Georgetown Waterfront

Take An Insider Tour Of Georgetown

If you’ve visited Georgetown, you’ve seen the quaint cobblestone streets and know of the rich history this charming D.C. neighborhood holds.  I have always been a very big fan of the beautiful waterfront neighborhood that is unlike any other in the Washington, D.C. area.  Capella Washington, D.C., Georgetown is fortunate enough to be located right in […]

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Ixtapa Zihuatanejo Travel Tips

While traveling is an adventure, it is always important to have a plan on how to manage certain tasks.  I asked one of the Capella Ixtapa Personal Assistants how they recommend dealing with everyday tasks visitors often must deal with.  Of course, they not only had an answer but a plethora of information on how to eliminate these […]

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Consejos de viaje para Ixtapa Zihuatanejo

Aunque viajar es siempre una aventura, siempre es importante tener un plan para saber como solucionar tareas básicas durante un viaje. Le pregunté a uno de los Asistentes Personales de Capella Ixtapa como recomiendan solucionar algunas de estas tareas básicas que los viajeros siempre necesitan. Desde luego el no tenía tan solo una respuesta sino […]


Capella Washington D.C.’s Gin Cobbler Cocktail

Nothing says “summer!” like a refreshing iced cocktail on a warm day. Here at Capella Washington, D.C., Georgetown, our bartenders at The Rye Bar and our Rooftop Bar and Lounge are especially known for their delicious and creative creations. In my opinion, you can do no wrong when it comes to ice cold beverages during […]


Spend a Day at the Saint Lucia Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens are among my favorite places to visit. All the most interesting flora of a given region together in one space is a veritable smorgasbord of nature! When you visit Capella Marigot Bay, I highly recommend asking your Capella Personal Assistant to set up a visit to the Saint Lucia Botanical Gardens for you. Located in Soufriére, […]

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Celebrate 50 Years: 6 Unique Singapore Experiences

If you’re in Singapore over the next few weeks, you’ve picked the best time to visit!  On the cusp of our golden jubilee, Singapore is one of the most exciting cities to be in. We may be just a tiny red dot on the world map, but our small size simply makes us better at packing a […]

Tradition / Brauchtum - Kirmes Skyline

Top 5 Things To Eat At Rheinkirmes

Dusseldorf’s biggest summer event is without question the Rheinkirmes. For the 115th time, the Rhine meadows will be transformed into an unique amusement park. A huge summer festival completed with traditional beer tents, spectacular modern rides, live bands, rustic food, candy stands and about four million visitors of all ages enjoying it. It is amazing! The 9-day […]