Altstadt - Bolkerstr.

The Dusseldorf Altbier Brewery Tour

Altbier, or “old beer” as it translates to, is one of Dusseldorf’s greatest traditions.  Altbier has been around since the 17th Century and has its roots in the region of Westphalia.  Its top fermentation brewing process is what makes it unique.  In fact, I’ve written about this special beer once before here on the Capella […]


Tips For Planning A Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are a trend that is growing in popularity.  Often for couples who’s families live far apart, or those looking for a bit of adventure, a destination wedding is the ideal option.  I’ve seen many such couples be joined in marriage here at Capella Ixtapa for these very reasons.  After all, Ixtapa Zihuatanejo offers […]


Consejos Para Planear Una Boda En Destino

Las bodas en destino son una tendencia que cada vez es más popular.  Normalmente para parejas donde la familia vive lejos, o para aquellos que están buscando añadir un poco de aventura a su celebración, las bodas en destino son una excelente opción.  He visto muchas parejas como estas casarse en Capella Ixtapa por las […]

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The Perfect Profiteroles Recipe

I have a confession to make.  I have a sweet tooth and easily succumb to delicious treats made with milk, butter and most importantly sugar.  Given that, you can only imagine my sheer delight when Capella Singapore’s Pastry Chef Sam called me into his kitchen to share the new profiteroles recipe he is working on for […]


Tennis Tips From Capella Pedregal’s Pablo Martinez

Tennis is one of my favorite sports.  I love that not only does it involve strength and technique, but elegance as well.  Unfortunately, loving it and always winning are not the same thing.  So, after a particularly tough loss, I approached Pablo Martinez, Personal Tennis Instructor at Capella Pedregal, to help me improve my overall […]


Consejos de Tenis por Pablo Martinez de Capella Pedregal

El Tenis es unos de mis deportes favoritos.  Me encanta que no solo involucra fuerza y técnica, sino elegancia también.  Desafortunadamente, amar un deporte y siempre ganar en el no son la misma cosa.  Así que, después de una reciente y dolorosa derrota, me puse en contacto con Pablo Martínez, Instructor Personal de Tenis en […]


The Dusseldorf Fish Market

March is just around the corner and I am so excited!  You see, March marks the start of the fish market season here in Dusseldorf.  It is also a beautiful time of year in the city.  Usually, it is still cold but you can feel springtime coming.  On Sunday mornings, I usually put on my […]