Creating Holiday Traditions at Capella Pedregal

December is around the corner and as every year, I am in anticipation of everything beautiful that this festive month will bring.  My holiday traditions used to include making a snowman with my friends, spending the Christmas with my family and enjoying my mom’s delicious cuisine, and then celebrating New Year’s eve with friends in a snow cabin, skiing and enjoying the white winter.

After moving to Cabo San Lucas 6 years ago, I have created my own holiday traditions.  White Christmas became a sunny holiday with the beach, pleasant weather and snowmen in the sand.  I love holidays here at Capella Pedregal resort as well.  We welcome the entire December with beautiful festive decorations and ornaments, and – perhaps this is just my impression – there is something solemn and joyous in the air.  I love the special food and beverages our culinary team prepares for the season.  Some of my favorites are traditional rompope, our home made eggnog, Mexican hot chocolate with a spicy touch, Christmas punch, buñuelos (crispy fried treat is like a sweet tostada sprinkled with sugar) and of course turkey, which here in Mexico we eat traditionally for Christmas.  During the holidays special events take place and festive menus are served in all of our restaurants.  Many of our residence owners enjoy their Christmas feast in their unit, prepared by one of Capella Pedregal’s chefs.

Capella Pedregal

My absolute favorite Capella Pedregal tradition is the arrival of Santa Claus, who doesn’t have a sled, but rides in on a Harley Davidson!  This has been part of our resort traditions since our opening, and is beloved among our guests, especially the youngest ones.  Santa or Papa Noel, drives through the Dos Mares tunnel flanked by his helpers, who also ride on shiny Harley Davidson motor bikes.  Along with him, Santa brings a big bag of presents- something for each of young guests.  Once all of the kids have received their presents and taken photographs with the Santa, I look forward for my turn.  You’re never too old to get excited about Santa’s visit, right?

I love the new traditions I have made for myself, and I hope you can join us at the resort and create your own holiday traditions at Capella Pedregal in sunny Cabo San Lucas.

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