Photo by Nordica Photography

Romance in Saint Lucia

Valentine’s Day sets the perfect tone for February, making it the ultimate month of romance. Whether cozied up in cold weather or adventuring in the sun, I love having an excuse to give romance the attention it deserves. Of course, here in St. Lucia, every time of year offers countless opportunities to celebrate love. In the […]

Photo by Trinette Mallia Gautreau

Capella’s Moon Bay Chocolate Stout

If you’re anything like me – a fan of both craft brew and chocolate – you’re going to be so excited about Capella’s Moon Bay Chocolate Stout! This delicious craft brew is a collaboration between Capella Marigot Bay, the chocolatier Cocao Carib, and one of the only artisanal breweries in the Caribbean, Antillia Brewing Company. Antillia Brewing […]


Baked Apple Soufflé – A Twist On A Classic

There are certain things that I enjoy most when it’s cold outside. Like waffles with cinnamon, mulled wine, romantic movies and baked apples.  I still remember when I had my first baked apple. My grandmother made one for me with flaked almonds, jelly and a super creamy vanilla sauce on top. Since then, it has become a […]


Bratapfel – Ein Klassiker Neu Interpretiert

Manche Dinge kann ich nur genießen, wenn es draußen kälter wird. So etwas wie Waffeln mit Zimt, Glühwein, romantische Filme und Bratapfel machen im Winter doch viel mehr Spaß. Ich kann mich noch erinnern, wie ich meinen ersten Bratapfel gegessen habe. Meine Oma hat einen für mich zubereitet, ganz klassisch mit Mandelblättern, Marmelade und wunderbar […]

Lory Loft At Jurong Bird Park

Amazing Child-Friendly Activities in Singapore

Many parents today think of travel as a natural extension of the classroom – and for good reason.  A well-planned trip will not only help you bond with your little ones, but also expand their horizons.  Fortunately, there is lots to do in Singapore that is enjoyable not only for the adults, but for the […]


A Visit To The Rum Distillery

Rum and the Caribbean go hand in hand. There isn’t any other drink that will recall the quintessential Caribbean island setting quite like it. St. Lucia has a rich history of rum production and boasts a wide variety of different types and flavors. When my Capella Marigot Bay Personal Assistant let me know I could visit […]

Foragers Ramble cocktail

Discover Iceland’s Reyka Vodka in Singapore

Having visited some 25 countries, Iceland is one of my all-time favourites.  The minute I touched down, Iceland’s stark beauty stole my heart.  Its immaculate snow-scapes, glaciers, volcanoes and geysers are lit with a soft ethereal light. With a population of approximately 338,800 spread over a vast area of 103,000km2 (that’s more than 140 times larger than […]