An Unforgettable Capella Experience

The Breidenbacher Hof, A Capella Hotel has been open for more than 5 years and it is great to see how many guests we’ve had the opportunity to serve during this time.  Every day we start our day with the mission to make our guests feel at home and to create a stay they will always remember.  We are not just doing this for them, but also for ourselves, because making other people smile is our passion.  Last week we again had a wonderful opportunity to create a special Capella experience for our guests and I was really excited to be part of it!

And this is how it began:  We received a message that a regular guest would be once again visiting.  Everyone tried to come up with something unique that would suit this guest perfectly.  After many suggestions, our General Manager Cyrus had a wonderful idea:  A boat trip down the Rhine!  This was perfect, as it would allow the guest, who’s seen the city many times, to experience Dusseldorf from a whole new vantage point.

Capella ExperienceWhen the guest arrived and heard the plans he was very excited.  Cyrus agreed to join him and the two set sail on a beautiful day.  The view from the river is picturesque and it was the perfect way to relax – both for the guest and Cyrus!  Then the most amazing thing happened: the captain overheard the guest speaking in a foreign language.  Apparently he recognized it and without a word the Captain switched the music to that of the language he just heard.  Can you imagine how surprised our guest and of course also our General Manager were?!  The guest was quite touched by the gesture and thanked the Captain profusely.

After the trip the guest again expressed his gratitude both to Cyrus and the Breidenbacher Hof team as well as the boat’s Captain.  This was an experience neither the guest nor Cyrus would soon forget!

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