Get To Know Dusseldorf’s Little Tokyo

Last week, the weather was very sunny so that I decided to walk to the Breidenbacher Hof in the morning.  When I walked through the streets, I found myself in a totally different part of Dusseldorf.  The Japanese part!  Yes, we have a Japanese district in our beautiful multicultural city.  When you walk on “Ostraße” or “Immermannstraße,” the center of Dusseldorf’s Little Tokyo, you can’t help but feel transported to Japan.  There are amazing Japanese restaurants, bars, shops and more.  Dusseldorf is home to one of the largest Japanese populations in Europe and the city of has long shared a good relationship with this Asian country.  I’d love to tell you the story of how this relationship developed.

Dusseldorf's Little Tokyo

After World War II, Japanese companies were looking for new suppliers for steel and chemical products.  Because of the proximity to the Ruhr Area, Dusseldorf became a hub.  In the following years, more and more Japanese companies settled in our Rhine metropolitan and their parent companies moved employees to live and work in the region.  Along with the employees came their families and the desire for Japanese schools, restaurants and other community elements.

By 1972, the German-Japanese Center had been built and quickly became the central location for the Japanese business community in Dusseldorf.  The area around the center developed into “Little Tokyo”, a domain of 30 hectare with a strong Japanese influence.  The neighborhood is home to Japanese banks, insurance companies, advertising agencies, as well as bars, restaurants, supermarkets and everything else the new residents needed to feel at home.

Today the area is a favorite among the Japanese, local Germans and tourists alike.  It is a great place to visit, shop and enjoy a meal during a visit to Dusseldorf.  Be sure to ask your Breidenbacher Hof, A Capella Hotel Personal Assistant for some recommendations in the area during your next visit to Dusseldorf.


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