A Sneak Peek Of Capella Georgetown


Recently I had the opportunity to sit in on a design meeting for the upcoming Capella Georgetown in Washington, DC.  This 48 room jewel will not be lacking in amenities.  I am particularly excited about the rooftop pool (complete with Cabanas) and the spa!  We are still very early in the process (with the hotel scheduled to open in January 2013), but it was extremely interesting to catch glimpses of what goes into the planning and to preview this unique property.

World class interior designer, Peter Silling of Peter Silling & Associates, presented his design to Capella Hotels Chairman & CEO Horst Schulze.  I was delighted to meet Mr. Silling who is also the mastermind behind our Capella property in Düsseldorf, Germany, Breidenbacher Hof.



Clearly, both gentlemen were excited about the development, evidenced in their bilingual, energetic exchange.  Mr. Schulze and Mr. Silling slipped between English and German (their native language), as they worked to find a balance between the aesthetic and functionality.  The discussion ran the gamut between the placement of electrical sockets (not glamorous) to the type of marble to be used in the bathrooms (very glamorous).



In addition to the above shots of Mr. Silling and Mr. Schulze brainstorming and reviewing the finished samples, I was able to get a sneak peek of some early renderings:


As the construction progresses I plan to introduce you to a few more behind the scenes photos from the Capella Georgetown property.  Hopefully these images have you looking forward to the project as much as I am!


I am awfully excited to introduce the brand new Capella Hotels & Resorts Blog.  Myself, along with team members at each of our properties will share the intimate secrets that make Capella distinct from any other hotel company.

The name Capella refers to a double star in the Auriga constellation.  This double star represents the relationship we look to create between our team and you, our guests.  This blog is another way in which we can foster this connection.

Through well placed insiders at each of our properties and within our corporate office, we will pull back the curtain, giving you a unique perspective on the people, places and things that come together in creating a one of a kind Capella experience.

We will introduce not only our hotels, but also the treasures they hold— from locations rich in history, to the people who make our organization unlike any other.  And perhaps we will share some of our own secrets, cultivated from living and working in these spectacular locations and among their communities.

This is a journey we invite you to take with us.  Interact with us.  Allow us to get to know you as we share our tales.  After all, this is as much your story as it is our own.