Turtle release in Los Cabos, Mexico

Top Activities For Families In Cabo

It’s officially summertime in Cabo, the most popular time of the year for kids of all ages because they are OUT of school for the summer.  Families have already started to arrive in Cabo and the town is ready for them.  Capella Pedregal’s Personal Assistants shared with me their top recommendations for activities for families […]


Making Organic Jewelry with Mónica Guitérrez

The month of June at Capella Ixtapa is all about art and culture!  Every weekend during this month at Capella Ixtapa Art & Culture Festival we are hosting different events featuring local artists and experts.  On Fridaya you can join us for a cocktail and canapés, meet and talk with participating artists and see their work […]


Haciendo Joyería Orgánica con Mónica Gutiérrez

Junio es de arte y cultura en Capella Ixtapa!  Todos los fines de semana de este mes en el Festival de Arte y Cultura de Capella Ixtapa tendremos diferentes eventos con artistas y expertos locales.  Los viernes te invitamos a acompañarnos con un coctel y canapés, conoce y platica con los artistas participantes y admira […]

Screen On The Green

Screen On The Green At The National Mall

Summer has finally arrived and there’s no better place to be than the Nation’s Capital!  Every year I count down the days until summer along with all of the activities it brings.  One of the most popular summer happenings among the locals and visitors alike is Screen on the Green, a chance to watch classic […]


Dragon Boat Festival

Chinese history and culture fascinates me. Behind every holiday, every celebration is more than a thousand years of history and mythology. On 2 June 2014, we celebrated Dragon Boat Festival. Locals in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong enjoyed a few days off to cheer for their Dragon Boat teams and feast with their families. While […]

Bittersweet chocolate, bed of peanuts and cocoa, Cotija cheese meringue, xoconostle (a fruit of prickly pear cactus) foam, coconut cotton and a reduction of jamaica and passion fruit.

A Look Back: The Capella Ixtapa Sabor + Vino Festival 2014

They say the way to a person’s heart is through the stomach.  And if you haven’t fallen in love with Mexico yet, our Capella Ixtapa Sabor + Vino Festival, would have you in head over heels, guaranteed! Sabor + Vino 2014, which we held this past May, was Capella Ixtapa’s first culinary festival, and with the amazing feedback we received from […]

Chocolate agridulce, cama de cacahuates y cacao, merengue de queso Cotija, espuma de Xoconostle, algodoón de coco y una reducción de jamaica y fruta de la pasión.

Una mirada al pasado: El Festival Sabor + Vino 2014 en Capella Ixtapa

Dicen por ahí que el camino al corazón es siempre a través del estomago.  Y si aún no te has enamorado de Mexico, nuestro Festival Sabor + Vino, te hubiera movido el piso garantizado! El festival Capella Ixtapa Sabor + Vino 2014, de el cual fuimos anfitriones este pasado mes de Mayo, fue el primer […]