Bamboo Therapy: A Moment of Zen at Capella Ixtapa

“As the end of the year approaches, and the stress of the holidays pile up, it is important to take a moment for yourself and relax,” says Skarlette Castro, Capella Ixtapa’s El Capricho Spa Manager.  Recognizing the signs of holiday overload, she then invited me to try one of our most relaxing treatments, the Bamboo Therapy.  The experience was so amazing and I wanted to share a bit of the therapy with you.

Spa treatments with bamboo originate in Japan, where they believe that bamboo has beneficial features; it absorbs the negative energy from our body, circulates it through the interior of the plant, and returns the positive energy back to us.  This positive energy starts balancing our centers of energy (Chakras), and brings us harmony.  The Japanese believe this helps us to achieve longevity, wellbeing and relaxation of mind, body and soul.

Bamboo Therapy

For our therapy, Skarlette used three types of bamboo sticks.  The biggest one she used for my legs and lower back, the medium sized for back, neck and shoulders, and the smallest one for a facial treatment.  I loved that the pressure ranged from medium to strong, like in a deep tissue massage, which helps improve the circulation and oxygen to the blood.  Skarlette explained, “The holistic concept of the bamboo treatment is created to relax all our senses and renew the energy, with absolute relaxation and liberation of all the tensions.”

Feeling of bamboo sticks pressure on my body was new to me, and I loved how relaxing it felt.  According to Skarlette, “the movement of bamboo sticks on skin produces a sedative effect on the nervous system, and it is very effective as a muscle reliever as well.  Besides that, thanks to the technique of pressure by rub and slide, and the different lengths and sizes of bamboo sticks, which perfectly adapt to your body contours, helping to drain retained liquids, promotes tissue regeneration, eliminates toxins, reaffirms the skin, helps with the problems of orange skin and remodels the silhouette.”

The therapy was such a wonderful experience, providing both the muscle relief and a several internal benefits as well.  My favorite part of the treatment was when the bamboo was working on my lower back, I could feel each vertebra stretching and readjusting.  I also loved the facial portion of the treatment, which was completely unique.  Something tells me I may be back to El Capricho spa for another round of the Bamboo Therapy.


The Bamboo Therapy treatment is recommended for men and women over 18, and you can have it for 60 or 90 minutes.  For more information about El Capricho spa treatments or reservation, please visit the Capella Ixtapa website or send an email.

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