Banana Splits At The Capella Pedregal Kids Club

Banana Splits were one of my favorite childhood desserts, and when I saw that making banana split was on the program of the Capella Pedregal Kids Club, I couldn’t resist but to ask if I could join them at the cooking class.

Ice cream, banana, chocolate, and your favorite toppings, what’s not to like about banana splits?  We put on our chef’s hats, and the staff from The Beach Club brought us the necessary ingredients for our unique banana split creations.

Banana Splits at The Capella Pedregal Kids ClubOur ingredients included:
– Ice cream (enough for 2-3 scoops per split)
– Bananas sliced down the middle and glazed with brown sugar
–  A variety of toppings: berries and other fruit, different chocolates and nuts
–  Caramel sauce
–  Chocolate sauce
–  Whipped cream

Preparation is simple- perfect for our Kids Club participants.  In a bowl with ice cream place a slice of glazed banana on one side, then add your desired toppings cover with chocolate and/or caramel sauce and to with whipped cream.  We finished ours off with a cherry garnish.

I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed our banana split, and I will surely make it again!

If you have kids, I recommend you bring them along on your visit to Capella Pedregal and that you sign them up for our Kids Club, Tortuguitas.  From cooking classes, to movie nights with pizza and popcorn, to building paper kites, piñatas and origami to seashell hunts to learning Spanish and much more, your kids are sure to have a blast.  It is so much fun that I am already planning which activity I will join our youngest guests in next!

For more information on Capella Pedregal’s Kids Club and activities, please visit the website.


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