Wellness Activities in Baja

wellness activities baja

Happy New Year!  I hope the year started wonderfully for you!  For me personally, the New Year is always a time to reflect on all the good things in my life, my achievements in the previous year, and plans to start new beginnings with fresh ideas.  I like to start off with good intentions to make positive changes in my life.  This year especially, I want to focus on wellness in all areas of my life.  In Baja there are many activities that promote wellness and I wanted to share three of my favorites with you.  I believe they are a great way to connect with nature, your body and your spirit and I plan to experience them as frequently as possible this year!

wellness activities baja

SUP Yoga:  I love SUP yoga, because it allows me to practice yoga in my favorite environment: the sea!  If you are not familiar with SUP yoga, it is yoga but done on a stand up paddle board (SUP) on the sea.  I love how it enhances the yoga experience and benefits, and really strengthens your core and balance.  You can partake SUP yoga classes at Medano beach in Cabo San Lucas (please check with your Personal Assistant on the dates, as they are organized as special events).  I also love to take an unplugged weekend in Los Barriles and attend SUP yoga classes with the locals.

wellness activities baja 2

Surfari Trips:  If you like safari, you need to try a Baja surfari; a surf trip around Baja, where you get to surf some of the best surf spots in Baja!  Surfaris provide a very unique opportunity to experience nature, the ocean, hidden bays and small villages—all while learning new surfing skills and spend quality time with friends or family.  I love surfaris in Baja, as you can join them any time of year – because we are surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez, there are always great surf breaks somewhere.

wellness activities Baja 3

Spa Time:  for a complete restoration of body and health there is nothing like a visit to the spa.  At Capella Pedregal’s Auriga spa we have just launched the entirely new wellness program with wellness treatments and 1- to 3-day wellness packages based on moon phases.  One of my new favorite treatments is Harmonyum. Gabby, the therapist, who was trained exclusively on this treatment, explained that our body has the power to heal itself when we are in perfect harmony and it all starts in the spine, which connects and protects all the nerves in our body.  She explained that the Harmonyum method, which is based on curing with energy, works on the spinal column and the organs.  It transmits positive impulses to the body through the nervous system.  The experience is extremely relaxing, and you can feel the benefits throughout your body for days.  You will feel energized physically, mental and emotionally.


For more information on any of these and other wellness activities in Baja, please contact our Personal Assistants.


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Auriga Detox Day At Capella Singapore

Detox Tips

With the Christmas season behind us, here in Singapore, the festive feasting continues with the Lunar New Year just around the corner.  During this time, Detox is the buzz of the town.

I had the wonderful opportunity to try out the Auriga spa Detox Day treatment which was something specially designed by Auriga spa to compliment The Organic Pharmacy’s 10-Day Detox Programme, a special kit that comes complete with tailored menus, recipes and activities to guide you through a 10-Day Detox ritual.

Detox Tips

While I was looking through The Organic Pharmacy’s 10-Day Detox Programme, I was thrilled to find a series of simple Detox tips to an effective detoxification process.  Here are a few of my favourite:

  • On waking each morning, drink glass of hot water with half a lemon squeezed in it.  The lemon provides nutrients to your body, which is quickly absorbed because there is no food yet in the body.  This practice also helps to break down the mucus in the body and alkalises the tissue.  Not to mention, the tangy zest from the lemon is a sure wake-me-up.
  • Ten minutes of breathing exercises, followed by another ten minutes of stretching is great for clearing and calming the mind as well as to get the blood circulating.  If you do not have much time, reduce the time to five minutes for each.  I felt so refreshed and rejuvenated after taking time off from my busy schedule to do this.  Stress is one of the biggest causes of the buildup of toxins in the body so this is the perfect preventive measure.
  • Before taking a shower, gently dry brush the skin to improve blood circulation and remove impurities on the skin.  I particularly love the soothing feeling of the dry bristles exfoliating the skin.
  • Shower and massage the body with body oils containing rosemary and grapefruit essential oils.  Besides its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, Rosemary has been known to boost the immune and circulatory system.  Meanwhile, grapefruit oil is not only a lymphatic stimulant, but also has anti-depressant properties- sure to keep you feeling positive.

If your New Year’s resolutions are of the wellness variety, these Detox tips are something to consider.  In fact, you can also pamper yourself and get detoxed in style at Capella Singapore’s Auriga spa with the Auriga Detox Day treatment.

5 Beauty Tips From Capella Pedregal’s Auriga Spa

5 Beauty Tips

Summer season is slowly coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean our beauty regiments should stop!  I spoke with Capella Pedregal’s Auriga spa Manager Vanessa Infante and got some beauty tips on how to maintain your skin, hair and nails.

5 Beauty Tips
How can we keep the summer glow on our skin last all year long?
This is such a great question and the good news is you probably already have a lot of what you need in your kitchen already.  I recommend looking for your seasonal fruits and vegetables at home, checking their benefits, and using them internally for food and externally on your skin.  For example, here in Baja mangos are readily available.  This is perfect, because mangos make a great mask as they are an excellent source of antioxidants and vitamins.  Other examples include using coconut as a scrub and Aloe Vera as a toner.  These are elements readily found in Baja and actually featured in our Baja Flavor spa treatment.

