Summer Cocktails: Thyme Silver Fizz

summer cocktails

Summer is the best season if you ask me. There are so many things to experience in Dusseldorf when the sun is shining and I really love being outside and enjoying action.  Do you know what the best part is?  The evening!  It is still warm and you can sit outside with some friends barbecuing, playing games and, of course, enjoying summer cocktails.

As you may already know, our bar team at the Breidenbacher Hof is famous for its extraordinary and delicious cocktail creations.  Of course, they also create special drinks for every season.  Yesterday, I tried their latest creation for summer: the Thyme Silver Fizz.  Believe me, it is the perfect start into a wonderful barbecue night with friends.  It is refreshing, a bit fruity and because of the thyme, it has a Mediterranean flair and reminds me of being on vacation!  You will know what I mean, when you try it for yourself.  So I asked our Assistant Bar Manager Philipp for the recipe to share the good taste and vacation dreams with you:

summer  cocktailsThyme Silver Fizz

5 cl Botanist Gin

2 cl lemon juice

2 cl sugar syrup

Soda to fill up

Ice cubes

1 sprig of thyme



Take a cocktail shaker and fill it with ice cubes. Then, one after another measure the Gin, lemon juice and sugar syrup and mix everything in the shaker. When you are done, fill the drink into a nice glass through a sieve and fill it up with the soda. Use the sprig of thyme for garnish – and voilà!

At our Capella Bar, the drink is served with thyme salt, which gives the cocktail a special touch. It depends on what you prefer, but whether with or without the salt it is definitely my new favorite cocktail and I am sure it will be yours too.


Enjoy shaking and the great refreshment afterwards!

Fall Cocktails at Capella Ixtapa

Fall Cocktails at Capella Ixtapa

Margarita making classes are one of our guest’s favorite activities.  They are practical, fun and Miguel Tafoya, our Mixologist, is a great teacher.  Not only does he teach you the basics of preparing a classic margarita, but he then helps you to create your own personalized version!  You will learn the history of a margarita and some of Miguel’s secrets in making this popular drink.  I always suggest this class to friends who are visiting because it is a great way to build a memory of your time at Capella Ixtapa— especially when you get home and make your signature margaritas for friends!

This season Miguel has prepared several new fall cocktails, and he offered to share not one, but two of them with us!  One is made with tequila, and the other with mezcal, a spirit made of maguey plant (a form of agave), which is gaining popularity in Mexico.

Fall Cocktails at Capella Ixtapa


1 ½ oz. Tequila Centenario Reposado
½  oz. Chartreuse liqueur
½  oz. Controy (you can substitute it with triple sec, orange curaçao or Cointreau)
2 oz. Tuna fruit juice  (this is the fruit of the cacti -see the photo above)
½ oz. Lemon juice
¾ oz. Agave nectar
2 Mint leaves

Pour all tequila, Chartreuse, Controy, tuna fruit juice, lemon juice and agave nectar in a pint glass, add ice and use a shaker to combine.  Serve the content in a rocks glass, rimmed with granulated salt.  Garnish with mint.



1 oz. Mezcal
1 oz. X-Rated Fusion Liqueur
1 oz. Grapefruit juice
15 g. Pomegranate seeds
1 Maraschino Cherry for garnish
½ tablespoon of Agave nectar

Marinade pomegranate seeds with mezcal.  Add grapefruit juice and X-Rated Fusion Liqueur to a pint glass to combine.  Serve in a champagne glass.  Garnish with a maraschino cherry.


On your next visit to Capella Ixtapa, I invite you to try our new cocktails at the Terrace Bar, or join a margarita making class with our mixologist Miguel and create your own!   A visit to the Terrace Bar and margarita making classes are available also to Ixtapa locals and visitors with prior reservation.  For more information and reservation please contact us at 01.755.555.11.00, or send an email to the Capella Ixtapa Personal Assistants

Discover German Spirits @ Capella Bar: Smoked Wood Cocktail

Smoked Wood Cocktail

In Germany the weather is cooling.  Autumn has just arrived.  I love this season and can’t wait to get out my wooly hats and to start wearing scarves.  I also know it is fall when I start to crave soul warming beverages.  Philipp, one of Breidenbacher Hof’s amazing bartenders, recommended a new cocktail that he promised would do the trick.  This cocktail is part of our new promotion “Discover German Spirits @ Capella Bar,” in which cocktails represented of Germany have been created.  The cocktail I tried is called “Smoked Wood” and is inspired by the Black Forest.  It really does remind me of the Black Forest and left me with a warm and cozy feeling.  I decided it was the perfect introduction to the season and had to share the recipe with you.

