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Ixtapa Zihuatanejo Travel Tips

While traveling is an adventure, it is always important to have a plan on how to manage certain tasks.  I asked one of the Capella Ixtapa Personal Assistants how they recommend dealing with everyday tasks visitors often must deal with.  Of course, they not only had an answer but a plethora of information on how to eliminate these […]

Bob's Bar's Fresh-Pressed Mojito

Super Summer Thirst Quenchers

Thanks to year-round summer in Singapore, ice cold drinks have become a hot weather survival essential.  Given that daytime temperatures average at 30ºC and nighttime temperatures rarely drop below 27ºC, there’s never a bad time for a chilled beverage. When it comes to hosting, cold drinks are also the life of any party – you […]

Bubble, Pop, Electric

Meet Pastry Chef of The Year, Aggie Chin

Life is short…eat dessert first!  This is probably one of my favorite mantras.  Following this mantra is especially easy when you have Aggie Chin, creating delicious one-of-a-kind desserts in Capella Washington D.C., Georgetown’s The Grill Room.  But don’t take my word for it!  Chef Aggie, was just named “Pastry Chef Of The Year” by the Restaurant Association of […]


10 Family Friendly Activities In Ixtapa Zihuatanejo

Welcome summer and holidays in the sun!  When planning vacations with my family, I always choose the destination based on the variety of activities in the area.  After all, the bigger one’s family the more options you have to have! In Ixtapa Zihuatanejo we are lucky that we have direct flights and easy access from many […]


10 Actividades Familiares en Ixtapa Zihuatanejo

¡Bienvenido sea el verano y las vacaciones bajo el sol! Cuando planeo vacaciones con mi familia, siempre elijo el destino basándome en la variedad de actividades que pueda encontrar en el área. Ya que mientras más grande la familia, ¡Mucho más opciones tendremos! En Ixtapa Zihuatanejo tenemos la suerte de tener vuelos directos y fácil […]


Spend A Magical Day At Sapphire Falls

Soufriere, the volcanic region of St. Lucia, is well-known for its gorgeous waterfalls and naturally occurring hot springs.  If you’re anything like me, tropical island vacations go hand-in-hand with some up close and personal time with a waterfall, so I am extremely excited to share Sapphire Falls with you! Nestled in a stunning, private area of rich foliage, Sapphire […]

Ice Cream Profiteroles

Summer Ice Cream Profiteroles

What does summer tastes like?  When I posed this question to Capella Singapore’s Pastry Chef Sam, he didn’t have to pause to think twice. “Ice cream profiteroles and summer are a match made in tropical paradise,” he shares. This dough keeps well for three days in the freezer, so you can prep for a summer party in […]