The Great Tie Exchange At Breidenbacher Hof

In Germany we have a saying, “The best stories are written by real life.”  Last month we had a perfect example of how true this is.  From the moment a guest enters the Breidenbacher Hof, we take on the challenge of making our guests feel comfortable and at home.  This is the Capella Experience after all.  Recently my colleague Philipp truly succeeded in this and impressed both the guests and the rest of the Breidenbacher Hof team in the process.

Philipp is our Banquet Supervisor and is passionate about catering to events and meetings at the hotel.  Guests are always impressed with the service he provides, but during this particular event it was his tie that guests were complimenting.  The guest was joking that he liked the tie so much that perhaps he would have to steal it off of Phillip!  Phillip, who is always looking for ways to surprise guests, found a quiet moment and ran across the street to a department store where he was able to purchase the same tie.  The guest of course didn’t have any idea of Philipp’s plan and was totally overwhelmed when Phillip came back with the gift.  I know, the story already sounds fantastic but it is doesn’t end there!

rsz_philipp-tieThe next day, the guest went to Philipp and surprised him with a small present in return.  He told him that he never experienced anything like that before.  To show how thankful he was for the thoughtful gift, he also bought a tie for Phillip!

Everyone on the team was so inspired by the story.  It is a reminder how even a small gesture can hold a lot of meaning.  For me, this story reflects what I love so much about Capella Hotels and Resorts:  serving my guests with passion.  Because being able to do something meaningful for someone else is a very rewarding experience.

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