Discover Auriga Spa’s Sun Worshiper Treatment

Summer is my favorite season of the year. During the summer months, my hair gets lighter, my skin gets darker, the water in the Pacific Ocean gets warmer and life in Cabo gets better.  This summer, I spent most of my time in the sun, between enjoying Don Manuel’s pool and trying some of the summer […]


Mezcal Secrets with Mezcal Expert Miguel Angel Quiroz

This month at Capella Ixtapa we are celebrating a very traditional Mexican plant – agave.  Throughout the Month of Agave we are having agave related activities; we are hosting mezcal and tequila experts, who share their secrets about these two popular spirits, we offer tequila and mezcal tastings, margarita making classes, tequila and mezcal pairing […]


Los Secretos del Mezcal con Miguel Angel Quiroz, Experto en Mezcal

Este mes en Capella Ixtapa celebramos a una de las plantas más tradicionales en México, el agave.  Durante el Mes del Agave tenemos muchas actividades relacionadas con esta planta;  seremos anfitriones de expertos tanto de tequila como de mezcal, los cuales compartirán con nosotros sus conocimientos acerca de estas dos bebidas, ofreceremos catas de tequila y mezcal, […]


Nothing sweeter than Lucian Carnival!

I always get very excited to experience the wonderful festivities that Saint Lucia has to offer in the month of July.  This time of year, there are a lot more flights landing as many visitors come to the island for one of the biggest events of the year.  Today, whilst walking near the Castries Market, […]

Turtle release in Los Cabos, Mexico

Top Activities For Families In Cabo

It’s officially summertime in Cabo, the most popular time of the year for kids of all ages because they are OUT of school for the summer.  Families have already started to arrive in Cabo and the town is ready for them.  Capella Pedregal’s Personal Assistants shared with me their top recommendations for activities for families […]

Turtle release in Los Cabos, Mexico

Actividades familiares en Cabo

Es oficialmente verano en Cabo, el momento más popular del año para los niños de todas las edades, ya que están fuera de la escuela durante el verano. Las familias ya han comenzado a llegar a Cabo y la ciudad está preparada para ellos. Los Asistentes Personales de Capella Pedregal compartieron conmigo sus principales recomendaciones […]


Summer Cocktails At Capella Bar

Here at the Breidenbacher Hof’s Capella Bar there is always a new cocktail to try.  Recently, a regular guest sat at the bar and observed as Marc, our mixologist, concocted his newest summer cocktails.  Marc, seeing the guest’s interest, invited him to try one of his creations and provide feedback.  Together Marc and the guest adjusted […]