Get To Know Capella Pedregal Personal Assistant, Marina Masclef

Every Capella Pedregal guest can confirm that our Personal Assistants have the best office!  Open air, waterfalls and the endless views of the Pacific Ocean are just some features of their office environment.  I had the pleasure of sitting in their office while talking with our new Lead Personal Assistant, Marina Masclef.

Capella Pedregal Personal AssistantMarina, I am so excited to sit down with you! Tell me, what brought you to Cabo San Lucas?
Originally, I am from Argentina. I always loved traveling and have visited many places around the world. I guess that’s why I love my job so much; I love helping create wonderful holidays for fellow travelers. When I first arrived, I was planning to stay in Cabo for one year, but this is already my 7th year here and I love it as much as the day I arrived.

What are your favorite things about Baja?
I am in love with Baja.  I love the climate, landscape, food and people.  Even today, after 7 years, I continue discovering new places.  I am constantly surprised by Baja, which is not easy!  This morning I enjoyed a stand up paddle boarding trip at Land’s End, and I feel invigorated and ready for the day!  I said hi to a couple of sea lions at the arch, and met some pelicans, which are my favorite.  This is my favorite way to start a day in Cabo San Lucas!

You joined Capella Pedregal three months ago.  Can you explain what is a Personal Assistant, and what is the difference between a PA and a Concierge?
Absolutely!  While a Concierge is a person you usually contact to book an activity or a dinner reservation when you are already at a vacation spot, the role of a Capella Pedregal Personal Assistant is much larger.  Our goal is to create a personalized experience for our guests, and help them create memories of a lifetime.
We contact our guests two weeks prior to their arrival, and find out any details about their stay; be it a relaxing vacation, upcoming marriage proposal, honeymoon, anniversary, birthday celebration or even business trip.  Based on this information, we suggest and help organize different activities; from spa treatments, cooking classes, tequila or wine tastings, outdoor activities, transportation and more.  Throughout their stay, my team and I are constantly available to our guests making sure to provide them with superior services and experiences.
I love finding new ways to surprise and charm our guests.  Once we created a romantic treasure hunt that ended with the future groom on bended knee.  Another time, in celebration of a young guest’s birthday, Patrick (one of our PAs) had a piñata specially made in the shape of a Lightning McQueen.  And a third guest received a special wake up call in the form of a mariachi band on his birthday.  These are just some of the many memories we cherish with our guests.

Capella Pedregal Personal Assistant 2And finally, tell me a bit about the Capella Pedregal Personal Assistant department.  What are your plans?
My goal is to become the best department at the resort.  I believe I have the best team and many of them have been here since Capella Pedregal opened.  We have eight Personal Assistants who cover both the hotel and our Capella Pedregal Residences.
We are constantly exploring new activities, working with other departments to create special memories and activities based on the interactions we have with our guests.  I encourage training as well, so each team member participates in the activities that we offer both at the resort as well as outside adventures.
From here the sky is the limit, which is good because as a brand Capella’s standards are celestial.

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