How can I prolong my summer tan?
Contrary to what might be believed, I recommend always doing a scrub before spending time in the sun.  This way the dead cells will fall off and allow a stronger tan to develop.  After the sun don’t forget to moisturize and hydrate your skin!  At Auriga we recommend Seaweed Body Scrub, and our signature Rose Crystal Lymptahic Facial.

How can I repair and treat sun damage?
Aloe Vera is the best remedy for burnt skin; it reduces pain and inflammation, it heals your wounds, it balances and restores your skin, and it is antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-icthing and anti-ageing.  Aloe Vera is a native Baja plant, and we use it a lot in the spa.  I love a special treatment at Auriga called Sun Worshiper that helps guests to recover from a day in the sun.

What about  hair?  I often find it dull and dry after being in the ocean and pools so much during summer?
At this time of the year our hair is usually extremely dry and damaged by the sun’s heat, UV rays, seawater and pool chemicals.  I recommend using a hydrating and restoring hair mask.  Make sure to leave it in long enough to really penetrate the hair shaft.  The Julien Farel salon at Auriga spa offers the new Hydrate Restore Hair Care by Julien Farel that truly works miracles on damaged hair follicles.

My nails get soft and start breaking during summer.  What do you recommend for stronger nails?
Strong nails require hydration as well.  I recommend applying a small amount of shea butter every day to your nails, cuticles and skin, which, thanks to the vitamin E, will keep them nourished.  Before your nail polish always apply a professional base coat, it will create a protective film on your nails and also it will help it last longer.  At Auriga we recommend our unique Rejuvenation Foot & Hand treatment, which eliminates any nail problem you might have, shapes and restores the nails with buffing technique, and makes you feel like your walking on cotton after a relaxing massage.

What other beauty tips would you recommend for maintaining healthy skin all year long?
Always use a sun protector, even in winter, and drink plenty of water!

For more information about Auriga spa at Capella Pedregal, Julien Farel salon and our menu of services, please visit our website: click here.


5 Tips De Belleza Del Auriga Spa De Capella Pedregal

5 Beauty Tips

El verano esta llegando lentamente a su fin, pero esto no significa que nuestra disciplina de belleza tenga que detenerse! Platiqué con Vanessa Infante, gerente del Auriga Spa de Capella Pedregal y me dio algunos consejos para el cuidado de la piel, cabello y uñas en este cambio de temporada.

5 Beauty Tips
Cómo mantener el brillo veraniego en nuestra piel durante el resto del año?
Esta es una muy buena pregunta, y lo mejor de todo, es que probablemente tengas todo lo que necesitas para lograrlo en tu cocina. Recomiendo buscar en casa vegetales y frutos de temporada, y estar al tanto de sus beneficios, para utilizarlos internamente como alimento y externamente en la piel. Por ejemplo, aquí en la Baja la temporada de mango ha llegado. Esto es perfecto, ya que los mangos hacen una muy buena mascarilla ya que son una excelente fuente de antioxidantes y vitaminas. Otro ejemplo puede ser el uso del coco como exfoliante y el Aloe Vera como tonificador. Estos elementos ya los podemos encontrar en la Baja, y son de hecho parte de nuestro tratamiento Baja Flavor.

Cómo podemos prolongar nuestro bronceado de verano?
Contrariamente a lo que se pudiera pensar, yo recomiendo realizarse una exfoliación antes de pasar tiempo al sol. De esta manera nos deshacemos de las células muertas y nos permitirá obtener un bronceado más duradero. Después de estar en el sol, no hay que olvidar humectar e hidratar tu piel! En Auriga recomendamos El Scrub De Algas Marinas, así como nuestro Rose Cristal Lymphatic Facial.

Cómo puedo reparar y tratar el daño solar?
El Aloe Vera es la mejor solución para la piel quemada; reduce el dolor y la inflamación, cura tus heridas, balancea y restaura tu piel, es anti viral, elimina microbios y bacterias, previene la comezón, y el envejecimiento. Aloe Vera es una planta nativa de la Baja, y la usamos mucho dentro del spa. En Auriga hemos diseñado un tratamiento especial llamado Sun Worshiper para ayudar a recuperarse de pasar el día en el sol.

¿Que me dices del cabello? A menudo siento que se reseca y le falta volumen después de nadar en el océano y piscinas durante el verano.
A estas alturas del año, nuestro cabello está normalmente dañado y extremadamente seco por el calor y la exposición a los rayos solares (UV), el agua salada y los químicos de las albercas. Recomiendo utilizar una mascarilla hidratante y restauradora para el cabello. Hay que asegurarse de dejarla tiempo suficiente para que penetre hasta la raíz del cabello. El Salón de Julien Farel en Auriga Spa ofrece el nuevo Hydrate Restore Hair Care por Julien Farel que de verdad hace milagros en el cabello maltratado.