Smoked Wood Cocktail

Smoked Wood

3cl Monkey 47 Gin
1cl Arderg 10
2BL Plum liqueur
2cl Roses Lime Juice
4 Drops of chocolate Bitters

The preparation is simple.  Just add the ingredients to a pint glass and stir.  Taste for flavor balance and once satisfied, transfer to the serving glass of your choice. Easy!

The Monkey 47 Gin has a very unique flavor profile and even tastes a bit like fir needles.  At the Capella Bar the cocktail is paired with a bacon canapé— together you truly feel transported to the Black Forest!   If you are in Dusseldorf I definitely recommend stopping in to try the combination.  In fact, follow @CapellaBBH on Twitter for a chance to win a complimentary cocktail as part of the #CapellaBarMonday promotion!

Smoked Wood Cocktail Bei Capella Bar

Smoked Wood Cocktail

In Deutschland wird das Wetter langsam kälter. Der Herbst ist da! Ich liebe diese Jahreszeit und kann es kaum erwarten meine Wollmützen rauszuholen und wieder Schals zu tragen. Ich merke immer, dass Herbst ist, wenn ich mich nach Getränken sehne, bei denen mir warm ums Herz wird. Philipp, einer der Barkeeper bei uns im Breidenbacher Hof, hat mir einen neuen Cocktail empfohlen, der mir genau das gewünschte Ergebnis verspricht. Diese Cocktailempfehlung ist Teil unserer neuen Reihe „Discover German Spirits @ Capella Bar“, innerhalb welcher unser Team Cocktails kreiert hat, die Deutschland repräsentieren. Mein neuer Lieblingscocktail ist der „Smoked Wood“ und Inspirationsquelle war der Schwarzwald. Er erinnert mich wirklich an den Schwarzwald und hinterlässt ein angenehmes warmes Gefühl. Wenn ihr mich fragt, ist dies der perfekte Start in die neue Jahreszeit und deshalb habe ich auch beschlossen, das Rezept mit Euch zu teilen.

Smoked Wood Cocktail

Smoked Wood

3cl Monkey 47 Gin
1cl Arderg 10
2BL Pflaumenlikör
2cl Roses Lime Juice
4 Tropfen Schokoladenbitter

Die Zubereitung ist ganz einfach: Fügt alle Zutaten zusammen in ein Rührglas und verrührt sie gründlich. Probiert, ob das Verhältnis der Zutaten Eurem Geschmack entspricht und gebt alles in ein Glas Eurer Wahl. Das wars!

Der Monkey 47 Gin hat einen sehr individuellen und einzigartigen Geschmack und schmeckt sogar ein wenig nach Tannennadeln. In der Capella Bar servieren wir den „Smoked Wood“ mit einem Schinken-Canapé – zusammen ergibt dies einen wunderbaren Geschmack und man fühlt sich in den Schwarzwald versetzt! Solltet ihr mal in Düsseldorf sein, empfehle ich Euch die Kombination einmal zu probieren. Folgt doch @CapellaBBH auf Twitter, dort habt ihr jeden Montag die Chance einen kostenfreien Cocktail im Rahmen unserer #CapellaBarMonday Aktion zu erhaschen. Momentan bekommt ihr mit etwas Glück den „Smoked Wood“!

Capella Pedregal’s Mexican Coffee Break

Mexican Coffee Break

In Mexico, the kitchen is one of the most important places of a home.  It is where the stories of the families are told, and where family and friends gather to talk about daily events, work, and everything else.  Su Cocina at Capella Pedregal is a replica of the traditional Mexican kitchen of old haciendas, and I love to visit it whenever I can.  Any time of day, our culinary team is preparing something delicious.  I love the colors, the smells, and if I am lucky, occasionally Executive Chef Yvan or our cooks will have me tasting a new salsa flavor, or a new combination of ingredients for a seasonal dish they are preparing for our menu.

Many companies bring to Capella Pedregal their top performing teams as a reward for their hard work in the past year, for team building, and for some much needed relaxing and recharge.  For our incentive travelers our team organizes special events, meetings, dinners, spa days, fishing trips and similar.  At my visit to Su Cocina last week, Chef Yvan was just setting up a coffee break for one of our incentive traveler groups, and I was eager to learn more about what he has prepared.

Mexican Coffee Break

For this occasion Yvan and his team prepared a selection of Mexican and International dishes— all of which made my stomach rumble!  Among the treats rehiletes, almond puff pastry (my favorites!), chocolate muffins, cinnamon rolls, croissants and Mexican sweet bread.  There were cereals, granola bars and cheeses.  Fresh organic fruit from our local farms including mangos, apples, plums, blueberries and raspberries made for a colorful display.  There was even a charcuterie platter featuring our homemade chorizo and hams!

