Fishing With Chef Yvan Mucharraz And Chef On The Water Team

It doesn’t happen often that I get up on Sunday at 5 am, but this Sunday I knew it was going to be worth it.  Capella Pedregal’s Executive Chef Yvan Mucharraz invited me to join him and the team of Chef On The Water for a fishing trip.  Chef On The Water is a reality TV show, where selected chefs from Los Cabos and La Paz are challenged to catch the fish and cook their catch.  Excited to see what the day and the ocean would bring us, and to be part of behind the scenes of a reality TV show, I was up early, eager to join the adventure!

At 6.30am Capella Pedregal’s deep-sea fishing vessel, Auriga, was waiting for us at the Cabo San Lucas Marina.  The morning was still dark, but Chef On The Water hosts Mike and Charles, the show’s crew, Chef Yvan and I, and our fishing guides were ready to go.  We passed Land’s End and headed toward the Pacific side of Baja California Sur, where the captain knew a great fishing spot with Marlin, Tuna and Mahi Mahi.  After about 45 minutes of traveling at speeds up to 32 knots, we came to the stop.  Chef Yvan sat in the fishing chair and the show was on!

We didn’t have to wait long!  By 8.30am Chef Yvan had already caught 12 Mahi Mahi! With such success, everyone joined in on the fun.  Chef Yvan, Mike and Charles kept pulling Mahi Mahi on board.  By the end of the day the total count of Mahi Mahi caught was more than 40!  Much of the bounty was catch and release, but select specimens were kept so that Chef Yvan could prepare them for the show.  Everyone agreed- it was a fantastic fishing day!  In fact, Chef on the Water said this was their best fishing day in more than a year!

Chef On The Water After we returned to the hotel, Chef Yvan prepared two amazing dishes; “Chilpachole Style” Seafood Stew with Chickpeas, Fennel and Leeks; and Blackened Mahi-Mahi with Cucumber Slaw, Red Beet, Pistachios and Green Mole, which we savored at Don Manuel’s, while exchanging more fishing stories.

The Chef on the Water episode will air in November 2013, and you all will have the chance to vote for your favorite chef and dish.  You know who is my favorite!

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