5 Beauty Tips From Capella Pedregal’s Auriga Spa

5 Beauty Tips

Summer season is slowly coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean our beauty regiments should stop!  I spoke with Capella Pedregal’s Auriga spa Manager Vanessa Infante and got some beauty tips on how to maintain your skin, hair and nails.

5 Beauty Tips
How can we keep the summer glow on our skin last all year long?
This is such a great question and the good news is you probably already have a lot of what you need in your kitchen already.  I recommend looking for your seasonal fruits and vegetables at home, checking their benefits, and using them internally for food and externally on your skin.  For example, here in Baja mangos are readily available.  This is perfect, because mangos make a great mask as they are an excellent source of antioxidants and vitamins.  Other examples include using coconut as a scrub and Aloe Vera as a toner.  These are elements readily found in Baja and actually featured in our Baja Flavor spa treatment.

How can I prolong my summer tan?
Contrary to what might be believed, I recommend always doing a scrub before spending time in the sun.  This way the dead cells will fall off and allow a stronger tan to develop.  After the sun don’t forget to moisturize and hydrate your skin!  At Auriga we recommend Seaweed Body Scrub, and our signature Rose Crystal Lymptahic Facial.

How can I repair and treat sun damage?
Aloe Vera is the best remedy for burnt skin; it reduces pain and inflammation, it heals your wounds, it balances and restores your skin, and it is antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-icthing and anti-ageing.  Aloe Vera is a native Baja plant, and we use it a lot in the spa.  I love a special treatment at Auriga called Sun Worshiper that helps guests to recover from a day in the sun.

What about  hair?  I often find it dull and dry after being in the ocean and pools so much during summer?
At this time of the year our hair is usually extremely dry and damaged by the sun’s heat, UV rays, seawater and pool chemicals.  I recommend using a hydrating and restoring hair mask.  Make sure to leave it in long enough to really penetrate the hair shaft.  The Julien Farel salon at Auriga spa offers the new Hydrate Restore Hair Care by Julien Farel that truly works miracles on damaged hair follicles.

My nails get soft and start breaking during summer.  What do you recommend for stronger nails?
Strong nails require hydration as well.  I recommend applying a small amount of shea butter every day to your nails, cuticles and skin, which, thanks to the vitamin E, will keep them nourished.  Before your nail polish always apply a professional base coat, it will create a protective film on your nails and also it will help it last longer.  At Auriga we recommend our unique Rejuvenation Foot & Hand treatment, which eliminates any nail problem you might have, shapes and restores the nails with buffing technique, and makes you feel like your walking on cotton after a relaxing massage.

What other beauty tips would you recommend for maintaining healthy skin all year long?
Always use a sun protector, even in winter, and drink plenty of water!

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