Cocktail Secrets From Capella Pedregal’s Osvaldo Vazquez


I recently spent some time with Capella Pedregal’s Mixologist, Osvaldo Vazquez, so I could discover the cocktail secrets behind his deliciously crafted drinks as well as to get more of an inside scoop on the upcoming A Taste Of Capella, Food & Wine Festival next month.

Osvaldo has gained national and international recognition as a premier mixologist and is known as a pioneer in Cabo San Lucas for his “cutting edge” cocktails using homemade and seasonal ingredients.  His barrel-aged cocktails and his “house made bitters” are not to be missed.

CI – Hi Osvaldo!  I am becoming your #1 fan! There is not one cocktail you’ve made that I have not enjoyed!  Please, tell us the secret behind your signature cocktails.

O – Thank you! For all our cocktails, we use local and organic ingredients and first class beverages, but what makes the difference is that the cocktails are truly hand crafted. The team and I spend many hours creating bitters, infusing tequila, mezcal and bourbon with unique ingredients that will later be aged in our barrels.


CI – WOW! Tell me more about the Capella bitters!

O-Well, first you have to understand what a bitter is. A bitter is like vinegar the chef uses to add a little flavor to his food. The flavor of a homemade bitter is unique and gives that special touch to our cocktails.  During the last year and a half, we have created over 15 different flavors of bitters, such as chocolate, lavender, lemon and orange.

To make the bitters, we work with a distillery in Todos Santos that provides us with 100º proof corn spirits.  We select the “ingredients” to infuse with the spirits, such as cherry wood, orange pill, tree bark, etc.  Then we start with our filtering processes and the results are phenomenal.

CI – Tell us, what should we expect regarding cocktails at the upcoming A Taste Of Capella, Food and Wine Festival?

O – This year, we will focus much more on cocktails and thanks to the participation of Ulysses Vidal of Employees Only in New York City , we will have a new class called the Crafted Cocktail.  In his demonstration he will hand create crafted spirits influenced by the 1920s and 1930s.  Throughout the festival our guests will enjoy crafted beers, tequila from our barrels and of course, some special signature cocktails specially created for the festival.


CI – Osvalso, thank you so much for taking the time to share the inside of your creations with us! I am sure our Capella blog-readers are as eager as I am to see what is still to come!

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