The Dusseldorf Fish Market

March is just around the corner and I am so excited!  You see, March marks the start of the fish market season here in Dusseldorf.  It is also a beautiful time of year in the city.  Usually, it is still cold but you can feel springtime coming.  On Sunday mornings, I usually put on my inline skates and speed to the Rhine promenade.  As Dusseldorf is very accessible, it takes me only 15 minutes to get to the embankment promenade at the Tonhalle.

Even before I enter the fish market, I can already smell it! There is nothing better than starting the day with some exercise and a roll with fresh fish.  This is the 15th year Dusseldorf has hosted the market.  One Sunday a month through November, people from all over come to shop and try the delicious dishes from 90 merchants at the market.  In addition to fish and seafood, there are several other booths offering everything from fresh flowers to beautiful crafts.  It is not just a market; we are talking about an event!


Dusseldorf is expecting more than 30,000 visitors to the fish market this year- and I am not surprised.  The atmosphere is really impressive. The closer you get to the venue, you can hear people laughing, live music on stage and merchants screaming their offers into the crowd.  It sometimes makes me feel like being at a bazaar, there is just so much going on!  From patrons and fish mongers haggling over prices to merchants performing like stand up comedians, there is entertainment everywhere you turn.  This year there will be 9 opportunities to attend the market, and something tells me I will be at every one of them.

Let your Breidenbacher Hof Personal Assistants know you would like to visit the fish market during your stay, when they will give you a pre-arrival call.  They can give you even more information and also arrange a transfer, bikes or whatever you prefer mode of transportion to the market.  Don’t miss out!

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