Discovering Mexican Cuisine With Capella Pedregal’s Marco Bustamante

When hearing “Mexican food” people usually think of tacos, guacamole, nachos, tortillas and street food; but Mexican food is so much more.  Eager to discover more about Mexican cuisine and to share with you the principles of cuisine at Capella Pedregal, I spoke with our Food & Beverage Manager, Marco Bustamante.

Mexican Cuisine with Marco Bustamante

Marco, how would you define genuine Mexican cuisine? 
Here at Capella Pedregal it is important for us to show our guests that Mexican food is so much more than just Tex Mex or Tacos.  Although that is a part of the culture, there is so much more to it.  Mexican food is very fresh, diverse, and a source of amazing ingredients and spices.  It is hard to define Mexican cuisine as one style only because in every state or region of Mexico you will find differences in style, ingredients and culture.

What are the origins of Mexican cuisine and are they still evident in Mexican food that we eat today?    
Mexican Cuisine is the fusion of Native Mesoamerican cooking with Spanish.  Regionally you will see influences as well.  A perfect example of native fusion food is Mole.  Mole is a native sauce made from pureed chiles, which has been present in Mexican cuisine since pre-Hispanic times, but has slowly developed into what it is today.  Here we showcase the sauce in a dish of Blackened Mahi-Mahi with Green Mole, Celeriac, Horseradish, Pistachio, Cucumber and Meyer Lemon Slaw.

Which ingredients are the basis of Mexican cuisine today? 
Basic Mexican ingredients are tomato, cilantro, chilies, spices, corn, plantains, … The list can go on and on because it really depends on what region of Mexico you are in.  The principles of cuisine at Capella Pedregal are to offer artisanal, local, fresh and superb quality food.  Our team of chefs is constantly searching for the best produce and working with regional farmers to bring the ingredients to Cabo and offer them in our restaurants.

All of the restaurants at Capella Pedregal are based on a “Farm to table and Sea to table” concept.  Can you tell us more about how you choose produce for the hotel, where does it come from?
We work with farmers and distributors from all over Mexico to bring us Mexican ingredients.  Locally we personally selected our fisherman that deliver fish to us to ensure the best quality.  We work hand in hand with farmers from Miraflores and Southern Baja to develop new products, define picking times and visit the farms to gather creative ideas.  Additionally we are bringing products from all over Mexico; for example artisan smoked chiles from the market in Oaxaca, vanilla beans from Veracruz and chocolate form Merida.

What is your favorite Mexican dish? 
I love to eat and make ceviche!  They are simple to make but very diverse and complex in flavor.  My favorite Mexican dish that really changed the way I think about Mexican cuisine is Blue Corn Quesadillas with Oaxaca Cheese and Squash Blossom, which I first tasted 6 years ago in Mexico City.

Thank you Marco!  You have me ready to eat!
Thank you, it is always my pleasure!


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