Mis uñas se ablandecen y comienzan a romperse durante el verano. Que me podrías recomendar para tener unas uñas más resistentes?
Para que las uñas sean más fuertes requieren también de buena hidratación. Te recomiendo aplicar una pequeña cantidad de manteca de karité todos los días en tus uñas, cutícula y piel, la cual gracias a la vitamina E, las nutrirá. recuerda siempre antes de colocar esmalte para uñas, aplicar una capa base profesional, ya que esta creará una película protectora en tus uñas y ayudará a que duré más tiempo. En Auriga recomendamos nuestro original tratamiento Foot & Hand Rejuvenation, el cual elimina cualquier problema de uñas que tengas, da forma y restaura las uñas con una técnica exclusiva, y te da la sensación de estar caminando sobre algodones después del masaje relajante.

Que otro tips te gustaría agregar para tener una piel saludable durante todo el año?
Siempre hay que utilizar protector solar, incluso en el invierno, y beber mucha agua!

Para más información sobre el Auriga Spa en Capella Pedregal, el Salón de Julien Farel y nuestro menú de servicios, por favor visita nuestra página web: dar click aquí.




Over The Moon At Capella Singapore’s Auriga Spa

Auriga Spa

When Capella Singapore’s Auriga spa launched its Baby Moon Experience in May, I was thrilled because being pregnant it sounded like just what I needed to soothe my aching and tired muscles.  So, one evening after work, I headed down to Auriga to try it out.  It was truly a holistic treatment that focused not only on my entire body but also on my emotional well-being as well.  I loved the experience so much that I had to share the details with you:

The Baby Moon Experience begins with a pre-natal massage for mothers.  JJ, my therapist, told me to lie on my side and gave me a nice long pillow to snuggle up against.  She then gently and tenderly massaged by back and legs.  It was such a relief!  As a mother of an eight-year-old boy, JJ imparted many invaluable tips from her own experience.   One of the things that I learnt from her was that I should try to put my legs up on a pillow every day after work to reduce swelling and water retention.  She even rubbed the Organic Pharmacy Mother & Baby Oil all around my tummy to prevent stretch marks.  The amount of care and concern she showed really moved me.

Auriga Spa

After the massage, I had an Organic Rose Facial which was not only relaxing but also purifying for my skin.  Very often, due to hormonal changes in our body, stress and anxiety, our skin can sometimes break out.  The Organic Rose Facial not only cleanses the pores naturally but also soothes any inflammations there may be.

The last part of the treatment focused on my hair and scalp.  As pregnancy often brings with it much apprehension and worry about the baby and about motherhood, I found the massage really helped calm my nerves and any headaches I was having!  JJ really rubbed the organic oil deep into my scalp and hair, which made my hair wonderfully silky soft afterward.

I left the treatment feeling wonderfully refreshed and rejuvenated.  During a time when pregnancy can leave one feeling bloated and heavy, I felt so cared for and immensely pampered.  This is something I would definitely recommend to any expecting mother.

Hand & Foot Rejuvenation At Auriga Spa

Lionel-Fares-Auriga-Spa-Capella-Pedregal_3 2

Recently I had the pleasure of living a very unique experience at Auriga spa in Capella Pedregal, a Foot Rejuvenation Treatment.  Lionel Fares, our French pedicurist-podiatrist, is one of the few specialists in the world who specialize in esthetics podiatry.  He has created the ultimate 3-in-1 treatment, which includes podiatry, esthetics and 20-30 minutes hand or foot massage, an exclusive service that you will find only at Auriga spa in Capella Pedregal.  I was lucky to be able to try it and so happy to share the amazing experience with you!

Auriga spa

Foot Rejuvenation is a 60 or 90 minutes treatment, in which all the aspects of the health and beauty of your feet are addressed and taken care of.  The aim of this treatment is to bring out the natural beauty of your feet, not just cover the problems with a new layer of favorite nail polish.

The treatment has 3 stages—

A medical approach: This eliminates any nail problem or thickening of the epidermis.

The beauty of the nails: Shape and homogeneity are restored.  With a unique buffing technique my nails became very shiny—much more so than it would with nail polish.

A wellbeing sensation: Massage from the knee down to the toes. Immediate relief- I felt like walking on cotton.

So, why is this treatment so important?

“Feet are one of the most complex mechanic parts of our body,” explained Lionel.  They have 26 bones (1/4 of bones in our body), 33 joints and 100 tendons and ligaments, in addition to blood, vessels and nerves.  Having healthy feet is vital for our overall health,” says Lionel, “they are our foundation, and you can achieve or maintain healthy feet just by taking care of them on a regular basis.”

This is one of those must do Auriga spa treatments during your Capella Pedregal visit!  Even if you don’t have any problems with your feet, hands and nails, Lionel will still have quite the impact.  Make an appointment at spa.pedregal@auriga-spa.com or call Auriga at: +52.624.143.6300.