Thanksgiving in Cabo San Lucas

I like November.  In Cabo San Lucas, November sees temperatures around 90F, and we keep busy with colorful festivities and other celebrations leading us into the December holiday season.  While Thanksgiving is not a Mexican holiday, the large number of US visitors to Baja means we’ve adopted the day here as well.  For several years now I have celebrated Thanksgiving in Cabo San Lucas surrounded by friends and family and we do our best to recreate our own feast of traditional dishes.

At Capella Pedregal our chefs prepare a traditional Thanksgiving dinner at Don Manuel’s restaurant, and many of the residents and visitors love to have their Thanksgiving dinner prepared at their residence as well.  I love how each in-residence meal is completely personalized to the tastes and desires of our guests; our chefs do an amazing job of recreating those dishes tied to the individual family’s traditions.

Thanksgiving in Cabo San LucasRecently, I got a chance to chat with one of our Capella Pedregal Residence owners, who has adopted a tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving here in Cabo San Lucas.  Todd and his family and a couple of their close friends have been celebrating Thanksgiving with us for several years.  Curious, I asked him what brought him back year in and year out.  “Thanksgiving is a very special time of year for us, and while the entire family is scattered around the country for work and living, and we don’t get to see each other too often, Thanksgiving is traditionally the time of year we commit to spend with each other.  Cabo San Lucas is a perfect holiday destination for us, because it is just a short flight away from Colorado; we get to enjoy the sun, and the beach life; and above all, we get to spend time with our family and close friends with no interruption of work or meetings.  And – we love getting spoiled by the Capella Pedregal team, from spa to dining and more!  Even my mom admits that letting go of the cooking reigns enables her to enjoy more time with the family.  Besides, the chefs here know what their doing— we’ve even recreated some of our favorite Capella recipes back home!” Todd explained.

Together with the entire Capella Pedregal team, we wish you a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday, we are grateful for each and every one of you!

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