking their dogs, and young professionals enjoying cocktails and dinner by the water.

Capital Bikeshare DCMy bike ride continued back up into the heart of Georgetown.  I remembered I wanted to check out a new designer consignment shop on Wisconsin Avenue.  0.2 miles later I arrived at Ella-Rue and picked up a gorgeous bracelet on sale for $18.00!  Back on the road, I biked passed more fashionable haunts including Hu’s Wear, Cusp and Hugo Boss.  I also discovered some great new restaurants, like the brand new El Centro by Chef Richard Sandoval, featuring some of the best Mexican comfort food and Tequila in the city.

After journeying around M street and Wisconsin shopping and dining district I felt the need for speed.  I took a right onto Rock Creek Park Trail, one of the best places to hike and bike in the Washington, DC area.  It was so refreshing having the opportunity to explore the beauty of nature and escape the city life for a while.  The bike by the way was amazing and I was pleasantly surprised how well it is designed, with many built-in safety mechanisms.

Fortunately there happens to be a bikeshare station right next to my house, so after I returned from the trail, I simply parked the bike at the station and walked my way home.  The next morning I still had time left on the 24 hour rental, so I decided to bike to work!  I have to say it was a wonderful way to start the busy day.

I can’t wait for you to experience Capital Bikeshare during your visit it is an amazing way to experience the city.  Be sure to ask your Capella Washington, D.C. Personal Assistant where the nearest station is located!

Ixtapa’s Ciclopista

Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, situated by the Pacific Ocean with miles and miles of beach, is known for its water activities; but we locals know, inland can be just as impressive.

The 5 mile long Ciclopista is fantastic trail for cycling, jogging and rollerblading.  I love the trail for its lush landscape and varied wildlife.

The first section of the Ciclopista starts at Marina Ixtapa, passes Marina Ixtapa Golf Course, and continues up the coast, to Capella Ixtapa and onto park Aztlan, an ecological preserve.  Soon after passing our hotel, you can stop for a swim at nearby Playa Linda, which in translation literally means “a beautiful beach”.  The second part of the Ciclopista runs between the towns Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo.

So what can you expect to see along the trail?  The route runs through a virtual rain forest, green with beautiful trees including ceibas, hujes, and exotic parotas, some are over 115 feet tall!  The animal life is equally impressive! Birdlife includes woodpeckers, calandrias, magpies, chacalacas, parrots, eagles, white herons, hawks, spoonbills and storks.  I have also seen, lake turtles, armadillos, green iguanas, badgers, squirrels, raccoons, tlacuaches (which is the nahuatl word for a species of possum, called also “Mexican mouse”) and of course crocodiles, which live on the preserve. (Don’t worry; they can’t get to you as the preserve’s fencing separates them from the trail).

I prefer to cycle the Ciclopista in the morning or late afternoons, after the sun has cooled down.  It is the best time to catch the animals out and about!   The trail really captures so much of what makes the Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo region so unique.  Hopefully you will have the opportunity to discover it for yourself!

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