There was a selection of Mexican coffees from Veracruz, Chiapas and Oaxaca, and a selection of teas as well.  Besides a selection of black, green and chai teas we offer our own Baja Desert Chamomile Tea and a Hierbabuena Mexican Mint Tea infusion both featuring local organic herbs from Baja.  One of our guests (and Chef Yvan’s) favorite is traditional artisanal Mexican hot chocolate, frothed by hand using a molinillo.  Another traditional Mexican drink offered is champurado, a warm guava flavored beverage, thickened with masa, and accompanied by a selection of homemade Mexican candies.

What makes these coffee breaks so special is that, like Su Cocina, they really have a warm and contenting feel to them.  Be it on your vacation or a corporate retreat, Capella Pedregal’s aim is to make you feel at home with your Mexican family.  And I believe our events team and Chef Yvan are doing a wonderful job with it!  What do you think? Let me know your thoughts on Su Cocina from your visit, be it on personal or corporate retreat, in the comments below.

Hora del Café a la Mexicana

Mexican Coffee Break

En México, la cocina es uno de los espacios más importante de un hogar. Es el lugar donde la historia de la familia se cuenta, y donde familia y amigos se reúnen para conversar sobre los eventos diarios, el trabajo, y todo lo demás. Su Cocina en Capella Pedregal es una réplica de una cocina tradicional mexicana en una antigua Hacienda, y me encanta visitarla cada que puedo. A cualquier hora del día, nuestro equipo culinario está preparando cosas deliciosas. Me encantan los colores, los olores, y si tengo suerte, ocasionalmente el Chef Ejecutivo Yvan o alguno de nuestros cocineros me pedirá mi opinión para probar alguna nueva salsa, o alguna nueva combinación de ingredientes para algún plato de temporada que estén preparando para incluirlo en el menú.

Muchas compañías traen a Capella Pedregal a sus equipos con el mayor rendimiento como recompensa por su gran trabajo en el período anterior, para integrar mejor al equipo, y también para un merecido descanso y recargar energía. Para estos viajeros incentivados nuestro equipo organiza eventos especiales, reuniones, cenas, días de spa, tours de pesca y un sinfín de actividades más. En mi visita la semana pasada a Su Cocina, el Chef Yvan estaba preparando un “coffee break” o hora del café para uno de estos grupos, y tuve curiosidad por saber más acerca de lo que estaba preparando para ellos.

Mexican Coffee Break

Para esta ocasión Yvan y su equipo prepararon una selección de platillos tanto mexicanos como internacionales -todos hicieron que mi estómago quisiera probarlos! Entre ellos había rehiletes rellenos de almendras (mis favoritos!), muffins de chocolate, rollos de canela, croissants y otras variedades de pan dulce mexicano. También tenían cereales, barras de granola y variedad de quesos. Frutas orgánicas frescas de nuestras granjas locales incluidos mangos, manzanas, ciruelas, moras azules, y moras rojas que  formaban una presentación sin duda multi color. Había incluso un platón de charcutería y carnes frías el cual incluía nuestro jamón y chorizo casero!

Para acompañar estos alimentos teníamos una selección de cafés de Veracruz, Chiapas y Oaxaca, así como una selección de tés. Además de una selección de té negro, verde y chai ofrecemos también nuestro propio Té de Manzanilla del Desierto de la Baja y una infusión de Hierbabuena, ambas contienen hierbas orgánicas de la Baja. Uno de los favoritos de nuestros huéspedes (y del Chef Yvan también) es el tradicional chocolate caliente mexicano, molido a mano utilizando un molinillo. Otra bebida tradicionalmente mexicana que ofrecemos es el champurrado de guayaba, acompañado por una selección de dulces mexicanos tradicionales.

Lo que hace estas horas del café tan especiales es que, así como a Su Cocina, reflejan ese sentimiento cálido y tradicional de México. Ya sea durante tus vacaciones o en viaje de negocios o con tu equipo de trabajo, Capella Pedregal busca siempre hacerte sentir en casa con tu familia mexicana. Yo creo que nuestro equipo de eventos especiales y el Chef Yvan están haciendo un gran trabajo en que esto ¡así sea! ¿Tu que opinas? Hazme saber tus comentarios sobre tu visita a Su Cocina en la sección de comentarios abajo del post, ya sea que la hayas visitado durante vacaciones o como parte de un viaje de trabajo.